Most every culture has a tradition of group harmony singing often with a unique sound developed over the centuries. Displaying 1 - 50 of 52 items.Academic Folk ChoirThe Academic folk choir of the Academy of music, dance and fine arts - Plovdiv is the only student choir in Bulgaria. There are many vocal harmony groups around the world that continue these traditions with some preserving the songs in their original forms while others groups explore new possibilities for traditional songs.
With an estimated unemployment rate of 85% among the Deaf in Kenya, few will have an opportunity to discover their potential, work in dignity and earn a fair wage. The choir performs songs, based on folklore and overcomes vocal, technical and interpretational difficulties.African Methodist Choir with Mara LouwHandpick singers from a number of South African choirs, put the excellent Mara Louw out in front as the lead, take a number of hymns they all know from church, as well as the South African national anthem, and you have the ingredients for this excellent disc. Featuring purple, turquoise and olive Czech glass beads between a natural purple leather chord, the wrap is finished with a Sasa logo hand-stamped tag. Employers are simply not willing to deal with the communication issues of working with the Deaf. Unlike so many hymns, these are performed with great, roaring joy (arranged for the most part by Louw) and recorded -- as it should be -- in a church. But unlike, say, American or Jamaican gospel, there's a sense of unity, rather than testifying; the voices embrace this music, but they sing it as it is, rather than using it as a lift-off point to testify. There's a sense of control about it all, even when a speaking voice breaks in on "Jerusalem Ikhaya Lam," for instance, or on the rare instances some very spare percussion accompanies the a cappella voices. It's majestic, but that's the intent, a nexus between Europe and Africa, meeting in Christianity. That's even there on the by-now famous "Nkosi Sikelel'i Afrika," the country's very hymn-like national anthem, performed here as the closer, full-voiced and glorious, sung with unconcealed pride and joy.
This four member group from Melbourne, Australia sing passionate, rhythmic music a cappella style. Four distinctive singers, who combine great songwriting skills and musical abilty to form a repertoire that is original and distinctive. Influenced by the sounds, politics, social and cultural movements across the world, Akasa's music is immediate, relevant and empowering.
Sharing an interest in languages and cultures from around the globe, the singers of Aquabella have found a musical identity in their farreaching search for diverse cappellic beauty. Aquabella gathers sounds rich in story and emotion from the heart of distant lands and times past. The five dedicated singers bring a contemporary outlook to historic songs, creating music that embraces the past, yet remaining fresh in its conception. Aquabella take their audience on a musical tour around the world and connect cultures with each other.
They shout whisper and sing about big human dreams and also tell stories about of people, who could both live in your neighbourhood and at the other end of the world. In this fast-moving life the four AQUABELLA-singers create wonderful oases of the sound and give an insight into foreign cultures and old traditions. They touch brand-new themes, very often themes about human existence.Barbara FurtunaBarbara Furtuna is a polyphonic Corsican group of four men.
Even though the group still finds its inspiration in the island's oldest traditions, it is now distinguished by its own creations and offers a music that answers our contemporary longings. For ten years the group has been present on the international scene, Europe, North America and Australia, breeding prestigious venues both solo and through collaborations.

