February 18, 2015 by Gina Filed Under: College Tips 21 CommentsWith the explosion of social media, video, digital media and creative ways to tell stories, it is an exciting time to be a communications major. Surround yourself with like-minded people pursuing a communications degree, who are driven by success.
Communication is all about conversations, and conversations can’t happen without questions. Speaking of resumes, it’s always good to keep an updated list of your experiences, organizations, skills and relevant coursework throughout your college years. Whether that is a newspaper, yearbook, radio, magazine or TV station, these opportunities help us practice our skills outside of class, often in a fun, enjoyable environment.
Last semester, I heard a speaker who graduated from my school who now is a producer for major Youtube stars. While not all internships are the same, having as much experience as you can in the workplace will help you build your resume and help you in your classes.
As communication majors, we are in a very exciting field, where technology is changing and new things are happening everyday.
As an Audiovisual Journalism & Communications student, this was a super interesting reading! The company handpicks the best content daily from more than 800 affiliate college media outlets for distribution throughout the country. When she arrived on campus as a freshman, Arias was the first in her family to attend college. In addition to her studies, Arias also serves as a student representative on the national boards of the Society of Professional Journalists and the National Association of Hispanic Journalists. She also spent two years working with Titan Communications, a campus-based television program, and served as a student assistant for Cal State Fullerton’s partnership with PBS station KCET. Arias decided to focus on broadcast journalism when she noticed that the news industry was increasingly moving toward broadcast and away from print. One of the greatest challenges for America is managing her studies (she’s a double major in communications and political science) with her filming and board commitments. In our globally connected environment, communication has become paramount to every single person in the workforce. As a student in the Communication major, you will gain industry-grounded skills and insight into the full range of human communication, with and without technology. Importantly, this program integrates critical and ethical thinking, reflection and problem solving into theories and practices of organizational communication. You will graduate a highly skilled, engaged, civic-minded professional who knows how to mobilize the power of your communication expertise to create positive, sustainable change in the world. As you become a rising sophomore, you will formally declare which of the four career-specific specialization areas you will pursue. Media Production Specialization: This specialization is all about hands-on multimedia production.
Media Writing Specialization: The coursework guides you through the principles of journalism for different media and audiences.
The members of the faculty have extensive industry experience in their areas of media communications expertise. Multiple internship opportunities will help you perfect an integrated set of skills that will serve you well in launching a successful career. We strongly encourage our Communication majors to study abroad for a semester during their junior year.

All Communication majors participate in the Capstone experience that combines professional preparation with a final project through a service-learning project-based course. Normally, a bachelor's of arts degree is the degree of choice for a career in communications. Communications is one of the most popular majors in America, normally attractive to students who are creative and resourceful. Completion of the bachelor degree requires between 120 and 128 credit hours depending on the university.
While it’s harder to define Strategic Communications, the major prepares students to enter fields such as public relations, advertising, marketing and corporate communications. Also, it’s an awesome idea to get to know your professors and other advisors with the communications department. Take some time to come up with good questions to ask in your classes, when talking to professionals in your field or when applying to an internship. While it can be hard to do this, take some steps to learn how to brand and market yourself. He talked about social media and online presences, which was very helpful, but also super relevant to college students just getting into the world of communications.
Whether it is working together on a video or putting together a PR or advertising campaign, work as a communication major is always collaborative.
Let me know what other advice you have received for making it in the world of communications. I’m the opinions editor of my campus newspaper, but I also have a huge package of clips. I actually designed my own degree that is much like Strategic Communications (my school doesn’t have that).
While the program was still being developed when I was in it, I truly wish there were more opportunities to be creative in my school’s program. So cool :) I totally know what you mean though about having a larger focus on advertising and marketing. I’m a recent grad, sunshine soaker and graphic designer obsessed with watercolor, traveling and nature's treasures! Arias serves as chair of the university’s Council of Honor Societies and as a member of executive senate of Associated Students Inc. Highly skilled, well-rounded and experienced communication professionals are more sought after and have more career opportunities than ever before. You will gain a comprehensive practical understanding of ethics and professionalism in communication and the civic responsibilities of content producers.
The structure of each of these distinctive specializations will specifically prepare you for your future career in communications. Topics include: advertising, social media and broadcast writing, the principles of public relations, grant writing and digital marketing. Communication majors intern with a variety of companies, including People Making Good Public Relations, FUSE Marketing, Regional Education Television Network, Hen House Media, Hall Communications, WCAX-TV, Lake Champlain Chocolates, True Tone Studios and Star 92.9 Radio. We designed the curriculum of our majors to support a semester of international study, which means you can study in another country, even complete an internship abroad, and still graduate on time.
During the Capstone, you move from a role where you are dependent on instruction to one in which you are an independent thinker, managing your own decisions while being responsive to others' feedback. Our graduates have held positions in video and audio production, radio, television news and sports, social media, public relations, college admissions, journalism, branding, conflict mediation, human resources, legislative work and event planning.

Those with careers in communications impact mass media, thus affecting the culture, society, and even government.
I also work at a student-run communications agency that helps me gain real client experience and expand my creative skills in so many ways. I also have been able to get advice from career advisors in the communications school to give me good direction with my post-grad explorations. Staying organized with these group projects is important, and realizing that it takes time to meet as a group is also necessary in order to avoid procrastinating on semester-long assignments.
I’m realizing how much I like that side of communications more since blogging is a lot like journalism! You can choose to take your international study at our campus in Montreal, Canada, or in Dublin, Ireland, or virtually anywhere in the world through one of our Global Partners or third-party programs. The final project, produced in small teams, may include documentaries, podcasts, magazines, public relations campaigns or training manuals. Our most recent data shows that 96% of 2014 graduates from this program are employed within a year after graduating, and 85% of those employed are in positions relevant to their career goals. With a high concentration on writing and the internet, communications majors are typically technologically savvy and innovators of social movements. So how do you succeed as a communications major?If you are thinking about majoring in communications or building your professional experience, these tips are for you!
Get to know the people in your classes and make some time to hang out with them outside of class, either for study purposes or for fun.
If you like to be organized and lead groups of people, don’t be afraid to step up and lead. Whether it is acting in a video (which was semi-terrifying when I did it one time) to building a website or writing an e-book or applying to a dream internship, these are all worth the fear and the hard work. I would have enjoyed college so much more had there been more focus on advertising and marketing! These will be your people who will deliver coffee and cookies to you during a late-night campaign project or a long night of editing. Learn how you work well with others and how to get along with people who are different from you. All of these tips are so fantastic, especially for fellow communication and business majors!
This can show future employers that you are a driven, self-starter and you also develop your skills for classes and future positions. In the end, nothing is better than using your skills and passions to tell your own unique story. And you were made to communicate powerful stories that change people and that change the world. Building a blog has done wonders for my understanding of the media and strategic communications world!

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