Drawing is my primary means of enquiry and my work explores the cultural and artistic life within East Africa, focusing in particular on Lamu Island off the north Kenya coast. 2015 - Eagle Gallery, London2011 - Buckinghamshire County Museum UK2009 - RaMoMA Museum of Modern Art, Nairobi, Kenya2007 - Eagle Gallery, London. Angela Wambui Muiruri from Kenya: This dish does not require forks or knives so break off a piece of ugali and a scoop of sukuma wiki with each bite! Five-Year Aspirational Plan: In 5 years I see myself establishing and running a successful East African based advertising Agency. Platform: "My Africa is Beautiful" is a campaign that seeks to overcome the image of hopelessness in a 21st century Africa by providing empowerment through access to educational opportunities, leadership and economic development for youth in Kenya's Individual Displaced Person (IDP) Camps. UGPulse: Oprah emotionally calling it quits- marketing strategy or reading too much into it. Oprah's recent announcement to bring her 25 year reign as the Queen of talk show TV to an end has created a lot of buzz in the media.
One thing Oprah said about her decision to bring her show to a close was, "This show has been my life.
UGPulse: If Miss Africa USA had a cooking segment, what would you cook to represent your country and walk through the process of cooking involved preparing your chosen dish. Ugali is prepared by mixing maize flour with boiling water to form a pasty semi-firm mixture. UGPulse: The current Miss Africa USA, 2008 Miss South Africa Nyasha Zimucha, has elevated the pageant to a whole new level. As Miss Africa USA 2010, I would continue building upon the contributions that Nyasha has made to this organization, while adding emphasis to developing the future leaders of Africa. While Facebook has become integrated into our modern forms of communication, there is a growing concern for a new trend coined as Facebook Addiction Disorder (FAD). I dream Art, I live Art, in its various forms; applied and visual, so asides from writing and singing as my talents, I act, draw and I can dance.
Apart from modeling, I am in fact a brilliant dancer, I do contemporary, naija flavor and hip hop, which is my personal favorite.
I have sang in the choir ever since I could speak with ease and I led the children choir between the ages of 9-13.
I am part of the Student Government, the National honor society, the international students’ organization and I’m the activities director of the French club in my college. UKBuckinghamshire County Museum, UKThe Wingate Foundation, UKFitch and Co, UKNational Grid.

Regardless of whether or not it is a marketing strategy, Oprah is one of the most influential female leaders of our lifetime! And I love it enough to know when its time to say goodbye." Oprah knows her audience and I respect the fact that she knows when its time to make her graceful transition to move forward.
The key to making good ugali is constantly stirring the maize flour to avoid having lumps of unmixed cornmeal form. The one thing that I love most about the Miss Africa USA Scholarship Pageant is that it makes the African woman of the 21st Century visible. Even though this is still not an official diagnosis researchers say that there are increasing reports of individuals that are show signs of internet addiction, specifically as it relates to Facebook. Founder, Clean Water for Uganda project, Founder and CEO of 180 Doors INC, Spokesperson for the Uganda North American Association (UNAA).
The impact I will have made in my community is personally mentoring and motivating youth to become dynamic leaders by pursuing higher education and achieving college success! Ugali is made out of maize flour (cornmeal) and served with a side dish of either meat stew or vegetables.
Once the ugali becomes semi-firm lower the heat, take a plate and cover it to cook for about 20-30 minutes. What would you bring to the pageant at the get-go, if you were to win Miss Africa USA 2010?
I think it is so important to have visible leaders for our community and especially for the youth.
Like most activities, I believe that moderation and integration is the key to preventing addiction. My printmaking is therefore influenced by the culture and natural history of the Island.Pattern making is central to my imagery and I prefer to work on an intimate scale, small objects such as insects, shells, small plants and seedpods can be drawn life size. When I think of Oprah she is an extraordinary example of someone who is not only successful, but significant! One program that I would bring to the pageant is a big sister little sister program to link our youth with African women in the Diaspora that share the same passion and vision to develop the future of our generation. By making the choice to utilize social networking sites responsibly as constructive tools Facebook can be an asset, rather than a distraction or addiction. Her world wide audience admires who she is, the quality programming that she had provided for so many years and the major contributions that she has made to society especially as a philanthropic humanitarian. Sukuma wiki is a leafy green (similar to collard greens) and is very popular in East African dishes.

The concept of "each one, teach one", making it our personal obligation to teach our youth how to be leaders and develop their natural strengths and talents. Almost everyone has a Facebook these days…The other day I found out that my great Aunt Sophia who lives all the way in the Shags of Kenya, has a Facebook account! Sautee the greens with onions and Machuzi Mix (a common everyday spice used in most Kenyan households) let it cook for bit and finally add tomatoes as it finishes cooking. We must teach our young brothers and sisters the importance of embracing the best of both worlds, by investing in our youth now and planting the seed of change for a better Africa!
Now great Aunt Sophia has a Facebook, it just makes me realize the power of social networking and the way it has changed the way we interact. Check to see if the ugali is ready, once it's complete cover the pot with a plate and flip it upside down so the ugali can form its shape. Facebook has become the one stop hub for updates on current events, the ability to upload pictures makes your feel like you never miss a beat with what's going on in your friends and families lives. It is very common, affordable, quick to make and tasty to eat with any side dish of your choice and a food that is universal to all people of Kenya regardless of ethnic background or class. The ability to communicate and stay connected whether you are in the big city of New York or on the outskirts of Nairobi reflects the beauty of technology. In order to accommodate rising traffic needs, the government sought the AfDB’s assistance to finance the construction of additional lanes and the removal of at-grade intersections at several locations to be replaced by interchanges.
More importantly, it serves commuters who travel daily to work in secondary and tertiary sectors within Nairobi city’s Central Business District (CBD). With a secondary school enrolment rate of over 60 per cent, at least 12,000 students benefit from the road. In addition, two public universities are established along the road, Kenyatta University and Jomo Kenyatta University of Agricultural Technology (JKUAT).
Between these two universities are approximately 12,000 students who attend part-time programs (49 per cent of whom are women) and who will greatly benefit from an efficient transportation system.

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