Computer training courses online are available for just any reason, from certification courses for a variety of IT jobs to a computer course on how to repair computers. There are many benefits to starting your own business repairing computers and laptops, the main one being the increasing need for such services.
Some special computer courses will offer training not only in PC repair, but also repair of laptops as well.
The better computer training courses will also offer special instruction on how to start a computer repair business or how to make money of through utilization of course. NewsletterLet us help you make an easier decision in regards to your education and sign up to our monthly newsletter.
Our spacious and comfortable layout is the state-of-the-art computer classroom.  The lab comes complete with everything required to deliver professional hands-on computer training. Training event technical specifications, logistics, and technical support ensured in advance. Our knowledgeable and friendly Staff is happy to assist you in detailing your requirements and working with you to provide the best delivery of your specific training needs. Provide your training session computer workstation, server, and software needs, and our staff will have your rental classroom ready for your instructors and students. Auburn University offers instruction and practice in the latest versions of professional computer software applications.

Save money with group, multiple class registration, organizational and AU employee discounts. Online OptionsIf you can’t attend an instructor led course, we offer an extensive collection of online computer training courses. We can deliver customized professional computer training to fit the educational needs of your organization, delivered at your facility or ours. Save with Discounted PricingGroup, multiple class, organizational, and Auburn University employee discounts are available for classes. Reinforce Your Training with Free RetakesSpace permitting, course participants may attend the course again free of charge, in a 12 month period following initial course completion.
If you will be traveling to Auburn, the Auburn-Opelika Tourism Bureau webpage has lodging, dining, and other trip planning resources. For classes held on the Auburn University campus, parking passes, along with specific parking instructions, will be mailed to class registrants.
In today’s economy, many people are opting for the latter as a way to supplement their incomes or as a new career following a company downsizing. There are millions of computers in use in the USA and chances are each one of them will need some type of repair at one time or another. These courses will come with specialized videos covering all aspects of computer repair from the basics to the more complicated tasks.

This will be based on the many years of experience the authors have had running their own business and lead you away from the mistakes they learned the hard way. We'll send you news and updates that are sure to give you the edge when it comes to your career!
With our full time IT staff you are assured of proper set up, Internet access and dependability throughout the duration of the classroom instruction. Students are welcome to bring their own computers as long as it has the current course software preloaded. Discounted rates are available at The Hotel at Auburn University via the War Eagle Partners Program. Not everyone will want to ship their computer off to a faraway repair facility, so they will try to find someone locally to provide the service at an affordable rate. They should also offer a textbook that the student can refer to not only for their studies, but as a manual as they begin their business.

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