Did you know the types of insights marketers and salespeople feel are most effective are exactly the opposite of the insights they believe their companies are delivering in their marketing and sales content? By Eric Nitschke, Director of Product Marketing and Sales Enablement, Corporate Visions Baseball season is upon us—it’s an exciting time in my household, but it also comes with discouragement since this doesn’t seem to be “the year” for my team. By Conrad Smith, VP Consulting Services, Corporate Visions Have you ever sold the big deal that eventually became the big customer and is now your company’s top account? By Tim Riesterer, chief strategy officer, Corporate Visions Many companies rely on asking salespeople what training they think they most need and want when planning their skills training program.
By Eric Nitschke, Senior Content Strategist, Corporate Visions The “Law of Unintended Consequences” often rears its ugly head when our best plans result in side effects we never anticipated…and often really didn’t want.
By Rob Perrilleon, VP Consulting, Corporate Visions Have you ever played the game Pictionary? By Cheryl Geoffrion, VP of Consulting Services, Corporate Visions Who doesn’t love a good underdog story? When companies dedicate serious budget to skills training, sales leaders seriously expect to see high adoption, behavior changes and revenue impact. You know sellers have to bring more than product expertise and good rapport to the conversation if you want to articulate why you’re different and better, or in other words, sell value. Your customer conversations are defined by three “moments of truth”—three distinct but adjacent sales dialogues that reps need to master to win more profitable deals. If you train salespeople, you know all about the ambivalent feeling that sets in after an event.
United Rentals has dramatically changed the selling culture in the company, and the shift is yielding some exceptional results. CenturyLink may have endured a lean year or two in the first half of the decade, but now they’re back and thriving on the strength of a new identity as a differentiated IT solutions provider. Paul George of Corporate Visions kicked off the Three Value Conversations in Action track with Thomson Reuters’ Matt Etzell and Laurel Ley.
Leslie Talbot, VP of Content at Corporate Visions, opened the Demand Generation track at Conversations That Win, leading a session on the value of implementing a marketing methodology. What better way to kick off a marketing and sales conference than with a workshop on one of the more misunderstood buzzwords of recent years?
By Melissa Hereford, VP of product marketing and sales enablement, Corporate Visions Casinos: You either love ‘em or hate ‘em. By Tim Riesterer, chief strategy and marketing officer, Corporate Visions, and Chanin Ballance, president and CEO, MobilePaks It happens all too often: Salespeople leave a training session energized and motivated like never before to apply their new skills in the field. Much has been made of the salesperson going the way of the pager, the payphone and the Palm Pilot. In the investment world, Peter Lynch is renowned for turning a once-obscure $18 million mutual fund into a $14 billion juggernaut in just 13 years. To defeat the status quo, think like a storyteller, not just a salesperson At the most conservative estimate, we humans have been telling stories for thousands of years.
What if we told you that persona-based approach to messaging is potentially hurting your cause rather than helping it?
Aren’t you sick of all the internet lists.” Everywhere online you see a promotion for …the top five this, the ten best that, the three big those…and so on. In a recent TED talk, Susan Colantuono, CEO of Leading Women, proposed a striking theory that, according to her, partially explains the “gender gap” in high-level management positions in the corporate world. Making sure your leads cross the conversion gap In 1897, a London newspaperman accidentally confused Mark Twain for the author’s seriously ill cousin, giving rise to false speculation that Twain had one foot in the grave.
Pre-order the book now Following the success of Conversations That Win The Complex Sale, thought leaders from Corporate Visions are again teaming up with publishing giant McGraw-Hill for another status-quo busting book.
This week, many of you will be taking time to reflect upon and give thanks for the abundance of love, health, family and friends with which you’ve been blessed this year, and reaffirming your gratitude for the food and family surrounding you. Recall any Holiday gatherings, while growing up, when you were assigned a seat at the kids’ table? Imagine a relay race where the runner covers her eyes and tosses the baton to the person running the anchor leg, instead of coming along side, stride for stride and making a clean hand-off.
