To better understand how to deal with your disputes, one must identifying and develop the different conflict management styles. Collaboration – Coming together to find the best solution for both parties without necessarily giving in to either position. Compromise – Coming together to find a solution that is amicable to both parties, but entails giving into the other individual’s interests and position. Competitive – Putting your own interests above the other person and fighting for your position to win out in the dispute.
The chart above is showing how to interact with people with different conflict management styles other than your own.
One of the most significant reasons for employees leaving a job is ongoing conflict with a supervisor or with colleagues.  When factoring in the costs of finding a replacement and bringing the new person up to speed, such turnover can be expensive. While people usually think about cost savings first, the bigger benefits of effective conflict management come from improved creativity, enhanced decision quality, and superior implementation.  While these elements are harder to quantify, they are so fundamental to organizational success that they provide even larger benefits than just cost savings. When people are able to robustly debate issues, one idea can lead to another and generate new understandings that would otherwise have been missed.  Research has shown that improve creativity and innovation can be linked to effective us e of conflict at least in situations involve novel, non-routine issues.
When we recognize that someone else is preventing us from achieving our goals or preventing us from getting what we want, emotions often heat up and conflict becomes the inevitable result. Apparent threats or signs of disrespect may cause emotions to seethe. What happens when these emotions are suppressed? According to the authors of the Conflict Dynamics Profile, they don’t go away. Instead they fester and come out in ways that can negatively affect performance and relationships with co-workers. Unexpressed emotion can come out a number of ways. Instead of openly discussing the feelings of hurt or anger, the person wants to “get even”, or put the other down, or even yell at them. Learning how to express emotions in the workplace and become “the bigger person” takes practice and confidence. The rewards may just surprise you as you learn that, when done right, expressing of workplace emotions isn’t as scary as you thought.
These types of responses tend to escalate and prolong conflict because the emotions of the people who are the targets of these behaviors can easily become aroused and cause retaliatory reactions.  This can begin a retaliatory spiral where peoples’ negative emotions feed off those of one another. Recognize Early Signs – Learning more about how we physically respond to hot buttons can also be helpful.  Awareness of somatic cues like increased heart rate, queasiness, or muscle tension can alert one that anger is rising and it is time to start slowing things down lest one react in ways that escalate the conflict. While we may continue to experience anger in conflicts, it is possible to use techniques that prevent it from driving us to use destructive behaviors which cause the conflicts to get worse. In this program we will explore what is involved in developing the cognitive, emotional and behavior skills necessary to get the best out of conflict while minimizing the downsides.
The Center for Conflict Dynamics help a user teleconference on July 27th featuring Bill Rusak.
Most union workers look after the Internet operations and land line phone operations on the East Coast. This is surely not the first time that Verizon’s union has threatened to go on strike.

Verizon is also shifting its focus from land line operations to wireless operations, in an attempt to streamline revenues. Analysts opine that the strike seems inevitable as the company is unlikely to agree to the unions' demands based on the decline in its land line business. We are a tight-knit group of traders, analysts, news editors, designers, coders, and data engineers. Together with our partners, we are building the world’s most easy-to-use, comprehensive library of financial data and business information.
The trademarks, logos and service marks displayed on the website, including but not limited to the Bidness Etc logo, are marks or registered marks of Bidness Etc and others. I know for me personally, if someone offers me even a small correction in a condescending or angry tone of voice my ability to receive that information is minimal, and I react in-kind, and the situation escalates emotionally.
In keeping with one of my all-time favorite Eleanor Roosevelt quotes, “You must do the thing you think you cannot do”, I decided to face my fear head-on and dove headfirst into conflict management research.  This culminated in my masters’ thesis looking at artistic personalities and conflict management in creative environments. We MUST change the way we think about conflict!: How we think about conflict directly influences the way we approach it. Let us go forth and create, collaborate and celebrate the divergent ideas that increase our collective creativity!! Robin Havens-Parker is currently Director of Marketing of Mount Vernon Community Children’s Theater, Marketing Chair for The Little Theater of Alexandria, and a board member of the Alexandria Arts Forum, responsible for marketing and communications.  Her award-winning masters thesis focused on the many elements and solutions of an issue that faces many arts organizations like yours!
Robin’s workshop is fantastic – the subject matter is so relevant to EVERYBODY!
Spiritual ResourcesWe believe the artist's imagination and rich interior life are of great value. CommunityConvergence is a community of people who value creativity, spirituality, diversity and exploration. DevelopmentWe partner with people who are vibrant contributors to our community to provide holistic resources to foster healthy, imaginative, empowered people and artists. None of these styles are negative in any way; they each have their own merit and can be used in certain situations based on the significance of the relationship.
Another approach for regulating emotions involves reappraising the situation giving rise to anger.  By looking for ways to reframe the experience in a manner that assumes non-hostile intent on the part of the other person, the underlying tensions recede and emotional balance is regained.
The union, also known as International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), and the Communications Workers of America (CWA) provide workers to the company’s other segments as well. The union workers were on strike in 2011 for two weeks, and came back to work only upon successful negotiations. The company is trying to reach an agreement with the union however, it had also anticipated a call for strike.

The company announced job cuts in the land line business, and it intends to continue to downsize to maintain positive margins.
Furthermore, the company’s preparations to train its non-union employees highlight that it is preparing for the worse. With our diverse experience in equity markets and data schematics, we are merging design and powerful interface with rich cloud-based technology to develop industry-specific products and solutions.
I know for me personally, if someone offers me even a small correction in a condescending or angry tone of voice my ability to receive that information is minimal, and I react in-kind, and the situation escalates emotionally.  However, when approached in a kind and respectful manner, I feel valued in the exchange, I feel safe to share my views, and the foundation is set for an honest dialogue.
We believe that imagination, creativity, and the arts are spiritual matters and their cultivation is of benefit to the church, our local community, and our world.
We provide the resource of space at accessible cost in a nurturing environment within which artists and arts organizations can build and grow.
For example, if you care about the person you are in conflict with you will be more successful employing the styles of accommodation or collaboration.
Therefore the more important the situation and the stronger we feel about it, the more likely the conflict can turn destructive.
When you meet head-on with strong emotion and feel off balance, try taking a “time out” to let yourself cool down before talking further.
The union represents 40,000 workers, and is on the verge of a strike call, if new contracts are not finalized by Wednesday. The company has trained its non-union employees to take over operations, as part of a contingency plan. The company's wireless operations contributed just 20% to revenue in 2015, that went down by 37% compared to 2011.
Verizon’s operations might be affected if 40,000 workers go on strike as customer support services and land line repairs are mainly provided by these workers. Although, Verizon is preparing the non-union workers, it could still cause operational delays.
For example, if you care more about yourself and your interests over the relationship with the other person you are more likely to use the styles of avoidance or competing. This chart can be helpful when deciding which styles to use for certain disputes in your everyday life.

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