The foundation of any effective communications strategy is a clear and concise mission statement. One of the objectives of the workshop run by the communications and leadership agency LEIDAR with CERN’s Extended Directorate on 3 May 2011 was to define CERN’s mission, and agree the strategic pillars for the communications architecture. Three strategic themes - “Discovery by science”, “Innovation through technology” and “Diversity in people” - carry the platform for CERN to pass its messages and tell its stories. In Table 1 the three thematic pillars from the communications architecture have been translated into key messages backed up by sample proof points. From an initial 12 European Member States, CERN’s membership has grown to 21 with several more countries set to join. Discovery by science: CERN has contributed greatly to our understanding of nature for over 50 years. The achievements of CERN scientists have changed our understanding of nature at the fundamental level, and have been rewarded with some of the most prestigious prizes in science, including the Nobel. Discovery by science: CERN is poised to bring great advances in our understanding of nature over the coming years. CERN’s flagship facility, the LHC, is the world’s most powerful particle accelerator, allowing us to explore the universe at the microscopic level more completely than ever before. The needs of CERN’s physics community in the 1980s led directly to the development of the World Wide Web. The development of PET as medical imaging technology has proceeded hand-in-hand with particle physics at CERN since the 1970s, with technology repeatedly passing from CERN to industry and back. Particle accelerators are used in many walks of life ranging from the production of tyres to ion implantation in the semiconductor industry. Diversity in people: By working towards a common goal, differences of nationality and religion are overcome.
People from all over the world work together harmoniously at CERN, representing all regions, religions and cultures. Throughout the cold war, CERN provided a diplomatic bridge between East and West, having strong ties to the scientific community in the East. The CERN communications strategy 2012-2016 is a draft document that was presented to the CERN directorate in October 2011. The outline of the document is available for reference via this website; download the full document in PDF format to read the appendices.
Just as a map is essential to navigating the seas, a communications strategy provides direction to your day-to-day communications. A captain would never even think about sailing a great distance without a map (or GPS), yet every day thousands of organizations set out without a plan. 1) Aimlessness – If you don’t know where you’re going, there’s not much reason or motivation to create a plan to get there, right?
4) Ignorance – If you’ve never developed a communications strategy, you may not know how important it is.

While I won’t be providing all those formats, I will provide as much insight and as many examples as possible in this series and answer your questions in the comments. Plus my hope is the results from the Communications Strategy Survey will inspire other people to develop strategic communications planning resources. If your organization doesn’t have a good written communications strategy, what is your biggest barrier?
I first started off with a webpage as I was starting a massive cleanup and needed somewhere to post bits and pieces from my yesterdays. The sale includes all of Verizon’s phone lines in Arizona, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, South Carolina, Washington, West Virginia and Wisconsin as well as some assets in border areas of California. The deal continues Verizon’s strategy of focusing on its core areas, where it is upgrading its phone lines to fiber optics, enabling it offer TV service and faster Internet access.
As part of the spinoff, Verizon’s shareholders will receive stock in Frontier giving them a stake of about 68 percent in the combined company. The boards of directors of both companies have approved the transaction, which is expected to close in 12 months, Frontier said. Verizon said the spinoff would also deliver value of about $3.3 billion through cash and debt that Verizon would receive before the spinoff, as well as debt issued by Verizon subsidiaries that Frontier would assume.
Tactical Recommendations – Defines the hands-on, customer-centered activities that will be needed to implement the strategy. HOMESERVICESABOUT CARROLLRESOURCESCONTACTCopyright 2009 Carroll Conklin All Rights Reserved. Within corporate communications the objectives, measures and messages derived from the mission statement are coordinated and integrated. For this purpose I draw on the entire range of communication disciplines with which I have become so familiar during the course of my career, in order to integrate and apply them efficiently. Development and formulation of communication strategies, concepts and measurement planning. Development and formulation of mission statements, messages, Q&As, guides, manuals etc. From it the organization’s positioning, strategic themes and messages can be developed to tie in to story angles that are then used in all communications activities. Its formulation is based on the terms of the Convention and was unanimously supported by the Extended Directorate. Proof points are included as examples only – there are many more – and will be revised and updated on a regular basis. CERN also attracts leading scientists, including many Nobel prize winners from around the world: over half the world’s particle physicists work here, and CERN provides a vital role in training young scientists.
It was at CERN that the first links between the East and West German scientific communities were forged, for example.
It outlines the strategic vision for official communications at CERN and is the product of many months of consultation with key stakeholders by the communications group.

While I enjoy it, there are times when it makes my head hurt and other times I just don’t have the mental energy for it.
And when you have no plan, no one can anyone hold you accountable for failing to implement or follow the plan. For instance, I thought for a long time that I had to maximize every area of communication instead of taking it one area at a time. Enter target audiences, training numbers, resource requirements and implementation dates, for specific IMS courses.
It sold off its phone lines in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont for $2.3 billion last year to Fairpoint Communications Inc.
We techies have been waiting ever since we first heard about direct fiber-optic to home internet. The three sides of the Brand Triangle define the parameters for the Brand Positioning Statement.
Constant interaction with your stakeholders is crucial to position your company successfully. It forms, together with the positioning statement that explains in one sentence exactly what CERN is and stands for, the foundation of the communications architecture shown in Figure 1. They can be the guiding principles for every professional conversation about CERN, whether in the form of speeches, presentations, the website, exhibitions, roadshows, or any other communications activity.
A notable success is the African School of Physics, which has spawned a physics education network on the continent.
It has been informed by independent research conducted by external partners, as well as a peer review process led by the InterAction collaboration. The solution is to find resources and people who can teach you about communications strategies – how-to guides, examples, webinars, books, conferences, coaches and consultants. Please consult the EMO Course Catalogue, for the most up-to-date list of available IMS Courses. Frontier, which specializes in rural and small-town phone services, will triple in size after the deal, according to the AP. CERN’s high school teachers and summer student programmes similarly reach people from around the world. Although the document has not yet been approved by the directorate, the spirit of the strategy guides the communications group's activities and I feel that it is important that others with whom we work have access to it.
Frontier will own 4.8 million residential and small business phone lines and 1 million broadband connections. Imagine what your communications will looks like when your organization’s vision is realized.

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