April King, senior director global field enablement at OpenText, recently shared with us her thoughts on the importance of sales and marketing for a business.
We had the chance to speak with Joanne Moretti, senior vice president marketing and sales enablement at Jabil, and hear about her thoughts on gaining executive support as a salesperson.
We were excited to speak with Jim Ford, EVP, commercial operations at TestAmerica, the leader in environmental testing, who will be presenting at our annual Marketing & Sales Alignment Conference in September.
The Picture Superiority Effect says concepts are much more likely to be remembered if they are presented as pictures rather than as words. Here are 10 tips for building a sales negotiation training program that maximizes profitability and customer satisfaction. We were excited to chat recently with Avery Lerner, vice president of enterprise accounts in the Oracle financing division.
New research further proves that concepts are 6xs more memorable if they’re presented as pictures rather than words. Establishing a discipline of properly preparing for executive conversations is a critical first step in delivering value to your clients. Recent research revealed that only half of salespeople feel prepared to create new sales opportunities.
If a device or application can help your sales teams gain an edge in the field, you should make sure it’s in the hands of every seller and that systems are in place to capture and replicate best practices. As a former CFO (and now a consultant for Corporate Visions), I’ve seen my share of bungles as sales professionals attempt to hold their own in the executive suite – where economic decision-makers stand tall and skeptical. You might think mobile whiteboarding has to do with your sales reps drawing a selling picture on a tablet in front of a customer.
To stand out, and to credibly engage C-level executives, you need to master the ability to derive insights from the annual report’s ugly stepchild, the Form 10-K. We all know that pictures are worth 1,000 words – but what about bold, contrasting visuals like this one? For most omnivores, the big juicy burger in the middle of the two buns is the gastronomical destination of the burger-eating experience.
You’d think that since the most timely, hotly debated topics are being discussed in our nation’s Capital, that Congress might have timely, state-of-the art visuals to support their arguments.
Last week, I had the opportunity to co-present with Thomson Reuters at the SiriusDecisions Summit, one of the leading conferences for professionals tasked with improving the effectiveness of their marketing and sales organizations.

If you want to improve your sales results, you’ve got to start at the beginning: with the message your sales team is delivering to your customers in sales conversations.
The baseball season is finally under way, and umpires across North America are calling balls and strikes. The fact is that companies have been rapidly introducing new C-level positions: Chief Innovation Officer, Chief Customer Officer, Chief Regulatory Officer, Chief Analytics Officer, Chief Ninja, Chief Rockstar, Chief [insert whatever you want here].
It may be an urban legend, but I remember an old marketer once telling me that those three words, “rinse and repeat,” doubled sales of shampoo when they were added to the directions on the back of the bottle. To convince wannabe Arnold Palmers that its new driver would deliver “crazy” distance off the tee, TaylorMade created a visually compelling – and we think pretty fantastic – story to describe how they challenged conventional golf wisdom to engineer a better driver.
It’s only common sense: Executives climb the corporate ladder by making stressful decisions in uncertain situations by coolly evaluating the evidence and making logical choices. We’re happy to introduce Power Launch™, a new digital postcard tool for helping marketers increase the success of new messaging launches delivered to their field sales teams. Plus, on Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays, CSI’s very own personal trainer, Dean Grant, develops personalized workouts for employees of all fitness levels three times a day.
In addition, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, our fitness facility offers Zumba and yoga classes, as well as active running and cycling groups for employees of all skill levels. Here’s an entertaining little puzzle that you can do by yourself, but more fun to do with a team or even two or more. After 13 years, STEP Consulting has emerged as one of the best corporate training companies in India. An acronym for Succeeding through Enriched People, STEP recognizes the significance of people as the true differentiator in today’s competitive environment. We are committed to help corporate companies, NGOs and education institutes harness the Human Resource Management function as a strategic partner in business success and growth with a range of corporate training, learning and development activities and initiatives in India, including a host of path-breaking proprietary tools. After conducting a thorough need assessment of a company, we offer customized corporate training solutions that bring about positive and measurable changes in management behavior, attitudes and skills at all levels of a corporate company in India. Going beyond companies, STEP initiates contact with corporate people when they are at their crucial stages of life, by running various corporate training programmes for professional engineering and management companies in India.
