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With the Company Dashboard, you are given administrative access to print extra copies of employee certification cards as needed.
When you register for the Company Dashboard, your company will be given a special corporate discount tracking code used to tie your employees to your company.

Registering your business for a Company Dashboard means you will be given a special login screen link with your company's logo and contact details.
Send us a list of employee names and e-mail addresses and your dedicated ProTrainings Group Coordinator will be happy to import these employees into our system, as well send them a welcome e-mail explaining how to get started with their training. If you choose not to pre-register your employees, you can instead give employees a special signup link that will automatically associate them with your company's account. 25 of 2013 on 27 June 2013 setting the rules of corporate governance for the companies subject to CMA supervision. Cards are immediately available through the dashboard after the employee has successfully completed the certification process. Purchase training units online through the dashboard as you need them and employees will immediately be able to train, test, and access their certification cards.

This link can be distributed to employees via e-mail or posted on your website so they will know they are in the right place. The Resolution has set 11 rules of corporate governance to be applied by the companies subject to CMA supervision on or before 30 June 2016 instead of 31 December 2014. This course aims to train participants on the implementation mechanisms for corporate governance rules set by CMA.

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