Communication and engagement failures inside the organization are analogous to those outside the organization.
Beyond simply using social media as a mechanism to communicate among employees, leading organizations are using these tools to build better strategies, communicate them better and execute them. In the past predictions were based largely on past data and assumptions about future events. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
While there are a lot of attention given to social media in essence the attention is more about communications than this thing we call social media.

While markets have always leveraged communications the dynamics of social technology are changing how markets interact with all constituents. The worst symptoms include employees disregarding the strategy and management ignoring employees’ input about their strategic decisions. Since social media has been identified as a key tactic to help organizations better talk with, rather than talk at customers, why shouldn’t these organizations use social media similarly with their employees? When markets dynamics change then all things must change otherwise you will not keep the markets attention. Communicating with all stakeholders and getting proper and effective feedback is relevant to developing an effective strategy.  Predicting outcomes of your strategy is paramount to designing and executing strategies effectively.

If you can’t keep and expand the markets attention about your brand then someone else is likely to do so at your cost. Imagine knowing how the crowd feels about an event, a product, a service before such things have entered the market?

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