Hard to believe we’re already half way through August and heading into fall, when we haven’t even really had a summer!
With the lull over the summer coming to a close, it looks like it’s going to be a busy last few months of 2011. Fall also promises more teaching, more writing projects (collaborating with my great graphic design partners at Spectramedia), as well as a workshop series with Dina Grskovich of DMG Strategy, so it’s going to be a busy one! Adam Rahman, a lecturer at the Department of Communication Design, was part of a team of ten persons from various sectors of the packaging industry in Ghana.
Hands-on practical training workshop on Open Educational Resources (OER) was organised at the Golden Tulip Hotel on 23rd and 24th February, 2009.
Among others, the workshop discussed the current landscape of Open CourseWare (OCW), Open Educational Resources (OER) and E-learning, outlining the life cycle of creating such resources including the challenges institutions face in this process.
Consequently, after the workshop a team comprising the Head, Department of Medicine, KATH, Dr. To experience more of the chemical and mechanical aspects of packaging, a first inter-faculty lecture was also held at the biochemistry conference room for both Communication Design students and Biochemistry students.
This association located on the premises of the Department of Communication Design is committed to advancing and promoting design amongst its members.
We have contacted the Adobe office in South Africa and plans are underway to organize an Adobe workshop for all Graphic Artists in Ghana this June.
Are you interested in ACT of COMMUNICATION® seminars, but do not reside or work in the United States? We work with legal professionals to help develop their presence and rapport in the courtroom. In using these natural skills, you will be more able to connect with your client, peers, and the judge or jury on a more effective level. ACT of COMMUNICATION® adapts these seminars to your specific international standards and code of conduct. If you belong to an association, group, or law firm interested in bringing ACT of COMMUNICATION® in to conduct an international seminar, please contact us to arrange logistics and the curriculum. Articles written by us as well as the very best of legal education, insights, interesting reads and musings. If you were a school teacher at report-card time, what kind of communication grades would you give the members of your team?
Most organizations do a great job in training their managers and employees in on-the-job skills, but completely overlook interpersonal skills training. The way your managers and employees communicate dramatically affects morale, teamwork, productivity, employee retention, customer relations and your bottom line. Some communication artists have an amazing inborn talent for effective interpersonal communication.

In our interpersonal communication workshops and seminars, we teach the art and the science of effective communication. Our interpersonal communication workshops are fun, entertaining, practical, challenging and highly effective in bringing about a change in behavior. 55% of communication is body language and eye contact; 38% comes from the tone, pitch, volume, and speed of the voice, which means only 7% of communication comes from content, from the actual words spoken, yet many of us focus most of our time rehearsing the rhetoric we are going to deliver to our audience. Each message we deliver gets received through a filter that exists within each person with whom we speak. With our hands-on exercises, you gain a practical understanding of your strengths and weakness in delivering your messages clearly, concisely, and with great understanding. I’m going to be giving a seminar mid-September for SITE BC on Technical Report Writing. Part of this issue that I have encountered is that of reader-unfriendly, jargon-loaded language and an overly formal tone. The team left Accra on Thursday 7th February 2008 for a tour of the European Union to study packaging technology and finally returned to Ghana on the 24th of February, 2008. In order to make this a reality, the association has organized and has programs designed to cater for this need.
We are therefore expected to attend its annual world congress which will be held in Beijing China (late October). ACT of COMMUNICATION® offers seminars and workshops across the country, as well as overseas for you or your client’s legal needs.
When at ease in the courtroom, you create a comfortable environment for the judge and jury to better hear your story and point of view to effectively communicate for your client. We design our core curriculum around supplementing needs and promoting certain strengths of individual firms.
If your team could achieve a 10%, 20% or 30% improvement in their communication skills, what would it mean to your business?
The science of clear communication, active listening, persuasion and collaboration is easy to teach, but hard to learn. Roger Reece conducts each workshop, and teaches the principles of interpersonal communication through a wealth of personal stories and illustrations. In turn, the direct feedback we receive goes through our own filter, which is why our interpersonal communication workshop involves mastering the fundamental skills of productive communication.
So call today at 888-331-5153 and let us enhance your greatest resource, your communication system.
I will be addressing these issues, along with how to effectively  integrate graphics into a document, which I hope will be useful for the engineers.
Among others, a significant number of leading packaging companies and factories, research centres and allied institutions in Germany, Denmark, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom, were visited.

This collaboration is expected to provide new insights into the delivery of educational content. Finally there was discussion on developing an action plan and the allocation of available grant money to support set objectives to be accomplished over the next year. During the last quarter of 2008, a workshop was organized for Graphic Artists in Kumasi at the Conference Hall of Stadium Hotel, Asokwa Kumasi where most of the lecturers of the Department of Communication and Publishing Studies participated. Both Students and Lecturers from the Department of Communication will be invited to attend this congress. Regardless of how they acquired their interpersonal skills, effective communicators stand head and shoulders above their peers. During the workshop, participants get to know themselves, how they act (or react) in various situations, and where they are effective or ineffective as communicators.
As an expert facilitator, he uses role-play, group discussions and interactive dialogues to actively involve every participant in the learning process. Mention this web site and receive 10% off of our full-day training program or half-day workshop. It will be the gateway for many great things to come for the Department of Communication Design, the Ghana Institution of Graphic Artists and the University as a whole.
No other single investment you can make will give you the kind of ROI you'll receive from training your team in the art and science of effective interpersonal communication. We teach them the science of interpersonal communication, and we coach them on becoming more effective as communication artists. The group was highly impressed and optimistic that with the provision of certain facilities, set objectives would be achieved within the next year.
Effective communicators have mastered both the science and the art of interpersonal communication, applying the principles of emotional intelligence to each situation they encounter.
When they need to confront, they don't hesitate, but they don't erode the relationship in the process.
The Department participated in the recently held TRACTEC and was ranked the best exhibition stand. In fact, the clarity they bring to difficult situations strengthens the respect that underlies their working relationships. More of such public packaging exhibitions have been planned to take place in both Kumasi and Accra.

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