This Contract Management Course could present you with much practical information on how to prepare contract documentation, deal with site personnel, and navigate complex issues such as delays and extensions of time claims. Yes, this contract management course will give you loads of practical information about preparing contract documents and managing your contractors.This thorough training will equip project managers, site engineers and principal agents to expertly manage and administer their contracts.
Through presentations, group discussions and practical exercises, the delegates are led through the discovery of how to best manage your contracts, under the guidance of an expert contract manager.

Early bird discount: A 10% discount is given if payment is made by the end of the month before the course start date (when this is more than 6 business days, otherwise the end of the month prior to this). Our experts then talk about total float and the logic that ties activities together. They show participants how to break down a project into activities and tie those activities together using logic.

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