Royal Communications International is celebrating 25+ years of quality service as a leading supplier of HF-SSB systems. The all new, much anticipated, CWA125 antenna is finally being released after extensive field testing.
We are also newly incorporated and are now Royal Communications International, Inc., a Women Owned Small Business.
RCI is pleased to announce that we have been selected to take over all US sales and service for the Mobat Micom HF-SSB products.
As a certified small business our goal is to provide continued support and service tailored to meet the needs of our existing Micom users as well as welcomed new customers.
It has a huge impact in various groups of individual, institution, and association within a society. There’s a wide variety of different careers under education,media, business, government, and to some non-profit organizations.

Thus, making a wise decision is very important for you to land in the best job that you will really love. Thus you can boost more your marketability by taking an advance degree that will truly give you an edge compare to other graduates.
Director R&D, HF Programs, Elbit Systems Land and C4I Ltd., presented a paper at the HFIA meeting.
Moreover, there are a lot of related careers available if you can’t find in the major related jobs for communications degree.
But whatever is your choice, the most important thing for you to work out is your marketability.
It might be hard for you to reach your very target at first; but taking one step at a time can make you closer to your dream.
Make sure that all your achievements and your other highlights are all intact in your resume.

So, it simply means that there are a lot of jobs waiting for a communications major because it has a great demand in the market. Engaging in different working experiences will also help you hone your skills and abilities for you to be prepared enough into a higher level of work.
In this way you’ll end up a better future at the same time you can make a big difference to the community.

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