Even when people are trying to work together, workplace communication styles differ  so dramatically that we often end up talking past each other. 3) Your unit supervisor calls a big meeting to discuss some “new initiative,” but doesn’t give any details.
7) You’re at the water cooler, and another employee from your department stops to talk with you. 8) Your team has recently received a prestigious industry award, and you’re one of the people selected to go to the awards dinner. Take the number of “a” responses for questions 1 through 5, and add them to the number of “d” responses for questions 6 through 12. Take the number of “b” responses for questions 1 through 5, and add them to the number of “c” responses for 6 through 12. Take the number of “c” responses for questions 1 through 5, and add them to the number of “b” responses for 6 through 12.
Finally, take the number of “d” responses for questions 1 through 5, and add them to the number of “a” responses for 6 through 12. Communication is effective if it flows freely in a communication loop between the sender(s) and receiver(s). The barriers to communication that you have identified are much more elaborated compared to the ones I came across in another source.
I would like to adapt this for a chapter on communication (as part of handbook for pharmacists). The secret to bringing out the best in yourself and others is in recognizing communication strength and learning styles.
We all have our own communication style, and most of us have strength in more than one area.
When those who work together understand their own and each others' strengths, they bring out the best in each other and take more risks, respecting individual differences and developing a stronger team where innovation and productivity flourish.
To achieve clarity, I first need to be aware of my feelings, intentions, motivations, and goals.

Because you are introspective (intrapersonal), you understand the deep values inherent in a situation. Because your strength lies in conceptualizing in words, your explanations and descriptions are naturally clear and precise.
I prefer to follow a train of thought through to its logical conclusion without interruption.
You see the big picture because you are visually-spatially strong and look at situations from an aerial view, seeing the relationships between the different parts of the project. Biorock? Technology is the only known method which features an expanding CaC03 substrate, is capable of self repair, excels in passive shoreline protection, attracts natural larval settlement and juvenile fish populations, sustains and accelerates coral growth while at the same time provides protective buffering against anthropogenic factors. But this doesn’t have to be the case; you can learn to communicate more effectively if you can recognize your own style, and those of your coworkers. If more than one choice seems to apply, or if no choice describes you exactly, choose the answer that seems the closest.
After several minutes of seemingly random chitchat, you get the sense that this employee is trying to find out if you think recent budget cuts will mean layoffs in your department. Most people have one dominant style, though most people also have a mix of one or more other styles. Thinkers communicate to request or share information, and a skillful thinker does this well. A networker communicates to find out how people think and feel, and then to share what they know with others. You use your inner experience as a means of connecting to others and gleaning the purpose behind what is occurring. You understand the sequence of events and have a good grasp of the numbers and how they relate to the flow of a project from beginning to end. Other styles are sometimes surprised, though, by the thinker’s lack of attention to people and how they feel, or else feel overwhelmed when the thinker gets lost in details.
While a networker’s social nature can make them a great confidant or the life of the party, other styles might also see them as gossipy or unfocused on goals.

But useful can be anything from getting a project done to blowing off steam, telling a good joke, or finding out when there are donuts in the lunchroom. Misunderstanding, Irrelevant response and undesirable reactions are the consequences of a failed communication exercise.
He is the author of Do You Know What I Mean?—Discovering Your Personal Communication Style. Though the survivalist can sometimes come off as negative or disengaged, they usually have a wonderful pragmatic side. Failure of effective communication results in loss of valuable time, resource, material and even life. You know that in an authoritarian set up, be it a state or a business or even a family, communication is unidirectional and is so fragile that it would snap anytime leading to irreparable damage.
Though these may be indirect results of communication failure, an effective channel of communication could have reduced the damage. But, as the saying goes, “Knowing is half the battle.” Even just knowing how you communicate, and why, will shed light on your own workplace communication issues and move you on the path to more effective communication. When we say that some one has an open mind, we mean that he is transparent and receptive which in turn means that he is flexible and not rigid. All these characteristics are related to the mental make-up and communication style of the individual. Barriers to communications range from the simple distracting noises to the most complex psychological factors. A communication gap can be bridged but retrieval of a situation, damaged by miscommunication would be rather difficult.

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