As publishers of desktop Project KickStart and online Webplanner, we are pleased to provide free, high quality project management templates and tools based on project management best practices. Bring your marketing strategy into the 21st century using social media, blogs, news releases, and viral marketing.
Inspired by the cold winter weather at the end of 2010, this template will help plan your next ski trip, so you don't forget anything.
We have worked with government entities and large corporations such as DOT, CHED, URC, Jollibee, Dunlop and others to assist and organize large seminars, teambuilding and other corporate events. Looking for the ideal venue for your corporate or smaller company training session, school, teambuilding, company outing or other business event? Tourism is growing in the Philippines and the Freeport Zones of Clark and Subic are some of the hottest business and tourist spots on these islands.
Why not find-out what is drawing the foreigners and schedule your next corporate or private event in either Clark or Subic. MICE, is an acronym used mainly in Asia for Meetings Incentives Conventions and Exhibitions (or Events). From small business groups to International conventions entertaining thousands of delegates these zones are now being pursued by more businesses than ever, and not only Philippine companies but more and more as a destination from other Asian country businesses and companies.
There are many levels of accommodations with numerous options for your event in the Clark and Subic Bay areas.
Remember, Clark Subic Marketing has established working-relationships with all of the major players in these zones. Corporations and businesses faced with an abundance of low employee morale should consider putting together an exciting team building trip to help improve employee attitudes and turn-around the tide of lackluster performance.
Clark Subic Marketing can help you coordinate paintball or airsoft competition that encourages teamwork, a collaborative spirit and build competition amongst the teammates and their opponents. So, when considering the same-old company seminar or training program at a hotel conference room, why not throw-in a day of excitement and thrills that also grow your employees ability to work harmoniously together as a collaborative group.
Emily completed a ten-month dietetic internship at Saint Louis University in May of 2003.  The internship provided her with valuable nutrition counseling, nutrition education, and managerial skills.

These templates can be used with very little editing, or they can be customized for your organization, depending on your project management needs. Then download a project template below, and begin modifying it to suit your project's needs.
Use this template to keep your main characters on task and overcoming obstacles in the nick of time. Large, medium and small companies look to us and our well-established connections with the owners of the local venues to facilitate the perfect event. Let Clark Subic Marketing handle the stress and uncertainty of finding the ideal location to fit your budget.
We harmonize with a multitude of hotels, resorts, convention centers, restaurants and amusement parks to schedule your important business-function, seminar, convention, special corporate event, company outing, teambuilding activity at the best possible price through our extensive network of partners, to find the perfect venue within the constraints of your budget. Those pioneers were treated to a super-smooth, super-fast, and stress-free trip along a world-class highway. Given the fact the two Zones are now only 40 minutes apart via the SCTEX highway, you can lodge your group in Clark while scheduling extended sightseeing and fun activities in the ocean and forested jungle playground of Subic Bay.
The Clark Subic Corridor is quickly becoming a leader in these all-important, revenue generation necessities; the shear-scope of existing and under-construction facilities more that meets the needs of a wide-range of businesses looking for a venue.
These choices allow just about any group or company to host a custom-tailored event within their budget constraints. From a simple single-day function to a full-featured overnight corporate getaway or multi-day business seminar or conventions, let Clark Subic Marketing put together the perfect solution for your next successful function. You should always consider infusing a sense of adventure, fun and a group learning dynamic that both assists the group in learning new team working dynamics and at the same time remove the stress of the day-to-day, boring office environment from the minds of your employees for at least a day or two. Activities that are exceptional for building employee morale and offer lots of accomplishment and excitement are adventure-type activities such as those Clark Subic Marketing coordinates and package through our teambuilding partners such as Extreme Adventure, Treetop Adventure or JEST Camp Jungle Survival Training. Clark Subic Marketing can suggest the best options for your specific group demographics and budget.
She can make a company or corporation more profitable and successful by improving communications among employees, customers, and management.

For others who need only a lesson or two to prepare for an upcoming road test, a single lesson or a short training package in the car is all that is required. No matter what the parameters of your event or budget, we will work with you to get the event scheduled at the best possible facilities given your unique considerations. There is no need to look anywhere else with Clark and Subic Bay’s vast selection of luxury hotels and resorts, teambuilding courses, adventure tourism related facilities, golf, theme park, water sports and the abundance of clean-air and safe-environment encased in well-organized Freeport zones are causing the industry to take-note. Allow Clark Subic Marketing to organize a package trip to one or more of its thrilling teambuilding facilities and your employees will find revival in their job assignments.
The excitement aspect of the outing and the group-building aspect will do wonders for the workgroup as a whole. We have worked with these companies for years now and can arrange the best prices for your group.
We are pleased to offer these in-car training packages to serve our customers who are looking for this type of training. As an integrated whole, these zones are fast-becoming a multi-national, integrated, multi-faceted business and tourist destination for all of Southeast Asia.
They will find themselves doing a myriad of fun and group-bonding activities that encourage collaborative attitudes between co-workers.
Koreans, Japanese, Chinese and others investors are thrilled with this monolithic slice of heaven called the Clark, Subic Corridor. They also offer experiential attributes unlike many others as they take place in the beautiful deep-green Subic jungle environment.
These foreign nationals see the advantages and attributes of doing business here and ultimately the growth potential of the this very special region. Your employees can rappel down a huge 100 year old canopy tree, speedily traverse over long zip-lines through the Subic jungle, cross swinging, treetop cable bridges, rock wall climb and do overnight jungle survival training and other activities that build experiential teamwork and bounding amongst the group participants.

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