All our management training interventions carry the distinct flavor of experiential training and looking beyond the classroom. World over there is an increased focus on increasing the productivity of team members within every organisation.
Edulight is a Corporate Training Platform where organizations keen to upgrade their staff through training programs are serviced with an objective driven approach. At Edulight our attempt is to break through all potential barriers and make corporate training core DNA of our client. At Edulight we seek the attention of L & D professionals,, HR professionals and Finance Heads in order to imbibe training as an integral management tool.
Being a part of this evolving corporate training arena, Edulight brings you innovative models of engagement, intensive technology adoption, creative business models and most of all an attitude of excellence. All of India is busy selling but unfortunately there is no Institute focused on Sales as a subject. Based on market feedback and inherent demand for companies to nominate 1 to 3 members for a particular batch.. L& D professionals believe that a right mix of indoor and outdoor training is the need of the modern corporate life. Training programs from Edulight has been a great experience, the way the entire team manages the start to end of both behavioral and technical training execution is commendable. Is it possible, however, that salespeople may not actually know what training is best for them?
If so, you’ve probably had the maddening experience of drawing a perfectly clear picture, but nobody on your team can guess what it is.
The come-from-behind against all odds, unpredictable and improbable win that brings people to their feet and tears to their eyes.
In other words, they’re banking on their new skills making the most profound selling impact possible. In one sense, you’re fired up—your reps are energized, confident and excited to apply the great skills and concepts they’ve learned out in the field. In a breakout session for the Three Value Conversations track, United Rentals’ Shelley Robins spoke with Corporate Visions’ Cheryl Geoffrion about how the company has successfully embedded Situational Sales Negotiations into its DNA.
Some tout them as job producers, economic engines and consistent providers of flat-out good times. It turns out that the two areas they say are most vital to sales effectiveness share a common foundation: Great alignment with marketing. Under Lynch’s watch, the Magellan Fund—now one of the best-known mutual funds in the world—averaged a whopping 29 percent annual return.
A recent Harvard Business Review article* cites a set of surveys which found that, on average, 5.4 people now have to formally sign off on each B2B purchasing decision.
It’s like everyone read somewhere that a numbered list is the best way to get click-throughs… and maybe it is?
Here’s the scene: George Costanza, the “lovable loser” of Seinfeld, is at a high-level meeting as part of his job with the New York Yankees. Technique #1 – Deliver your message with absolute confidence and certainty believing that prospects are more likely to be persuaded. Read on for tips on conducting executive conversations and get a sneak preview of April’s presentation at the Marketing & Sales Alignment Conference, Conversations That Win! Read on for a sneak preview of Joanne’s insights, which she’ll be sharing at our upcoming Marketing & Sales Alignment Conference, Conversations That Win! What does it take to fast-forward the “trust factor” often associated with winning the business? Find out how he’s leading TestAmerica’s sales and marketing teams to support the company’s profitable growth initiatives. In fact, research has discovered that visuals are recalled six times better than words alone and hand-drawn visuals are much more memorable than professional photographs. Read how Avery evolved into his current position, how the financing division interacts with sales and marketing, and much more! According to the Bureau of Labor statistics, that’s the number of daydreams a typical American has every day.
And hand-drawn graphics, such as stick figures, make more of an impact than professional photographs.

The findings shown in this infographic discuss the disconnect between where salespeople feel pressure and how well their companies prepare them for key customer conversations.
The “game before the game” for a negotiator is the “conversation before the conversation,” and it starts with your inner dialogue. You’re probably all too familiar with the stat that 55 to 80 percent of new products flop, depending on how generously you’re willing to define success. To find out more about avoiding choice overload and other sales messaging strategies, visit Conversation University for a fully stocked library of videos, articles and more! One way to help people see their inconsistencies is to create cognitive dissonance in your training programs.
