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Making a decision can be a daunting task, especially when the decision made affects a lot of people.
In order to make a full use of the upcoming ASEAN Open Market, it is good to know the objectives behind the initiative.
Peace education activities in Flores have historically been carried out by churches, as the majority of Flores communities are Catholic. One of the biggest networks focussing on conflict resolution in Flores is TRUK F (Voluntary Team for Humanity ? Flores), based in Maumere. Coordination with local NGOs is critical for the continuity and ongoing support and promotion for peace education in Flores. Consideration was taken to empower local people in managing their own peace education activities by providing a ?training for trainers? workshop in Bajawa and building up a network for peace workers. As previously mentioned, there is a potentially high conflict situation among religious groups in Flores, triggered by inter-religious conflicts on a national level. PBI?s assessment of the potential of conflict in Flores in February 2003 noted that there is a lack of dialogue between religious groups and therefore the possibility of inter-religious conflict emerging still remains. In November 2003, the court in Larantuka was burnt down by local people after a trial of a priest; Father Frans Amanue, who is also the chief Justice and Peace Commission of the Larantuka diocese. In Manggarai, since October 2003, the local government implemented a policy to acquire land and forest traditionally owned by local people. In relation to the local culture, the position of women is very weak and as a result there is a high frequency of domestic conflict and violence. Currently each kabupaten (local district) is considering the proposal to establish Flores as a new province. There is not much attention given by international communities to conflicts in Flores as they are considered to be on a much smaller scale compared with conflicts in Aceh, West Papua, Sulawesi or Maluku.
Strategies of the project: involving local NGOs and activists in the cooperation and in identifying local conflicts and needs, and in trainings for sustainable and ongoing peace building in local areas. Methods used in trainings: are focused on the participatory method of learning, using local examples, practice, feedback and reflection as the basis for all PBI trainings.
Approaches used in the trainings: the trainings aim at developing conflict resolution based on the participants? knowledge and experience (an elicitive approach ? from the Lederach model). Wider parts and further representatives of the community are expected to be involved in the workshops, such as: religious communities, ethnic groups, community leaders, community members, community groups, activists from local NGOs, youth groups and government officials.
Each workshop is held over 5 days where peace activities are encouraged through all sessions. The most unique approach introduced by PBI in their workshops consists of addressing and acknowledging the participants? feelings and emotions at the beginning and at the end of each day?s workshop (as ?check-ins? and ?check-outs?). Tanggal yang dimunculkan di bawah ini merupakan tanggal hari pertama penyelenggaraan training. These music artists have all been created into animated versions of themselves and they all play their own voices for the characters. Gravatars are little icons that appear next to your name and message in the comments section above.

Its consultants and training facilitators consist only of reputable experts and subject matter experts in numerous fields with rich experiences and proven track records come from serving various clients ranging from state-own enterprises, private sectors, government agencies, and non-profit organizations.
Since 1998 however, the demands for putting more attention on conflict reconciliation have become higher following the inter-religious conflicts in most parts of Indonesia (e.g. This network collaborates with its sub-teams in Larantuka and Ende in Flores, also in Kupang ? West Timor.
TRUK F acts as the contact organization that coordinates a number of peace education programs with PBI in Flores. Unfortunately there was no follow-up from the coordinating NGO to gather these participants for further discussions. ICG?s (the International Crisis Group?s) press release of October 10, 2002, entitled ?Flores: A Microcosm of Indonesia?s Problems? mentioned that the Maumere incident in July and August 2002 when shooting between military and police took place in the town can be considered as ?symptoms? for bigger conflicts in Indonesia.
Conflict between the government and the local community was highlighted in meetings with TRUK F and those with Muslim leaders. A very small number of women are in high positions in public offices and in the parliament (although there is no woman in the parliament in Bajawa).
This suggestion has resulted in ?open? competition between some districts to become the capital of the province. However, the mentioned ICG report on Flores noted that they need to be considered as violent actions in remote areas which get little attention, reflecting many of the difficulties which should be handled by Indonesia: How to control the centralized military power over local politics? They also include group work, role plays, active involvement, ?learning by doing?, inclusiveness of all groups (religions, ethnic, community groups) and gender balance both with respect to the number of participants in general and the ones involved in group activities. However, there is a need to teach some models of conflict analysis and to develop skills in mediation and negotiation which then combine the elicitive approach with a prescriptive approach.
The limited number of peace education workshops is a hindrance to providing opportunities for a broader involvement of the local community in peace education activities.
In some districts there is a resistance from local community leaders, as they are used to a prescriptive approach and find it hard to work together with ?ordinary? community members. However, the work is limited to conflict reconciliation, and not much work is done in peace education. Usually these topics are developed after consultations and need assessments with local NGOs. Workshops usually end with a reconciliation session where all participants and facilitators come together to acknowledge the importance of peace for the community and the world. Sometimes they also get addressed during the day, especially after role plays or other activities which may raise the participants? emotions.
You can learn to take advantage of your brain’s capability by following this infographic.
Java, Moluccus (Maluku), West Papua, Sulawesi, West Sumatra and East Nusa Tenggara, including West Timor and Flores).
Even though there are activities for peace in Flores, there is a lack of peace education activities for the local community. While TRUK F mainly works in three districts in Flores, other local NGOs are involved in the coordination of the workshops in other districts (there are six districts on Flores island), for example Yayasan Mitra Swadaya, a local NGO in Bajawa that is involved in negotiation and mediation work for conflicts. Some participants, however, have followed-up peace education activities related to their current work. Flores was forced to accept ex-East Timor military men since 1999 and in July and August 2002, there was a clash between the police and the military. Both the local and central governments are often perceived as being involved in widespread practices of corruption and often fail to address the needs of the local population. Amanue was accused of ruining the reputation of the District head (Bupati) by publicly announcing his violation of rights and corruption practices. Conflicts in Indonesia, such as in Aceh, West Papua, Poso, Moluccus and also in Flores, should be resolved within specific local politics and policies along with the reform of the centralized police force and military.
With a strong civil society it has been proven possible to counter provocative actions which may lead to bigger conflict. These two approaches have proven to work effectively (according to evaluations by participants). There is also the situation of some participants who never expect to be called upon to share their thoughts.

