This course will appeal to people working in the non-governmental organisational sector and the private and public sectors, who are committed to empowering people to make positive changes in their own loves. You will be taught to become a reflective practitioner and asked to question and critically evaluate your professional role and create an environment where knowledge transfer and skills development is encouraged. Reflection is embedded in teaching in order to train practitioners who can make a really difference to the lives of children, young people and families in culturally diverse communities. You will develop your professional career in youth work and community as you specialise in this rewarding area. You will be given a choice of specialist modules that allow you to customise your degree to suit your career aspirations. You will learn a variety of industry approaches around mentoring, professional practice and distance learning materials.
Lectures, seminars and group-work provide opportunities for the exploration of concepts and theories in relation to practice.
There is a strong emphasis on coursework, which encourages you to reflect on your own experiences and that of the organisations within the sector. Appropriately, qualified and experienced lecturers of postgraduate study carry out the teaching on this programme. In addition you are likely to need to commit 20 hours a week of your own study time in preparation for teaching sessions and preparing for and completing assessment.
In addition you are likely to need to commit 10 hours a week of your own study time in preparation for teaching sessions and preparing for and completing assessment. The assessments are designed to provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate your strengths in a number of ways and so a variety of assessment methods are employed within the programme. Please note that the information provided above is indicative only and actual timetables and assessment regimes will be issued to students at induction.
Our teaching and assessment is underpinned by our Teaching, Learning and Assessment Strategy 2015-2020. A relevant undergraduate qualification or equivalent (applicants who have completed a PGCE Early Years could enter with 60 credits). UCB's Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Vocational Subjects (the PGLTVS contributes 60 credits to the final award). UCB's standard English language requirement for Postgraduate study will apply (IELTS 6.0 or equivalent). By being part of a group, you are able to reflect on the group work processes and dynamics taking place, including your own role.
Under the supervision of an appropriately-experienced tutor, you can choose an issue from within the sector to study in-depth to provide greater clarity on industry issues or forward organisational progress.
You will develop and extend your knowledge and ability of professional research, exploring the strategies of critical appraisal and methodology. By critically examining the historical and current roles played by professionals in relation to human rights, social justice and oppression, you will learn about key aspects of empowerment and development.
This module examines the key drivers in education and community change from social, political and historical perspectives. You will examine the mentoring and coaching issues faced by those who mentor others in the workplace, looking at the principles of coaching as well as specialist coaching. You will identify an opportunity to provide distance learning materials that will enhance learning and teaching within your area of industry.

You will undertake an extended piece of small-scale research that will make a significant different to your personal understanding of an industry-relevant issue. If you want to develop an understanding of leadership in working with children, young people and communities, then this module will help boost your professional development. At UCB, we understand the importance of work placements within academic study, and our employer contacts say they give preference to students with qualifications who also have experience within the field. Upon successful completion of this course, previous students have gone on to work in youth and community development, local neighbourhoods and working with groups who are most at risk of committing crimes.
Read what our current students and alumni love about UCB and how we helped them begin their career in industry. To register in person please use the registration sheet provided in the Triathlon brochure above.
Completed forms must be submitted before October 31st each year for the projects scheduled for the next calendar year.
All grant applications shall be directed to the Town of Deep River Recreation Program Coordinator on or before October 31st of each year to ensure they are considered within the Community Development Grant Program Intake. Completed applications for Community Project grants, Corporate grants, and Community Event grants (as defined by this policy) which are received by the October 31st application deadline will be forwarded to Council with a recommendation from staff for review and consideration. Grant assistance in any one year or over several years is not to be interpreted as a commitment to future year’s funding.
The term of a grant shall be for one year only unless Council has endorsed a multi-year commitment in the Community Project grant category. Grant recipients will be notified in writing of the grant amount approved following Council approval of the Town’s annual budget. This information must be submitted to the Recreation Program Coordinator no later than August 1st in each year. If your water is rust coloured please run your cold water taps only (suggested taps: bathtub or laundry tub) until water runs clear. This is a comprehensive two-day course offering first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) skills for those who need training due to work requirements or who want more knowledge to respond to emergencies at home.
Auqujog - this is a 7 week program running Tuesday eveings beginning May 10th to June 21st. Take Highway 17 east to Chalk River, turn left (at lights) on Plant Road and then left onto Baggs Road (just before AECL's outer gate). With our scenic location on the wooded banks of the Ottawa River and our proximity to many more inland pleasures, we combine an array of sports and outdoor adventures with a rich cultural mosaic and festive community calendar throughout all four seasons. Poster presentations and case study analysis will be used to help you understand the links between theory, operational practices and strategic considerations. Delivery will be through a range of methods including lectures, student led seminars and tutorials. You will work on your overall professional communication, relationship building and group work skills. You will have regular personal tutorials to help guide you to plan, research, review and validate your final results and conclusions. By using managerial research tools, theoretical perspectives and relative framework you will be able to evaluate the work of others and the principles and practices of ethics in research when considering children and young people. You will also explore the role of identity and culture in relation to development work, working with diversity and anti-discriminatory practice.

You will reflect on the history of policy development and explore the changes, considering the influence of history on recently policy developments. Different theories, concepts and models will be analysed and evaluated in relation to your own work as well as demonstrate your own professional skills within this area. By creating, trialling and evaluating these materials you will develop your creativity, problem-solving and time-management skills in order to perform effectively in a team environment. You will begin a learning journal to record your research and work closely with a tutor to develop this piece of research. You will examine the historical and current social policies in relation to provision and management of services within the industry and research initiatives to engage young people in education, training, work and society. The objective of this Municipal Community Grants Program is to treat all organizations fairly and consistently and to share available resources throughout the municipality. Residents in some areas of Town may experience a drop in water pressure and the water may be rusty or cloudy due to flushing of the distribution system. Tour the beautiful site, see a camper's cabin, make a craft in the McLaren Craft Centre, walk on the beautiful sand beach on the Ottawa River. Come on down to the Community Pool for one hour of swimming and then head upstairs for an hour of games, drinks and pizza. From beaches to mountains, Deep River embraces a spectacular tract of unspoiled, tree-lined valley scenery and back-to-nature activities that beckon visitors from around the world.
Create your own 72-hour emergency kit and you will have the necessary items to help you and your family until emergency responders can reach you. There will be class exercises, to facilitate deeper comprehension of analysis, which is required for postgraduate study. You will be encouraged to reflect on your work with individual and groups and children, young people, families, community groups and other colleagues and industry professionals.
Grants are intended to provide modest levels of support and assistance to community non-profit organizations. Due to popular demand an addition class is being offered on Thursday moring at the same time for $33.00.
Stay for a free BBQ hot dog lunch, drinks, skits and s'mores around the campfire by the famous Camp Lau-Ren Rock.
Camp Lau-Ren is a residential children's summer camp of the United Church of Canada and is accredited by the Ontario Camps Association. In addition there is an upstairs viewing gallery and medium sized meeting room appropriate for ballet and socials.
Three and six day co-ed camps are offered for young people aged 6 to 16 as well as ten day Leaders In Training Camp . Come see us at the Open House at 210 Lau-Ren Rd., Laurentian Hills, ON located 10 km West of Deep River just off Highway 17.

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