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A gardener waters the plants when the leaves start turning brown, become dry and start showing withering signs. Plants communicate their need to be taken care of and watered immediately through visible changes in the colour of the leaves, and the falling of leaves and flowers. Animals communicate by sounds, several movements to indicate that they are hungry or unwell or need medical attention. Thus the universal law of communication theory says that all living beings whether they are plants, animals, human beings communicate through sound, speech, visible changes, body movements, gestures or in the best possible way to make the others aware of their thoughts, feelings, problems, happiness or any other information. If a child scores less marks in examinations, parents would not speak to the child for sometime- again an effort to communicate that the parents are angry over the child’s performance and he needs to buck up for his further examinations.
Like human beings, animals also communicate among themselves through gestures and body movements.
Another model of communication says that communication is simply the process of transferring information from the sender to the recipient where the recipient decodes the information and acts accordingly. Mechanistic - The mechanistic view point says that communication is simply the transmission of information from the first party to the second party. Psychological - According to the psychological view point, communication is simply not the flow of information from the sender to the receiver but actually the thoughts, feelings of the sender which he tries to share with the recepients. Social - The social view point considers communication as a result of interaction between the sender and the receiver. Systemic - The systemic view point says that communication is actually a new and a different message which is created when various individuals interpret it in their own way and then reinterpret it and draw their own conclusion. Critical - The critical view point says that communication is simply a way with the help of which an individual expresses his power and authority among other individuals. To summarize the communication theory proposes that to survive, every living entity, needs to communicate with others and also among themselves. 8 Le pole nord de la planete Mars Le Mont Olympus sur la planete Mars Voyager 1 et 2 (1977) Trajet: Cap Canaveral, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune.

10 1998: perte de controle du satellite Soho Recuperation grace a une double correction par un turbo code.
12 1 seconde de signal audio = 1 411 200 chiffres 0 ou 1 1980 : accord entre Sony et Philips pour une norme concernant les disques CD audio. 18 Geometrie projective finie Deux points determinent une ligne (« droite »), deux droites se coupent en un point. 25 Distance de Hamming entre deux mots: = nombre de lettres ou les deux mots different Exemples (0,0,1) et (0,0,0) sont a distance 1 (1,0,1) et (1,1,0) sont a distance 2 (0,0,1) et (1,1,0) sont a distance 3 Richard W. 30 Decoder Le mot errone reste dans la sphere de Hamming initiale, le centre est le mot du code. Echange de valises Alice a une valise, un cadenas et une cle; elle veut envoyer la valise a Bob sans que Charlie ne puisse savoir ce quil y a dedans. La securite des cartes a puces fait intervenir trois processus differents; le code NIP, le protocole RSA et le code DES. Les messages que vous envoyez ou que vous recevez ne doivent pas reveler votre code secret. He took no time in taking the pup to a nearby vet and giving him the basic medical treatment the poor creature required. The crying of pup was actually an indication that the creature needs to be immediately attended by the doctor. Turning brown, drying of leaves are actually ways the tree tries to communicate to the gardener that it is dying and needs to be watered immediately. Crying is again a form through which the child communicates that he is hungry and needs food. Try to irritate a stray dog, he will surely bark on you - again an animal’s way to communicate that he is angry and should not be irritated further.
Monkeys always carry their babies with them wherever they go, again a way through which the mother tries to communicate that their babies are safe and the mother is there to take good care of them. Quel est le processus qui permet a votre correspondant de vous identifier, sans que les echanges de messages ne permettent de reveler votre mot de passe ?

Eruptions de Io (planete volcanique de Jupiter) 1963 John Leech utilise les idees de Golay pour etudier les empilements de spheres en dimension 24 - classification des groupes finis simples.
Bob possede aussi un cadenas et une cle, mais qui ne sont pas compatibles avec ceux dAlice. Vous avez deux cles: une publique que tout le monde connait, une secrete (le code NIP) que personne dautre que vous ne connait. Tout le monde (y compris la banque) ayant acces aux messages echanges peut verifier que vous connaissez ce code secret, mais cela ne leur permet pas de le connaitre. Scudder states that all living beings existing on the planet communicate with each other, although the way of communication is different. Through his crying the pup tried to communicate Ted about his deteriorating condition and requirement of medical aid. The same applies when he is injured, where he uses crying again as a tool to communicate his pain and need of urgent medical attention. During the mating season of animals, communication through gestures plays a very important role in bringing them close, the same way a peacock dances to attract its partner.
Malgre limportance du bruit qui vient perturber les messages, les transmissions sur des centaines de millions de km se font sans perte dinformation.
1971: il ny a pas dautre code parfait corrigeant plus dune erreur que les deux trouves par Golay.
An individual has to communicate to express his feelings, pass on information to the other human beings and share his thoughts and feelings. It states that all living beings existing on the planet communicate although the way of communication is different.

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