This extensive training program provides 11 sessions to train and develop leaders for current and future leadership challenges. We conduct quality evaluations after each training day to ensure your complete satisfaction.
When leading organizations like Microsoft, HDFC Bank, Apollo Pharma, Godrej, Reliance, Aditya Birla, Bajaj, BBC, need Corporate Training, Fire walk & Leadership Training they call upon Best-Selling Author Mitesh Khatri. Corporate Leaders across the world are attending and experiencing great benefits from Mitesh Khatri’s unique leadership training.
What was impressive was Mitesh’s ability to engage the audience, keep a very high level of engagement, while not loosing sight of the objectives of the session…’Creating effective change leaders’.
Mitesh & Indu, excellent experiential learning very closely related to everyday experiences.
Many people who attended the workshop, thanked for giving them an opportunity to look at things differently to understand what is must and what is should! It’s a new way of looking at the whole concept of training, very innovative, the experience has been excellent. I can see that the team is far better connected now and the training gave lot of tools which we could actually practice.
Mitesh Khatri is the co-founder of Guiding Light Consultants, an international Corporate Training Organization from India with a Mission to help Organizations transform their employees to Lead like Entrepreneurs. Leadership book ‘Awaken The Leader In You’ is a road map for those who want to become successful leaders in their professional and personal life both.
The Law of Attraction is the power key to unlock your destiny, to consciously Attract More of What You Want and Less of What you Don’t Want.
Apr 10, 2016 We all experience conflicts in our day to day life but many don'y people know how to manage conflicts effectively.
Aug 31, 2015 Hi, My name is Mitesh Khatri, welcome to my Blog, in this week I will share with you a powerful strategy to achieve your Goals and master your life. Behavior Style 360 Degree Matrix – Learn about various leadership styles and how to successfully interact with individual types. Optimal Time Management – Practicing basic time saving and organizational techniques relieves stress and boosts productivity. CAP Feedback Module – Perhaps the most critical skill to understand systemize and master within an organization is giving and receiving feedback.

Authentic Leadership – Building leadership skills is one way to ensure continued growth and success within your workforce and organization. FullTilt Cardboard Boat Build – Unbelievable project management simulation featuring teams building boats out of only cardboard and packing tape. Eagle Glider Construction Challenge – Watch your people test their soaring glider creations in the business simulation featuring solid marketing and customer service lessons. Outstanding Performance Art Program – A great group activity featuring lively music, colorful paint, and best of all, afinal product worthy of the office kitchen wall (or reception area).
Ninja Sales Quest – Sales training needs to be dynamic and full throttle, which is why this program works. British Columbia boasts a large number of terrific places to hold events for your organizations. Some of the most memorable events are conducted in beautiful parks and open places like the ones offered by Beautiful British Columbia. Outdoor Leadership Training Seminars is an equal opportunity service employer and provider. This program is high-impact training, and each module is highly interactive with an emphasis on discussion and real-world applications. With more 2,00,000 people trained in over 200 organizations internationally Mitesh is one of the most trusted Corporate Trainer in the industry.
Companies have reported Extremely High Energy and Extraordinary Goals Achieved by their employees after Mitesh’s Fire walk training. Leadership trainer, Mitesh Khatri is famous for his expertise to create Transformation in only couple of hour long training. Indu has more than 15 years of experience in the IT Industry. Since then Indu has helped GLC to grow at a 100% growth ratio every year with her extraordinary leadership qualities and business sense.
Replete with inspiring leadership stories, exercises and simple-to-apply strategies, this is a step-by-step guide for the spiritual individual to develop the entrepreneur mindset and become a leader in his professional as well as personal life. This book teaches you how to use the hidden energy within you to alter your life circumstances to create abundance of happiness and success. Once you read this book, there is no turning back. You keep saying this to yourself but find it difficult to take your own advise and stop worrying?

This is my first post in 2016 and I am starting this year with declaring My Personal Goals for 2016 to you, to the whole world here on my website. British Columbia offers amazing urban environments and some of the best possible outdoor landscapes for training events.
The 2010 Winter Olympics was a resounding success and thrust the province of British Columbia into the consciousness of the globe.
The programs below are designed to be delivered by themselves, or to complement any of the Corporate Explorer Training Team Building programs. Incorporating a special outdoor venue is one way to create a benchmark experience for your people. Some Outdoor Leadership Training Seminars courses operate under a special use permit from the USDA Forest Service, San Carlos Ranger District. Contact an account manager today to determine which sessions are appropriate to meet the needs of your organization.
You can expect 100% Guaranteed Results and highly charged employees after this Motivation training.  Call us now for Fire walk and Motivation Training!
I have been in the same situation many times and realized that I needed some help in how to stop worrying. Most of population is in the lower part of the province, but the northern areas represent a unique opportunity to explore and expand.
With recreational gems like Squamish, Whistler and Banff, British Columbia makes a perfect place for Leadership Programs of all kinds.
They are high energy, activity-based, engaging programs containing lessons that teach top level tools and techniques to improve performance.
Here is a selection of parks that make excellent places to conduct Corporate Explorer Training programs.

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