It is one of the basic functions of management in any organization and its importance can hardly be overemphasized.
We at RANK COMMUNICATIONS SERVICES (RANKCOMM) pride ourselves in being able to hone the existing skills of professionals, and guide them in their efforts to think, organise, and convey their corporate communication in a competent manner. This will enable them to compete in today's 24x7 instant world, which constantly demands more, better, quicker service options.
We at Rank Communications Services understand that your workforce is your biggest investment or resource.
Through our specialized & complete training programmes we can assist in the realisation of this investment.
The ability to communicate effectively is an art that can be used in many areas of your life, from employment and education to parenting and relationships. It is becoming increasingly important to be cross-culturally savvy by learning about obvious social-cultural subtleties and differences, paying attention to current changes in various societies, being sensitive to unspoken or unwritten needs of the client, and promoting goodwill through use of high standards and professional communication.
Our courses in cross-cultural awareness are undertaken by faculty who have lived in many countries worldwide. Etiquette is a set of social skills that opens up a wider, brighter world.We aim to train people to socially competent in a business environment. Instilling a work ethic which involves teamwork at all levels and across levels, however, is a challenge faced by most corporates today.
Our outbound training courses are based on principles used most effectively in the corporate world as well as borrowed from the military, and they incorporate a variety of practices ranging from simple team-building exercises to intricate simulations and multi-day training retreats.
Our highly skilled team of trainers has combined experience of 35 years in this field of training. RANKCOMM also has the advantage of having an in-house travel consultant who facilitates the travel and logistics part of the program, offering clients all manner of travel arrangements, locations and other added services. Being in the corporate training arena and having on board highly trained and experienced human resource consultants, RANKCOMM is well-placed to meet our clients' manpower needs. RANKCOMM also provides effective business solutions ranging from organizational change management assistance, development of coaching skills, technology implementation, strategy development, and operational improvement services helping clients improve their performance primarily through the analysis of existing business problems and development of plans for improvement.
Because of our exposure to and relationships with numerous organizations, RANKCOMM is aware of industry "best practices", ensuring that our clients obtain the best possible recommendations for their specific needs.
We also are well-placed to address other ancillary aspects of your relocation such as the actual move, the identifying and setting up of a home, and settling in of the person or persons involved, including cultural and social orientation. As Communications consultants, we at RANKCOMM are very passionate about ensuring that our clients have the best use all their resources in order to ensure that they achieve the maximum audience for their products and services.
For this reason, we offer our clients unique services relating to web design, as well as specialist advice on the design, use and protection of logos and trademarks, and related concepts. THE WINGED CAP or 'PETASUS' is one of the symbols of HERMES, who is known as the 'Herald of the Gods', the Greek God of wisdom and eloquence. Hermes came to be regarded as the God of language, alongside Mnemosyne (the goddess of memory a€“ from whose name the word "MNEMONICS" is derived). In addition, Hermes was the said to have instructed mankind in the language of many tongues. As well as writing, he presided over eloquence and persuasion, skills employed by those under his patronage. That the announcement of Patricia Barbizet as the new CEO of Christie’s was treated as a surprise shows how far the business world still has to go. Mario Greco returns to Zurich with a phenomenal reputation, having saved Generali in his time away from the firm. Annika Falkengren, CEO of Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken, saw her bank emerge successfully from the 2008 financial crisis. More than two decades on from the civil war that tore the country apart, Bosnia-Herzegovina is still a divided nation in many senses. The BEPS project has done a great deal to shine a light on the risks associated with tax loopholes. Earning the accolade of Master Sommelier and winning the right to wear the coveted red pin is no easy task.