In the process, PBI?s Peace Education Sub-Committee holds some meetings to decide the content of the workshops. The split of East Timor from Indonesia which resulted in a high number of IDPs (Internally Displaced People) and former East Timor military forces in West Timor and other islands in East Nusa Tenggara have added to the tensions and have lead to potentially high conflict situations in these regions.
Since 2001, PBI (Peace Brigades International *) ? Jakarta, in collaboration with TRUK F has held nine peace education workshops in Flores involving a mixture of religious groups and other community groups. For example; there have been two further conflict resolution workshops for primary school community members (teachers, principals, superintendents and members of school committees) who work in the area and there have been internal discussions within religious groups held by Catholic and Protestant priest participants. In the same year, some Muslim people (from other islands nearby) arrived by boats and attacked a local community. Currently a high-profile case of conflict between the church and one of the local Bupatis (district heads) over land ownership and social justice is beginning to cause splits within a community.
Some efforts have been taken by local NGOs and other community groups to release the priest, but the court and military took the Bupati?s side. Cultural ceremonies where animals are publicly killed in extremely cruel ways are common practice.
There is also a typical approach used by PBI in addressing and acknowledging the participants? feelings and emotions when beginning and ending each day?s workshop. Local NGOs and networks started to get involved in negotiations and mediation with all religious groups as preventive strategies to the escalation of inter-religious conflicts in East Nusa Tenggara.
Nine workshops have been held in four districts (two trainings in Maumere, three trainings in Bajawa - Ngada, two trainings in Ende and two trainings in Larantuka). The most recent cases are local conflicts in Larantuka (East Flores) and Manggarai (West Flores).
The accumulation of local people?s disappointment about the injustice in East Flores erupted the day the priest was sentenced to prison for two months. The operation team, which consisted of military and civil police, also provoked local people in their actions, requesting money from the farmers and sexually harassing local women.
There is currently a request from Manggarai (another district in Flores) for a PBI-sponsored workshop. The tensions between religious groups were high, but there were no local inter-religious incidents afterwards. All too often oppressive bureaucracies tend to use their power and money with support from the military and police force in implementing their policies.
A mass movement spontaneously set fire to the court symbolizing their lack of trust in the court and the local government.
A network has been set up by local and national NGOs to advocate for the farmers and an investigation has been completed by the Office For Justice, Peace And Integrity Of Creation - Ordo Fratrum Minorum (JPIC - OFM) Ruteng Diocese and Pelayanan Advokasi Untuk Keadilan Dan Perdamaian Indonesia (PADMA Indonesia).
Verbal violence originating in the domestic sphere also influences the harshness within the community. While the awareness of human rights in other parts of the world is relatively high and has become a practical issue, greater effort is needed to socialize human rights and democratic practices in Flores and the wider Indonesian community and the various levels of government as a fundamental element in peace building activities. Those who have the power all too often abuse the implementation of policies promoting greater autonomy, currently being sought in Indonesia.
A lot of pressure was aimed at the Bupati but he continues to receive support from the police and military. Family conflicts are also emerging as a result of returning TKI (Indonesian guest workers) from Malaysia, as so often their positions in the community have been filled, and in some cases they or their partners have taken on new spouses. In early January 2004, a group of police entered a convent where some local activists usually gathered for discussions and forcefully dismissed the group. This has been further exasperated by the fact that the Catholic Church still doesn?t allow divorce.
There are also some conflicts among local communities over land ownership leading to ?war? among clans or ethnic groups to the point where people kill each other. This kind of conflict happens all over Flores all too frequently and is still a challenging issue to be overcome by both the local government and the local community.

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