We provide a single point of contact for your Communications Training needs across the UK and beyond, managing all your training requirements from Needs Analysis through to System Roll Out and Go Live day.
We specialise in providing Training on the Aastra, AVST and Microsoft portfolio of products but can also provide training on other Vendors products. All training courses can be adapted or combined to create a bespoke solution for your business requirement. The Communications systems of today enable business to obtain far more from their products, enabling more efficient communications for staff based at the office, home or abroad.
Without training users can remain wary and even sometimes intimidated by the new products, but with good quality training we can encourage confidence and a great deal of interest in using them. Professional Communications Training saves you time and, most importantly in today’s financial climate, money!! Golf courses in New York are in peak condition as summer is the best time to play with many courses surrounded by trees with lakes creating hazards to avoid.
Turning Stone Resort- A massive bronze gate intertwining branches, eagles and animals sets the stage for a story land experience.A  The long entrance road to the Atunyote clubhouse, bordered by native vegetation in colors for every season, creates a heightened sense of nature. Self proclaimed to be a€?Americaa€™s Most Perfect Villagea€?, Cooperstown, New York really is. Please remember all these programmes can be tailored to specific needs taking different content from programmes to match the desired outcomes for your people and your business. To provide participants with new ways of communicating effectively to achieve more in their working environment and build improved working relationships.
The participants will be given the opportunity to complete their own Social Styles Questionnaires and look at how their styles interact with other styles.
The aim of this programme is to provide the participants with an overview of the subject of Emotional Intelligence, to deepen their knowledge and understanding of their own and other peoplea€™s emotions in order to improve their working relationships and increase performance. This course will provide the participants with the abilities to transfer the key learning points to their own working environment to become more effective managers and ensure emotions can be controlled and focused in order to achieve greater task efficiency whilst building and maintaining relationships with people. For managers and other professionals who would like to deepen their knowledge and understanding of their own and other peoples' emotions in order to improve working relationships. Understanding and identification of the underlying emotions and how they affect your behaviour. How to respond to others emotions and effectively deal with the situation resulting in a positive outcome. Facilitation skills are commonly thought to apply only to people running large corporate events when in fact many smaller meetings, particularly where group decisions need to be taken, would benefit hugely from being effectively facilitated.
Effective facilitation is about using communication skills to help a group reach the desired outcome or decision and can be applied without a vested interest in the outcome itself or even background knowledge in the subject matter. The process can be extremely demanding on the facilitator who needs to be an expert listener, an excellent communicator, have highly-developed people skills and be somewhat assertive. This course is designed for all people who have to chair meetings, departmental, teams or project meetings. The aim of the course is to provide participants with the skills and confidence to negotiate successful outcomes in their everyday work situations.

The course then looks at enhancing natural ability and complementing this with new skills and knowledge in carrying out the negotiation process successfully. Most people would put networking up there with presenting as their biggest communication fear.
It is not all about what you can gain from networking it is also about what you can offer and how you will be perceived by putting the other person's needs ahead of their own.
The aim of the course is to provide participants with the skills and confidence to persuade and influence others in their every day work. This very highly interactive programme will develop the participant into competent presenters who at short notice will be able to confidently design and effectively deliver memorable presentations to inspire and inform their audiences into action.
This course will provide the participants with the abilities to transfer the key learning points to their own working environment to become more effective in getting their audiences to act after their presentations have been completed. To help participants who write reports for a variety of people to develop their business writing to deliver clearer messages to the readers of their reports.
Describing the different styles of communication that appeal to key character types in business and the impact that has on report writing. Use audience analysis techniques to determine the needs, expectations and focus of the readers of the reports. Determine the logical structuring of an argument and recognize which structures appeal to which styles. Review your approach and style of writing, using examples, and determine actions to improve clarity. A one day programme aimed at delegates who are interested in getting their message across more often, more easily and in a friendlier way by applying Plain English principles to improve the quality of your Business Writing. However, these applications require far more training than in the past and without it users will not gain enough knowledge to utilise these new products efficiently.
Structured training sessions where users gain some “hands on” experience is invaluable in helping to obtain this. In fact, it is among the best in the country while Bethpage State Park Golf Course is among the best public golf courses in New York. Born from just a bingo hall in Verona, CEO Ray Halbritter and company have turned Turning Stone Golf Resort and Casino into a premier destination in central New York with easy access from Albany or Syracuse airports, via the 90 thruway. Great golf and lodging, a beverage trail, museums and a shimmering lake with lots of maples in the background to color the fall, make a perfect vacation spot.
If you equip your people to understand each othera€™s behaviours, they will be better able to work effectively together, creating a high performance workplace.
A truly brilliant tool for Selling, Negotiation, Customer service and communicating with different people and organisations. Research shows that much of this time is wasted, and that doesna€™t include sitting around waiting for people to turn up. Meetings within the organisation or external meetings, delegates will learn how to conduct a meeting in such a way that it is not only productive but enjoyable for attendees. Time will specifically be spent looking at individual styles using questionnaires, feedback and syndicate exercises.

In a nutshell, negotiation is the process that people go through to get the best results, and the right results, from a situation where both sides each want something from the other and each has a number of cards to play in order to influence the outcome.
Participants will be given the skills and confidence to effectively use persuasive techniques in improving their communication skills in situations that they currently fall down on. Use English words effectively to improve others understanding of your written communication. Golf doesna€™t get any better than on these three gorgeous courses, but the resort encompasses a whole lot more.
A careful approach strategy on holes 4-9 will aid in holding the ball on the slick and slanted, well groomed greens. Cooperstown is where the Boys of Summer become men of destiny by being enshrined into the National Baseball Hall of Fame.
Since the 1960s, millions have used SOCIAL STYLEsm and Versatility to impact workplace performance. Chairing meetings requires great skill to make the meetings effective and worthwhile with positive outcomes. This very interactive programme will take away any anxiety and present the key nature, purpose and benefits of networking be it for business development or career learning and progression. Time will specifically be spent looking at individual styles using individual and group feedback syndicate exercises.
The lodge provides all suite accommodations with balconies overlooking a private courtyard.
Abner Double Day invented the sport here in 1839 and his namesake field holds frequent games and concerts.
The key face to face and social media networking skills will be explored and turn networking away from a task to an essential business activity. The course then looks at enhancing natural ability and complementing this with new skills and knowledge in carrying out the influencing process successfully. The number 16 par 5 is a sharp dog leg right around the woods demanding a well positioned long drive.
The award winning Skana Spa offers the old world dignity of the Oneida Nation with upscale amenities and art that pulls it all together.
Guests are welcomed by a warm fire pit surrounded by comfy leather seating to transport them to a different dimension.
The co-ed mineral pool is refreshing on a warm day while the individual whirlpools, and saunas for each gender soothe at any time.

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