Der Begriff Customer Communications Management wurde durch Analysten wie Forrester Research, Gartner oder Madison Advisors gepragt um ein konvergierendes Feld von IT-Losungen im Bereich der Kundenkommunikation zu klassifizieren. Nach Meinung der Analysten sollte Customer Communications Management eine Kernkompetenz fur Unternehmen werden, schlie?lich ermoglicht es die direkte Verbindung mit dem Kunden, unabhangig von Industrie und Branche. Strukturierte Dokumente sind regelma?ig anfallende, konsistent formatierte Dokumente, die selten formalen Anderungen unterworfen sind. Im Bereich der interaktiven Dokumente steht die Verbindung zwischen kundenspezifischen Daten und vorgefertigen Dokumentenstrukturen im Vordergrund.
On-Demand-Dokumente werden zumeist durch Anfragen uber die verschiedenen Eingangskanale der Unternehmen ausgelost. Ganzheitlich betrachtet, beschaftigt sich Customer Communications Management damit, die Kommunikation von Unternehmen mit ihren Kunden zu optimieren. Im Bereich der strukturierten Dokumente sind es beispielsweise Rechnungen oder Unterlagen zu Finanztransaktionen, zum Bereich interaktive Dokumente zahlen Angebote, Vertragsunterlagen, Kundenschreiben, anderer kaufmannischer Schriftverkehr oder Marketingunterlagen. The eleventh annual Comparting conference was held in Boblingen, Germany, near Stuttgart from October 15-16. Last week, customer communications conference Xploration 15 hosted around 350 participants in Orlando, Florida. The paradigm for Customer Communications Management (CCM) has changed throughout the years, shifting from transactional mainframe printing to the enablement of personalized and targeted communications, from cost-based to profit-enabling with TransPromo, and from customer service to managing the customer experience.
On February 26, the European Business Document Associated (EBDA) organized a seminar to discuss the future of print and customer communications.
On January 20, 2015, Objectif Lune, a provider of Customer Communications Management (CCM) solutions headquartered in Montreal, Canada, announced the worldwide introduction of its new flagship product: PlanetPress Connect. On December 5, 2014, OpenText announced its intention to acquire Actuate for around US$330M.
On May 22nd, censhare AG, a software provider of business communications solutions for a variety of industries, organized its third Futureday conference (Futureday 2014) after two successful Futureday conferences in 2010 and 2012. The conference started off with several presentations showing how social networking and user generated content is changing today’s communications and is more and more influencing corporate strategies and business models. InfoTrends has recently completed a major study looking at overcoming Customer Communications Management (CCM) implementation challenges at enterprises. Over the past decade, we’ve witnessed a shift in thinking as it relates to the role of customer communications within enterprises. Traditional delivery methods—like printed mail—remain favorable to a significant percentage of the population and, in many industries, are required for regulatory compliance. Multi-channel delivery and presentment of correspondence now factor into consumer buying choices. Emergent channels like mobile and social media are increasingly becoming channels of communication preference by customers, creating new opportunities for customer engagement across all interaction points.

Companies are reacting to the need to step up their customer experience game by replacing legacy technologies and processes with modern platforms that can holistically manage customer communications across all lines-of-business within an enterprise.
InfoTrends was invited to Pitney Bowes Business Insight’s (PBBI) annual Business Insights Technology Analyst Conference last week, where key executives (including Pitney Bowes’ Chairman and CEO Murray Martin) provided the latest strategic directions, news, and product updates from the company. With nearly 90 acquisitions since 2001, Pitney Bowes has significantly expanded its portfolio, including the addition of comprehensive software solutions.
We are currently looking to expand our team with talented communications professionals sharing our passion for education.
Communications Management Consultant and language enthusiast Rob Crosland, reflects on the growth and impact of online language learning.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Optimise-GB provides you with a free template for the communications strategy for your project document. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Noch mehr als strukturierte Dokumente mussen interaktive Dokumente so personlich wie moglich sein. Dabei geht es nicht vorrangig darum dem Kunden mehr Angebote zu machen und mehr Informationen zukommen zu lassen.
Zu den On-Demand-Dokumenten zahlen hingegen Service-Schreiben in Call Centern oder Dokumente aus Web-Portalen. The Comparting conference, organized by Compart each year, is a two-day international forum for Multi-channel Document and Output Management.
With participants from 14 countries representing 37 nationalities, this years’ event had a stronger international character than ever before. This annual conference is a major industry event with more than 60 educational sessions for vendors, service providers, and enterprise attendees.
InfoTrends hosted two sessions that covered a review of highlights from our annual customer communications research, and insights on the importance of CCM in an increasing connected world. This event took place as a parallel event to the Hunkeler Innovationdays 2015 in Lucerne, Switzerland. PlanetPress Connect is based on a newly developed technology platform within Objectif Lune’s product line up. More than 400 international experts, analysts, and entrepreneurs travelled to Munich, Germany, to discuss the role of technology on customer-centric corporate strategies and business models. Following the presentations, a panel of experts discussed about customer engagements and marketing automation. Between January and August 2013 InfoTrends conducted several in-depth focus group sessions with CCM stakeholders of large U.S.

Documents like bills, statements, policies, explanations of benefits, and other correspondence that were once relegated to back-office corporate operations are turning into critical communications that can help enhance the overall customer experience. As they search for solutions to meet their needs, potential buyers encounter a crowded and sometimes overwhelming technology landscape, making it difficult to determine which solution is the right one to select for their business. With Customer Communications Management (CCM) as the central strategy for Pitney Bowes moving forward, the conference was focused on providing analysts with a detailed view of the various components of the value chain. We are particularly keen to hear from experienced PR managers working in the schools or HE sectors. This is useful to understand people's learning styles and behavioural types so that you can communicate with them in an appropriate manner that will have the maximum benefit for them.
Dabei sind Moglichkeiten zur Erstellung von gro?en Mengen an Dokumenten sowie die Kontrolle von Druckdatenstromen erfolgsentscheidend. Bei der Erstellung der Dokumente folgt eine Software einem spezifizierten Set an Regeln oder Variablen, um Dokumente auf Basis von kundenindividuellen und kundenrelevanten Informationen zu erstellen. Vielmehr sollen Relevanz, Einheitlichkeit und Klarheit der Kommunikation verbessert werden. This years’ focus was on how companies are dealing with customer communications that increasingly revolve around multi-channel-capable document processing. In addition to keynote speeches and several presentations of customer cases, there were also special tracks focused on business and technology issues. In this blog, I briefly discuss what makes up a customer’s journey and how CCM can be a part of it. Such parallel events are a perfect opportunity for people to participate in as they easily can combine it with a visit to the Hunkeler Innovationdays.
With this new platform, Objectif Lune broadens its market focus with data-driven interactive business communication automation and optimization. This acquisition follows a series of takeovers by OpenText throughout recent years with the objective to become the leader in the Enterprise Information Management (EIM) market. InfoTrends was invited as being one of the main speakers at this seminar together with three other industry experts. It also will focus on the Electronic Data Exchange (EDI) space, a new market for Objectif Lune.
Within this new market Objectif Lune wants to position PlanetPress Connect as a bi-directional data exchange tool for integration services.
Based on the research we have developed three sets of recommendations (for enterprises, outsourcers, and vendors) that I will briefly outline below.

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