What teaching resources can you recommend to help seniors learn how to use computers, tablets and smartphone devices? There are lots of different technology teaching tools available to boomers and seniors today, but what's available to you will depend on where you live.
There are many communities that offer beginning computer and personal technology classes for older adults that are new to technology.
SeniorNet: This organization offers a variety of basic online computer courses as well as instructor-led workshops at 36 learning centers throughout the United States.
Lifelong Learning Institutes (LLIs): Usually affiliated with colleges and universities, LLIs offer a wide array of noncredit courses to retirees, and some may offer technology courses.

Older Adults Technology Services (OATS): If you live in New York City, OATS provides free tech training to seniors in 70 locations throughout the city. There are also a wide variety of books you can purchase that can help you learn how to use different types of technologies.
Some good ones to checkout include GCFLearnFree.org, which is supported by the Goodwill Community Foundation and is completely free to use.
At age 72, I am interested in joining the technology revolution so I can keep up with my kids and grandkids a little better, but I need help.
To find out what's available in your area, contact your local public library, senior center, college or university, or local stores that sell computers.

Your Area Agency on Aging may also be able to help you - call the Eldercare Locator at 800-677-1116 to get your local number.
They partner with local libraries, job help centers, senior centers and faith-based organizations where these classes are offered. If you can't find any local programs that meet your needs, here are some national resources that offer technology training in select locations.

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