EMPOWER-U: A Three Tier System for 6-12 graders, is designed to Evaluate, Motivate and Pursue excellence in students. The training and guide is to provide an integrated set of child and family services during the day, which are aimed at stabilizing, developing, and improving the child’s mental health.
The purpose for this “Rehab Manual” is to provide Agency staff with sample information in implementing Rehab Day Treatment programs.
The contents of this manual should be considered dynamic and changeable in its guidelines as new implementations are tried and studied, and evaluated.
With the ever-increasing frequency and severity of school shootings and other forms of violence, it is time that we do something about it.
School Teachers, School Resource Officers, Faculty, Classroom Aides, Professors, Counselors, Mental Health Professionals, Probation Officers, and Parent of special need students—Everyone who works with children, adolescents and young adults NEEDS this training.
Keys’ has designed this training to combat the declining graduation rates, high dropout rates in our schools and the phenomena of the “School-to-Prison Pipeline” we are experiencing across the country.
This training target’s School Districts, Detention Facilities, Juvenile Facilities, sanction schools run by courts, Psychiatric Hospitals with school components, mental health providers delivering a behavioral piece to an ALE and more. This training focuses on Understanding behavior, Determining it’s function in a student, Identifying Replacement behaviors, Looking for possible Interventions and Crafting a Positive Behavioral Plan to Extinguish the Inappropriate Behaviors and ways to measure the progress.
This Training “Disaster, Crisis Intervention Response Counseling: Ages 6-12” will examine the unique concerns and techniques for providing Emotional Urgent Care to children ages six through twelve. This Training “Disaster, Crisis Intervention Response Counseling: Ages 13-18” will examine the unique concerns and techniques for providing Emotional Urgent Care to teens ages 13 through 18. The University Resident Assistance Training is often the most important   representative of the university in the life of a campus resident.   Universities have always provided quality training to the RA’s in working with   the day-to-day issues that affect their hall members.
Part 2:  It is designed to train staff about Bio-Chemical Terrorist Attacks and it is an interactive workshop to write your Bio-Chemical Terrorist Attack Contingency Plan using a Internationally Used Template.
This program provides a means of reporting  crime, violence, or  threats of violence while maintaining anonymity. With the ever-increasing frequency and severity of mass shootings and other forms of violence, it is time that we do something about it.
Development of an Evaluation Program for Grants Evaluating Program Effectiveness by Goal Attainment Scaling–A Quantitative Method for Evaluating Attainment of Multiple Goals.
This training is presented with today’s schools and students in mind; however, it applies to anyone who routinely finds himself or herself in conflict with another person.
This FREE* featured On-line Training will provide needed information about MS-13.   This online, web-based, webinar training will quickly educate you in the  Most Dangerous Gang in the United States. Displacement Due to Disaster will equip those who attend with the knowledge and skills needed to meet this unique challenge. This is training course will equip you with the basic procedures to safely conducting a Passive Search and Identify Skills of explosives and bombs.
Conflict resolution tips for teams As a change leader it is helpful to have a basic framework for resolving conflicts within work place teams. Conflict of opinions is inevitable and healthy and necessary to the overall effectiveness and productivity of the team. Conflict resolution tips for dealing with toxic bosses "Call it what you want - poor interpersonal skills, unfortunate office practices - but some people, by sheer shameful force of their personalities make working for them rotten." Gillian Flynn I have twice in my career had the terrible misfortune of working for what can best be described as a toxic boss. Conflict resolution tips - silos, politics, and turf wars The negative aspect of organisational politics occurs when individuals drive their own personal agendas and priorities at the expense of the wider corporate agenda.
Conflict coaching is training-for-one; a way to better understand conflict and how to effectively manage it. We are dedicated to providing conflict coaching services to individuals and organizations, training all levels of conflict coaches, and integrating coaching with other dispute resolution and human development interventions. Serious conflicts can cost organizations serious money and disrupt the organizational and client climate.

