The Community Kitchen is a missions outreach program of the Centenary United Methodist Church providing free meals and a social center for all members of the community.
Ask most folks in Lambertville where to find Centenary UMC and they may not be able to tell you, but ask them where to find the church with the Community Kitchen and they’ll be sure to point you in the right direction.
October is Domestic Violence Awareness month, so I thought I would shed some light on this grim topic. But what about the couples that drinks too much on a Saturday night and end up in a brawl with one another?
When couples seek help for their relationship, we conduct a thorough assessment, including an assessment of domestic violence. To learn more about domestic violence, read Gottman and Jacobson’s book When Men Batter Women. John Gottman has identified defensiveness as on the of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, meaning one of the patterns present in relationships that has the power to lead to divorce. In relationships that work, couples down-regulate their defensiveness by being aware of their partners pain and remembering their love for that person. When we are defensive we work on winning the battle, but unfortunately we may lose the war in the process. No matter how you celebrate Valentine’s Day, be it at a trendy new restaurant or a home cooked meal, make Love Maps part of the evening.
In the beginning phase of relationships, Love Maps are generally strong because we are curious about the person we are falling in love with . But as love relationships progress past the honeymoon phase we often fail to continue asking these types of questions. So this Valentine’s Day we suggest that you have more intimate conversation by asking Love Map questions. Questions such as these build a deep friendship and intimate bonds that surpass all other relationships. At the end of every initial couples therapy session I ask the couple to tell me what they hope to achieve by coming to counseling.
When couples tell me they have a problem communicating, I am quite sure they are referring to conversation.
It is true that happy couples talk more, but they also communicate caring, interest, respect and appreciation in myriad other ways throughout the week. We all have competing obligations, but devoting five out of 168 hours is manageable for all couples once they make the health of their relationship a priority.

The bottom line is, if you feel like you and your partner are not communicating well, expand your definition of communication and find five hours in your weekly schedule to devote to one another. The recently published study of Facebook participants and how emotions can spread across social networks caused a big stir. Since it is easy to meet or re-connect with someone on Facebook, it is the genesis of many extra-relationship affairs.
It seems logical to point an accusing finger at Facebook for these relationship issues, but social media is not the the problem.
The internet provides convenience in all aspects of life, and that includes relationship issues. The internet gives the illusion of secrecy so we say and do things we wouldn’t dream of saying in person, especially in the presence of our spouse. If your relationship is suffering and Facebook is a central theme, it may be wise to dig below the surface. I could glance up, smile, nod my head and acknowledge he was speaking to me, and return to my book.
I could put the book down and ask a few questions to get the latest dirt, joining in his excitement. I could get angry for the unwanted interruption and say something harsh, like “Shut up, can’t you see I am reading?”. If I opted for Number 3 I would be “turning away” from my hubby and he would have had a failed bid for my attention. Option Number 4 is an example of “turning against”.   Turning against his bid in a harsh manner would have indicated that the Four Horsemen of the Apocalyse were sharing the couch with us that day and we would most likely be headed for relationship disaster. My son will be starting high school next year and he must select an area of emphasis to guide him in course selection, such as Law Enforcement or Science and Technology.   His initial reaction was to choose a path that matched his aptitude, not necessarily his passion. This has generated plenty of discussion around the dinner table.  My husband and I shared how neither one of us followed our intuition or passion and initially wound up in unfulfilling jobs. In Gottman Method Couples Therapy, making life dreams come true is at the top of the Sound Relationship House because it is one of the necessary ingredients in relationships that work.  In fact, Gottman believes it is the most important thing. Couples Counseling and Psychotherapy Associates provides service to Kingwood, Humble, Atascocita, Porter, Fall Creek, Summerwood, North Houston and surrounding areas.
Join us for NPC's annual VBS as we travel with Joseph on his journey from prison to the palace.
If the therapist deems couples therapy is appropriate for situational domestic violence (not characterological domestic violence), we can work with the couple to learn how to de-escalate arguments.

John and Julie Gottman followed up with couples who attended their Art & Science of Love Weekend Workshop.
Making negative comparisons of your real life partner to a photoshopped Facebook picture makes the fantasy of a perfect partner feel more real. Yours truly theatre specializes in different forms of theatre like improv interactive participatory theatre, playback theatre, experimental theatre, unconventioanal theatre, contemporary theatre in India. They fear abandonment and are controlling, jealous and react violently to perceived betrayal. These couples do not share the traits of Pit Bulls or Cobras and often feel remorse for their actions. We can also work with couples to recognize and manage physiological arousal and practice self-soothing before arguments turn physical.
They found that successful couples reported devoting, on average, five hours per week to one another. Call, text, leave notes, or say it face-to-face, but find a few minutes each day to express what you like about your partner or what they are doing right. Best theatre drama acting training, Yours truly theatre is improv group in india, and does improv comedy also conducts basic weekday and weekend theatre workshop, theatre, drama classes for children, weekend theatre classes, acting classes, weekend workshops, drama classes in bangalore.creativity courses for adults and children. Cobras do not tolerate their authority being challenged, with anyone, not just their partners.   They tend to be more violent than pit bulls, yet abused women have a hard time leaving Cobras because of the power and control exerted on them. Pit bulls are generally viewed as charming men because their behavior is only directed at one person. Ask open ended questions and explore your partner’s thoughts and feelings on everything from where they want to go on vacation to what their biggest fears are. One unsettling finding that Gottman and Jacobson found in their research is that cobras get more physiologically calm as they get more aggressive, whereas pit bulls experience physiological arousal.
Abused women can be more successful getting away from Pit Bulls, but Pit Bulls are the ones that can be homicidal when they feel abandoned. When a woman leaves a Cobra, there is still risk, but the Cobra moves on to a new victim more quickly.

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