Everyone deserves a workplace free of the effects of substance abuse, and this program will help understand your role in that workplace. Due to lower volume, OSCA affiliate locations will be charging higher base prices than what appears on the OSCA website. A very good quality course which is governed or controlled by a major authority in their industry. A very good quality course that has no recognised major authority from industry governing the content.
Conflict is defined as any situation where two or more people have differing ideas, approaches, outcomes, or desires. The risk assessment process includes the identification of initial risk factors and residual risk factors, and how calculations (although not compulsory) may be used to enhance your understanding and observation of priorities, and also defines and explains the Hierarchy of Control.This course explores the common failures of risk assessments, and addresses the four ingredients to be considered within risk assessments, people, equipment, materials and the environment.
In addition to the health and safety management principles, this 4-6 hour course takes a closer look at the common workplace hazards, and provides a greater detail of explanation and understanding concerning each subject, for example, under hazardous substances, Materials Safety data Sheets (MSDS) are defined and Long Term (LTEL) and Short Term (STEL) exposure limits are discussed.The change between Occupational Exposure Limits (OEL) terms are discussed, ensuring an understanding of the common terms those in health and safety management will observe today. But you can’t watch over every single supervisor to make sure they aren’t making any mistakes. Once they take the training, supervisors and managers should have a thorough understanding of their responsibilities when responding to and preventing harassment or discrimination. The majority of the time what’s happening when employees complain about how they are being treated, it’s actually workplace bullying—which is still very serious. Workplace bullying and violence prevention training teaches supervisors and managers how to recognize, report and defuse situations involving tense coworkers, employees or third-parties. As the modern workplace evolves, diversity is becoming more and more important to business success.
For example, someone might think it’s a compliment to tell an overweight person they look good now that they’ve lost some weight.

Everyone in your company—but supervisors and managers especially—need to be able to develop and promote an atmosphere of inclusion and respect that leads to high morale and productivity. Managers and supervisors should be able to get the information they need from potential candidates—without violating any laws. Depending on your business’s specific needs, there are many different training courses managers and supervisors can take. No matter what combination you choose, creating a compliance training program not only helps mangers follow the law, but it also helps to provide them with the skills they need for leadership success. Our online training integrates a culture of compliance into the heart of your organization.
We’ve created the world’s most comprehensive and engaging online compliance training library for companies around the globe. As a supervisor, manager, or person with authority, you have the responsibility not only to model the desired behavior, but also to address performance based concerns about workers – concerns that may be related to substance abuse.
Your role as manager is to help your employees work through conflicts at their lowest levels, rather than to allow them to escalate and impact your department`s effectiveness.
Key hazards are discussed and risk assessment processes are explored including demonstrating the initial and residual risk factors.
An explanation of the different types of sampling methods including grab, static and personal sampling techniques is also included. The last thing you want is for a manager to unintentionally discriminate against one of their employees because that could lead to a lawsuit from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).
And hopefully, all of your employees are taking this training, but if they aren’t, it’s definitely important to get your supervisors and managers trained right away. You are driving to work and your turn is coming up after the next light so you switch lanes.

We all have them, and many of our biases are so subtle we don’t even know they exist—the exact definition of unconscious bias. They might be discriminating against an employee and not even realize it until it’s too late.
It must be based on a protected class and either a condition of employment or pervasive enough that a reasonable person would find the environment hostile. But at the same time, people don’t always inherently know the best ways to communicate—especially with people that are very different from themselves.
Case law is used to explain principles such as an employer's duty of care cannot be delegated, individual duty of care and personal liability (criminal). Even if they’ve been a manager for a long time, it still doesn’t always come naturally to delegate and manage a team of employees. Only then do you realize you’ve gotten behind a driver going 15 miles under the speed limit, but now it’s too late to get back over. Now, the communication has gone into a gray area because the illness could be a disability protected under EEO laws. For example, the manager could think it’s fine to ask a potential candidate if she is married with children, or any number of risky interview questions. Act 1974 are used to prosecute individuals, and explores in detail the powers of the enforcing authorities.

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