Effective communication enables a company to inform and build relationships with its stakeholders.
This case study shows how Enterprise uses its vision, aims and values to improve its customer service and market competitiveness. Enterprise Rent-A-Car work in the Services sector of industry, you will find more case studies from the Services industry here. Below are external web links provided by Enterprise Rent-A-Car in relation to their business activities.
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The process of communication involves a sender transmitting information in an appropriate form to ensure the message is understood by the receiver.
Non-verbal communication involves transferring information through signals such as facial expressions, body-language and tone of voice.
The key messages that Enterprise seeks to communicate relate to the values and culture of the organisation. External communication strategies underpin how a business connects with stakeholders outside of the organisation. The Toolkit presents a framework for designing an effective communication strategy, including practical guidance, tips and activities. The Climate Change Communication Cards are practical tools to use with the guide when working together to create your communication strategy.
For communication to be effective the message must reach and be understood by its receiver. Internal communication takes place within an organisation, for example, communication between employees. Oral communication is a common form of internal communication, for example in a group or one-to-one meeting.
Personal honesty and integrity are the foundation of our success – our employees accept responsibility for demonstrating our true commitment to the highest ethical standards. Enterprise in the UK is part of a multinational company with 8,200 rental offices in seven countries including the United States, Canada, Ireland, Germany, France and Spain. This case study will demonstrate how Enterprise Rent-A-Car uses a variety of communication strategies to create brand awareness amongst key stakeholders and ensure operational excellence. These messages influence external stakeholder’s opinions about a brand and its products or services.
An example is Enterprise Flex-E-Rent – a long term rental solution between 28 days and 3 years. The site also shows recent awards that Enterprise has achieved, for example, Enterprise was awarded Graduate Employer of the Year 2013 at the National Graduate Recruitment Awards.

Climate Asia aims to enable anyone, from governments and donors to the media and NGOs, to use what we have learned to develop your own communication to meet the public’s needs. The guide is based on a collaborative approach, enabling you to work with audiences and partners to develop your strategy together.
As well as a company induction, new recruits receive a personal congratulatory welcome letter from the managing director.
Enterprise has used a number of communication strategies to ensure its messages are received by a variety of stakeholders. This includes employees supplying ideas for improvements and customers providing feedback.Enterprise uses a multi-channel approach to its communication strategies to increase awareness of its key messages. These include a letter sent to an employee from the HR department or copy on an organisation’s website.
These include its commitment to the customer experience, its extensive branch network and its unique pick-up service. To win this award Enterprise demonstrated excellence in attraction, onboarding, development and retention along with providing evidence of satisfaction from a cross section of recent graduate hires. Enterprise seeks to eliminate barriers to its communication through its well thought-out communication strategies. This can involve written communication, such as an e-mail, text or tweet, or oral communication via video conferencing. The Hub enables input from employees at Enterprise’s locations across Western Europe and North America. Letters are also sent to their parents and partners to congratulate them on their child or spouse’s success. The graduate scheme’s success is based on the quality of internal communication strategies at Enterprise.
This means that managers make decisions at an individual branch level to suit the needs of its customers. For Enterprise these include high levels of customer service, looking after its employees and behaving ethically and responsibly.
B2B customers require rental vehicles for employees whereas B2C customers have individual vehicle hire needs. Other communication channels include Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn sites, all showing current employment opportunities.Its graduate recruitment programme involves mainly oral communication. Users are encouraged to use and share the Data with third parties and permission to reproduce, republish or translate the Data for dissemination or teaching purposes is granted, provided that the Data is not distributed for profit or commercial advantage.
For example, Enterprise recently entered new markets through the acquisitions of Citer (France) and ATESA (Spain).
Enterprise has over 370 locations throughout the UK and over 90% of the UK population are within 10 miles of an Enterprise branch.
Its internal communications strategies ensure the company values and culture are maintained.

Enterprise uses a different communication strategy for B2C (communication with retail customers) compared to B2B customers (communication with other businesses). Campus brand managers actively promote Enterprise to staff and students at their university. Enterprise anticipated potential language and cultural barriers during the rebranding of these companies to Enterprise Rent-A-Car.
For example, employees are introduced to the company’s values and systems through induction events, company meetings, posters (visual reminders of values), the company website and its intranet.
All staff have access to training and most begin in the Graduate Management Training programme to help career development. The challenge for Enterprise is to ensure it uses the best methods and channels of communication for each audience. This multi-channel approach enables Enterprise to communicate its core values to its employees. This continues to be reinforced through further internal communications as employees develop their careers. By sharing good practice, the business has enjoyed growing success in terms of sales growth and market share. This helps progression from management assistant to assistant manager, branch manager and area manager. Through encouraging interaction and discussions on The Hub, the number of confusing or mixed messages reduced.Evaluating past communication helps a business see where improvements can be made.
Enterprise regularly evaluates its internal and external communications strategies to maintain its focus on high levels of customer service and employee relations.
Service organisations like Enterprise recognise the importance of informal communication channels. Its commitment to planting 50 million trees over 50 years as part of its environmental sustainability policy has been widely communicated to stakeholders through its Sustainability Report, YouTube and in the press.
Often the company will deliver formal communications to encourage and prompt informal discussions.
This helps build strong relationships between employees and customers to better understand customers’ needs. It also analyses the impact of press cuttings from mass media coverage to keep up-to-date with how the company brand is perceived and monitors social media activity talking about its brand. These all indicate how feedback enables effective communication to be practiced at Enterprise.

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