There is no stopping conflict but its downside can be minimized and its upside can be maximized. Conflict Coaching Matters, LLC has decades of experience serving government, higher education, and private sector organizations. The information was presented in an easily digested manner yet was strongly grounded in conflict theory. The Conflict Coaching training provided by CCM is one of the best trainings I've attended in conflict or any other subject.
Our expert roster of CCM Certified Conflict Coaches can provide you with the highest quality conflict coaching services.
CCM provides Basic Conflict Coaching Training and a series of Advanced Conflict Coaching Trainings in conventional and online, interactive formats. As conflict experts, CCM principals provide a variety of organizational communication and conflict management training to help develop constructive conflict cultures, address persistent group conflict issues, and enhance leadership development in your organization. We specialize in working with you to design more effect alternative dispute resolution systems for your organization a€“ and of course, integrating conflict coaching components into the optimal dispute system design. Conflict Coaching Matters, LLC trainers and educators are communication and conflict scholars and have over thirty years of experience in the teaching and research of communication and conflict processes.
Martin Remland, CCM Partner, is one of the world's leading authorities on nonverbal communication. Tricia Jones and Martin Remland wrote Interpersonal Communication through the Lifespan (Pearson, 2008). At the end of this Conflict Resolution Skills Course, you will develop an action plan to implement and grow your new skills & understanding to achieve better outcomes in the workplace and in life. These therapeutic services are designed to prevent placement in more restrictive and costly settings such as inpatient hospitalization or residential treatment centers.
Based upon International Level research by the Department of Education, Office of Juvenile Justice, the FBI, the Secret Service and others.  Keys’ has developed a most unique approach to the detection and prevention of School Violence. You will learn about the role of a Crisis Intervention Response clinician working with school staff in elementary and middle schools. You will learn about the role of a Crisis Intervention Response clinician working with school staff in middle schools and high schools.
Lacking the skills and resources to cope with this pain, they view suicide as the only reasonable solution to ending their suffering.
The Nationally utilized System and the Multi-Hazard Plans produced by Keys has been reviewed by state officials and meet needed standards. There is only one adult on board and his or her primary mission is the safe mechanical operation of the vehicle on congested or lonely roads. This training targets – administrators, bosses, Human Resource Directors, Crisis Workers, teachers, school officials, SRO’s, Bus Drivers, Counselors and other business and youth workers who are in the position of receiving displaced Individuals. Through attending this training you will build confidence in your ability to react, respond and properly handle a Bomb Threat.
Toxic because they thrived on conflict and it was a hallmark of their dysfunctional style of leadership. This is someone who has responsibility over a group of people or an organisation, and who abuses the leader-follower relationship and who leaves the group or organization in a poorer condition after they have left. Our coaches and trainers enjoy developing and applying new ways of succeeding through conflict coaching. As communication and conflict scholars and practitioners we know how to help you improve both. MBA programs, leadership development training, and leadership academies emphasize how critical it is for leaders to manage conflict effectively for themselves and others.
Conflict coaching can break the "revolving door" of problem employees by building skills and understandings that prevent them from repeating the same destructive patterns.

In a complex service economy where innovation, diversity, teamwork, and speed matter, managing conflict effectively really is a basic business practice. Jones, CEO of Conflict Coaching Matters, LLC literally wrote the book on Conflict Coaching. They offer two excellent series on communication a€“ Nonverbal Communication and Interpersonal Communication. His book, Nonverbal Communication in Everyday Life (4th Edition, Sage, 2015), is the basis of this fascinating series on nonverbal communication.
This series is based on critical communication skills related to success in interpersonal communication.
EMPOWER-U ‘ three-tiered support model allows educators to identify the behavioral needs of all students, match the level of support to the severity of their behavior problems, and then assess the students’ response to instruction and intervention.
Day treatment is also ideal for children who are discharged from more intensive levels of care such as inpatient or residential care.
Just as important is his or her secondary mission of managing the students, their parents and unexpected incidents along the route. This training will enable administrators, principals, counselors, program managers and evaluators to simultaneously rate the effectiveness of a program (like; (PBIS) Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports ) by generating rating system. This is a serious and important point, as there will always be people who will resist change to the death. The tendency is to expend a lot of energy trying to get them on side. Conflict coaching is a growing area of competence that highly promotable leaders are expected to master. Conflict Coaching Matters, LLC has helped federal and state agencies, universities and colleges, professional associations, and private corporations develop and use conflict coaching in their organizations. While others may give "pop psychology" rehashes of "body language," you have the opportunity to learn the most up-to-date research-based information about how nonverbal communication affects relationships.
It offers transitional support, which can significantly reduce occurrences of re-hospitalization. This training will address the concept of Emotional Urgent Care Triage for children ages six through twelve.
This training will address the concept of Emotional Urgent Care Triage for teens ages 13 through 18.
This one-of-a-kind training is designed to equip the driver with skills to handle this secondary mission. Scores from this system will provide a measure of the overall effectiveness of the program. CCM also provides conflict management training, collaborative leadership training and dispute system design. All of our services - coaching, training, and consulting - are straightforward and results-focused.
You will learn how to complete the eight steps of triage for school-age children and how they relate to childhood developmental stages. You will learn how to complete the eight steps of triage for school-age teens and how they relate to adolescent developmental stages. The K-RTM help staff, students and possible parents gain emotional control by offering them coping mechanisms and support groups, possibly including some stress management techniques.

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