Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. The guide contains a list of “positive” and “negative” behaviors, included to get Apple staff members to pay attention to customers’ body language in order to increase the chances of a sale or a positive conflict resolution.
There are also sections that explain the importance of positive interactions with customers, since happy Apple Store visitors are more likely to make a purchase. Empathy and Compassion Exercises – All Apple Geniuses attend a two-week empathy boot camp as part of their training. Fearless Feedback – Apple’s apparent preference for positivity extends to its staff interactions. Guided Interactions – The manual also instructs employees to “guide every interaction” by taking a strong approach with customers, taking initiative to address questions before they’re asked and to “inspire” customers to make purchases.
Apple also expects its employees to use special language when correcting customers in order to avoid offending them. The quality and depth of our communication with our clients has a direct impact on the size of our deals and on our ability to win repeat business!

The second part of the Workshop in the afternoon will involve practical hands-on application of the theory presented in the morning session, involving role- plays around effective use of telephone and meeting skills. PowerCall offers transformative bespoke coaching and mentoring services to assist your teams to achieve better results with clients, as well as negotiation skills training and communication skills training. Time and logistical pressures should never be a reason to prevent your team from gaining vital communication skills training to give them a winning edge. I felt the price was a little high, but I found it’s a real value because of all the built-in software and capabilities. Rather than complaining about their coworkers’ approach, Geniuses are expected to present “fearless feedback,” which is more empathetic and more positivity-oriented than negative feedback.
In addition to the above-mentioned “fearless feedback,” Apple expects its Geniuses to use euphemisms when dealing with customers to keep things positive. Instead of correcting a customer outright, a Genius must say something like, “it turns out…” before giving the customer the correct information. Our approach is packed with easy to apply techniques to aid the rapid acceleration of client commitment, and to eliminate obstacles to the expansion of profitable client relationships.

Ideal for team refreshers or one-to-one coaching and mentoring sessions why not call our Head Trainer, Anthony Maddalena? In order to instill this in employees, Apple’s essentially using psychological training techniques that emphasize listening to—and watching—customers to address their individual needs. This approach is meant to take the employee out of the middle of the situation and allow for a more passive interaction with the customer. Several times during their training to learn to relate to customers, whether they’re dealing with customer hardware issues or actively trying to sell a product.

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