With The baroque ensemble L'Arpeggiata, with the ancient music of Constantinople as well as with the Art'Mouv of contemporary dance, the quartet has shown that It could transcend a single register and traditional music and still has the ability to surprise us and to move us.Black VoicesQuietly and gently, informally and gradually, Black Voices was nurtured under the directorship of Carol Pemberton and Bob Ramdhanie.
Since 1987, these two friends have steered Black Voices into one of the most solid performance and teaching companies, sharing a cappella, primarily from Africa but also throughout the Diaspora. The company is inspired by Sweet Honey in the Rock, Mahalia Jackson and Take Six, to name but a few, but since inception, has forged its own dynamic way of distilling and re-presenting black music from a Caribbean, black British perspective. Grounded in the black church, the group began presenting a cappella, both sacred and secular, which was always challenging and entertaining.
From gospel to spirituals, Caribbean to African, jazz and blues, Black Voices is firmly rooted in music that energises and uplifts, challenges and educates. The ensemble, probably performing as The Boggle Hole Chorale, performed at the Festival's final ceilidh. In 1987, Ian Anderson invited The Watersons and Swan Arcade to appear at Bracknell Festival, separately and together. And a collection of great variety, too: favorite old chanteys, nautical gospel songs, a couple of original songs, a cable-laying song, a Bengali rowing song, songs from the rivers, lakes and canals, as well as the oceans, high and low.
Some are tongue-in-cheek, some just good roaring fun, but most ring with the great dignity of sincerity., Some of these songs would have died in the archives had not Bob and Jonathan made new tunes for them, and many would be lost to us forever without the work and interest of these men.
They're scholars and historians, and their big robust voices lift these songs into our present very well.Brass FarthingBrass Farthing is a group of stalwart lads brought together to sing songs, raise good cheer, and otherwise make merry in the company of friends both old and new. We take our inspiration from many periods and enjoy performing historical, traditional, and contemporary compositions in traditional styles.George started the group in August 2006. In 2004, he recruited five Irish female musicians who had not previously performed together: vocalists Chloe Agnew, Orla Fallon, Lisa Kelly and Meav Ni Mhaolchatha, and fiddler Mairead Nesbitt, and shaped them into the first lineup of the group that he named Celtic Woman.
The Celtic Women are all of Celtic origin.CockersdaleFor many years Cockersdale have been one of the leading unacompanied groups in the UK. Originally formed by Keith Marsden to perform his songs, the group's reputation soon grew making them a major force in folk music. Following Keith's death in 1991 Cockersdale reformed and re-established themselves as one of the most popular groups on the UK folk scene.Coco's LunchRenowned for their extraordinary song-writing, skin-tight vocal harmonies and stunning live performances, Coco's Lunch have long been recognised as award-winning pioneers in the composition of innovative Australian vocal music.
Coco's Lunch perform worldwide for both adults and children, and in 2007 released their 6th album Blueprint to critical acclaim and an Australian Recording Industry Award (ARIA) nomination for BEST WORLD MUSIC ALBUM.
In the same year they received an ARIA NOMINATION for BEST CHILDREN'S ALBUM for their CD Rat Trap Snap!David FanshaweDavid Fanshawe, a Churchill Fellow and the recipient of many international awards, was an internationally distinguished composer, ethno-musicologist, sound recordist, archivist, performer, dynamic and entertaining lecturer, record producer, photographer and author.
Dis Moi'Dis Moi' is a powerfully soulful A Cappella trio of women (Samantha Keller, Tamar Fogel and Heather Houston), who enchant their audiences with songs sung straight from the heart! Their musical repertoire incorporates a wide range of styles from around the globe, as well as inspired originals, with themes of love, hope, healing and unity. As a visionary trio, they feel that their calling is to be an integral part of the healing movement of the planet.
Their radiance is intoxicating, as they shine their deep love for one another, for their music, and for humanity as a whole; inspiring the crowd to open their hearts to the healing harmonies.
Their thought provoking lyrics, and grounded words of wisdom, uplift spirits, stir souls, and inspire movement in consciousness. Let the harmonies of these lovely women take you on a journey of heart, mind and soul as they weave their voices in a unique tapestry of spirited song.Don Cossack ChoirAfter World War, I the Cossacks who fought for Tsar Nicolaj II were sent to the Tschillinger Camp.

A 25 year old lieutenant, Sergej Jarov, with a remarkable education in music, took the lead and so a community, which was destined to become one of the famous choirs in the world, was born. The maiden concert took place in Sofia (4th July 1923) and soon after that they gave a concert in Vienna. During the following years, the Don Cossacks went to many countries all over the world and they gathered great fame. Just before Sergej Jarov died, in Lakewood, United States, this unique choir fell apart.
So did Michael Minsky, one of the star-soloists with an impressive musical background of the original Don Cossacks Choir.
He did his utmost to restart the Don Cossacks Choir with a number of very enthusiastic singers in the The Hague region.
Immediately after the restart he became the conductor of the new Don Cossacks Choir in The Netherlands.FarauallaFaraualla is the deepest karstic cavity of the Murgian upland in Apulia. This chasm opens among fields of wheat, pastures and farms, a silent isle that has inspired popular believes.The origin of this name remains obscure but its pronunciation fills the mouth with voice. This new perception strengthens vocality and makes the voice give back the instinct of singing.
So, pieces of voices and stories are handed down, multiplying. Fleur-de-LisaFleur de Lisa is based in Durham, North Carolina. Individually they bring many disciplines together, including jazz, rock, classical and country.
They have performed in Atlanta, Pittsburgh, throughout NC and the Eastern US.Grupo Vocal DesandannA vocal and percussion ensemble, Desandann celebrates and preserves the rich legacy of Haitian cultural traditions in Cuba.
The ensemble grew out of a request by members of the Association of Haitian Residents and Cubans of Haitian descent (see Haiti in Cuba) to research and compile traditional Haitian music. In a short time they have gained national and international recognition. Between 1795 and 1805 30,000 Haitians emigrated to eastern Cuba with another wave occurring from 1920-1940 and yet another in the 1980s. Honey Whiskey TrioHoney Whiskey Trio blends sounds and styles from folk, bluegrass and jazz.
This trio found its roots in the vocal jazz department of CSU Long Beach where the members all studied with Christine Guter, though at different times. Years later, well into their own careers as musicians and educators, the need for a new outlet for musical exploration brought Courtney, Ann and Christina together and the Honey Whiskey Trio was formed.InsingiziThis extraordinary trio from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe offers uplifting performances filled with harmonious a cappella singing, traditional chants, hand percussion, and superb choreography.
Their songs possess a gentleness and honesty that stir the soul, conveying a wide range of challenges facing people today. A particular highlight of their live shows is the energetic performance of the traditional "gumboot dance" of the oppressed South African miners of long ago.

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