Analogue formats were once thought dead, replaced by physical digital storage mechanisms that have themselves been usurped by online streaming services.
Social media isn’t just an online space for posting holiday snaps, pseudo-philosophical opinions or pictures of cats. Corporate Insight carried out a study of 90 firms in the financial services industry called Social Media Leaders.
Corporate Insight conducted a survey of 14 insurance firms in 2012 and found that their social media activities were also expanding significantly. Global management consultancy Accenture found that over half of US financial advisors are now using social media to interact with clients. The survey revealed that 74 percent of financial advisors subscribed to the belief that social media was responsible for increasing their assets.
It was also revealed that 50 percent of advisors “claim to have successfully used social media to convert prospects into clients”.
Kevin Kabat, Fifth Third Bancorp (FITB) CEO, argues that banks are becoming increasingly transparent and honest as a result of the open nature of social media. New York-based Chase has also built a command centre for its 12-person Twitter team and Wells Fargo is planning to build two ‘social reputation command centres’.
Marketers need to spend time on developing an online persona for their company that a client will feel comfortable doing business with.
According to Hubspot’s report, 101 Companies Rocking It On Social Media, some companies that are successfully engaging with their online audience include Vanguard, Paypal and Visa, all financial services companies. American Express stands out as a financial services business that has been able to utilise social media tools effectively to promote brand awareness. Following widespread public criticism and growing mistrust, the financial sector is beginning to invest heavily in social media marketing, customer service and analytics. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. It is a process of transmitting information, ideas, thoughts, opinions and plans between various parts of an organization, and between the organisation and its clients or associates. Most organizations are recognizing the need to build communication into their business plans, instead of approaching it as a separate activity, or worse yet, as an afterthought. In such a setting, a crisp, competent rendering of thoughts, messages and ideas is more than just a preferred option. An effective communicator takes into account the audience or listener receiving the message and communicates accordingly.
He was said to have been the inventor of writing, which in ancient Greece was first employed in the missives carried by heralds and the stock-taking of merchants and property owners. His role was similar to that of the Tower of Babel in Judaic mythology, namely the division of nations through diverse language.
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Since the use of online social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have become widespread, businesses have had to incorporate these communication channels into their marketing mix or get left behind. Its findings were published in a report called How Tech-Savvy Advisors Regain Gen D Investor Trust, in which 400 US-based financial advisors were surveyed. MasterCard has developed the Conversation Suite, a social media command centre built in collaboration with communication firm Prime Research.
Although clients may be in a corporate profession, their activity on social media will often be approached more informally.
Just like in everyday life, people respond most to others who are perceptibly and consistently real.
Authenticity, in the long run, can’t be manufactured or faked.” Marketers need to spend time on developing an online persona for their company that a client will feel comfortable doing business with. The first American Express online community was launched in 2006 – the same year as Facebook and Twitter.

The Amex Unstaged music sessions on YouTube and Vevo feature performances by famous musicians and the American Express OPEN Forum allows entrepreneurs to exchange business advice.
This can be observed with the various state-of-the-art social media command centres being built. We’d like to share what we’ve learned so that you can mitigate and prevent these situations from interfering with your business. It has become an important tool to increase brand awareness, to promote products or services, to educate, entertain, recruit and collect data about current and prospective clients. It examined these companies’ Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and blogs and found that 92 percent of the firms that are engaging with customers through social media are doing so on Twitter and a comparatively smaller 88 percent are active on Facebook. Generation D are generally described as those who have grown up with and are comfortable with using modern technology, computers and social media.
The report revealed that 67 percent of financial advisors believed they had a personal relationship with clients, whereas 38 percent of clients believed they had a personal relationship with the advisor.
The data generated from conversations on social media platforms is an invaluable marketing tool.
Writing on the marketing news site Click Z, John Lee explains that “users don’t approach corporate content solely as corporate people”. As user engagement is so important, the language used and content that is posted needs to be tailored to connect with the followers in a casual, almost non-corporate way. For very large, corporate financial enterprises their activities are informal and rich in visually attractive and entertaining content.
As a result it was years ahead of the game as many financial service companies only started using the internet in this way once platforms like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn became established communication platforms.
Although there are compliance and privacy issues with the use of social media for financial and consultancy services, it is undeniably wise to be investing in social media strategies. It involves regular practice, well-defined goals, tracking progress and modifying behaviour. Accenture describes Gen-D, or ‘millennials’ as an “important emerging market for financial services firms”. Big data analytics platforms like ForeSight from Crimson Hexagon allow in-depth quantitative analysis of the endless steams of data generated from social media platforms each day.
As a result, they are able to draw and maintain a large audience, essentially, current and prospective clients. The innovative marketing and analytics methods being adopted by companies like MasterCard and American Express are an indication of the possibilities that social media creates to market goods and services to a wider audience. Software like this allows a company to find out how many people have mentioned their brand and how many times, whether they are male or female and where in the world it was mentioned, retrospectively and in real time. Companies that are interacting with their followers online by responding to complaints and encouraging conversation are more likely to build relationships and ultimately, build trust in the brand. Social networks provide real-time feedback about goods or services that could never be achieved with traditional offline marketing methods. It's about the mastery of simple guidelines and effective tools that will carry anyone through any situation with confidence, class and style, helping them to make the best possible impression, whether it be with their own colleagues or their most important clients. Through the use of a combination of effective management, and breathing and meditation techniques, we at RANKCOMM help personnel across all levels overcome the barrier of lack of motivation to their prescribed jobs, or even be motivated enough to effectively motivate others. Around 49 percent of advisors thought that financial service firms were not using social media to its full potential and that clients would be lost to firms that have clear and effective social media strategies. However, companies that are using social media channels to offer something different are also winning the online war for consumer attention.

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