With more companies creating courses for training , compliance etc., the attention is shifted to the instructional designer who has the task of putting all the raw material together to come up with a course which is not only engaging but ticks off the boxes for the learning outcomes. In both these examples, the ID would ask different questions to ascertain the suitability for course development for eLearning. If the scenario is that the target audience is a group of car parts installers working on a factory floor who now have to complete a course for Compliance reasons, then you need to take into account that they may not have much time on a daily basis to have access to a computer. Likewise, if this same course was designed only for upper management and senior managers, the ID may take a completely different approach and give the course a more corporate feel whilst still maintaining the learning outcomes. You would ask these questions, because if you already have a skilled workforce, the ID may consider creating a quick refresher course to cover basics and then provide new research. It is almost impossible to have 100% accuracy but if you are detailed from the beginning, then when feedback is received from the client, the turnaround time for changes are generally quicker. Whilst it is very important to be creative and imaginative and wanting to add two hundred features to the course, an Instructional designer must be able to reign it all in to ensure this is all well within the project specification and scope.

Articulate, empathetic, good listener, good line of questioning, negotiator, and collaborator are some words to describe an Instructional Designer when it comes to communication.
The list goes on and on but we have highlighted some important qualities which will enable the Instructional designer, plan, develop and deliver a course the client asked for. EGYPTAIR TRAINING CENTER has been a full TRAINAIR Programme member since 27th of January 2006 by establishing a Course Development Unit, (CDU) to produce standardized courses in the form of Standard Training Package (STP) which have been made available on the TRAINAIR international sharing system. The primary responsibility of the EGYPTAIR CDU is to produce and to deliver high quality training courses tailored to the needs of EgyptAir and customers. These courses are based on an extensive training needs analysis and an assessment of manpower requirements.Training courses are task-oriented with practical applications and are focused on solutions of priority problems in the field of aviation safety. The ID needs to understand what the learner does, what they need to learn and understand the best method of course delivery for this target. However, if this course is targeted for a younger group, then there is a need to include more details in the course with more real life examples as the group may not have had that much experience managing teams.

They need to constantly review their storyboard and ensure all looks in order before course development. Using their analytical skills, a good ID should be able to understand the content, the context of it and how to simplify it to present it in digestible portions. Being able to confidently articulate will allow for misconceptions to clear and create a path for open communication with the client from planning all the way to the delivery of the course. Post course development, before the course is sent for client review, take an extra 15-30 minutes and go through each screen to make sure it all looks good. Most times, an experienced ID will pick up most of the errors (including grammar, spelling, flow, font…) before the client does.

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