Those umpires are “judging pitches” and making important decisions that affect the outcomes of games, just like your customers are determining the quality of your pitches and deciding who wins the deal.
Do you assume that the more information and evidence you pile on them, the better your chances of winning the sale?
Power Launch is part of our Messaging Launch solution, which helps you launch your message in a way that gets your story and tools enthusiastically and confidently adopted. Specializing in unique strength and conditioning programs, Dean is one of the only IKFF certified kettlebell coaches in Florida, a USA Weightlifting Sports Performance coach, a certified diet specialist and crossfit trainer. Employees often use these sessions as group training for company-sponsored teams in events such as the MS150, Breast Cancer Marathon, the Gate River Run, and more.
We believe in positively affecting people by inspiring them in their personal, social and professional environments. We focus on interactive corporate training and learning experiences and facilitate change within an organization and individual context. We are constantly evolving in our corporate and management training methodologies, tools and techniques. HR has taken a serious view of it and every company with focus on growth is taking re-skilling and training of their team as a core initiative.
Edulight Corporate Training Division operates as a training platform on which organisations aiming at employee development can engage with us and work in a collaborative manner.
We operate as a training arm of our clienta€™s organization, engage their employee development and work in a collaborative manner with them.
We take pride in mentioning that we have financially reengineered prevailing market norms to provide our clients with a better value for money model thus a€?giving them more for same spend or giving them same for lessa€™. Our intent is to bring dimensional changes in the way corporate training industry operates in a game changing manner. Edulight Team is always there to support niche technical training requirements given and they ensures that excellent Subject Matter Experts are traced and they deliver the trainings with excellent customer satisfaction. Their ability to design and deliver behavioral trainings that provide quantifiable returns helped us accelerate our quest to become business leaders. The first time I heard a customer say those words, I was indignant until I realized how they saw me was far more important than how I saw myself. We are moved by these stories; they touch our heart and inspire us to believe anything is possible. That’s because some of the old formulas for insights development and delivery aren’t holding up well with time.
Others demonize them for fueling addictive behavior, preying on the vulnerable and driving up crime. Yet, that’s exactly what’s happening in most companies’ marketing, sales enablement and training departments today. This must be the case, or why else would there be so many hefty whitepapers with gobs of text, or PowerPoint decks with hundreds of slides, or complicated ROI calculators and spreadsheets out there? Buyers take advantage of their dramatically increased leverage to demand more concessions and lower prices. If you can get decision-makers to co-create a buying vision – like homeowners who “co-create” IKEA furniture – they will more highly value the end solution.
He is also a Gym Jones Fundamentals Coach, a Fundamental Movement Systems Level 1 and 2 Instructor, and is currently studying for his NSCA certification. In doing so, we renew their respect for themselves and for each other, and give them a new take on their values, beliefs and perception. For this purpose, our highly qualified team spends a large part of their time on researching and upgrading their corporate training skill sets and knowledge. Statistics prove that organisations that invest in training programs are more attuned to achieving their goals and have employees who are more productive. Our strategy stems from the evolution that the market witnessed over a period of time and expert engagement became the requirement instead of conventional trainers taking training programs. Today clients are mindful that companies that invest in training programs are more attuned to achieving their goals through employees who are more productive. We have brought together a highly engaging network of Subject Matter Experts who shall be happy to serve your team for their sheer passion of transfer of knowledge and skills. We have received lots of accolades from our managers for Edulight trainers and our managers prefer to have trainings executed from Edulight trainers only. The training was well received by our managers and the customization of content helped effective learning.
According to a recent Corporate Visions survey, 81 percent of companies say they use an insights-based approach to selling.
And most sales methodologies and typical approaches to preparing for sales conversations may actually be counterproductive to your cause. If you can’t get all 10, look at the Corporate Games Facebook page to see the answers. Our offering includes providing you with the best expert for the training and our pricing model guarantees our clients cost efficiency of the highest order. Conferences that promise “how-to” sessions on the latest buzzy topics that turn out to deliver nothing but fluff.

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