Have you ever been lured to purchase a book, merely because the cover was so well-designed?
However, the book cover design is not the most important factor to guarantee the greatest selling point. Book Full Cover Design Book Covers, Book Cover Design, Ebook Cover Design, Book Illustrations from Visions of Adonai Design [Book_Full] - $499.00 : Visions of Adonai Design and Services, Shop with Peace of Mind!
In this fast-paced, interconnected world, books still thrive, despite the move to online reading by much of the population. All publishers know that no matter how well a book is written, it is often the cover (and spine for printed books) that first attracts a potential reader (and buyer).

We offer original, aesthetic book and e-book cover design, as well as sophisticated internal book illustrations for the discerning author. Then choose the right one that go well with the story inside as well as make the greatest impact.
All elements in book design (title, cover, font choice, editing, pages layout & grids, format proportions, sequence, paper choice) are important.
E-books have become a raging phenomenon of the 21st century,which has opened up the 'printing' world to a whole spectrum of authors, both budding and seasoned. Unique graphics and text conveys your book's brilliance in an eye-catching yet affordable way.

If you are in the market for a eye catching, highly visual book cover, e-book cover, or book illustrations - you've come to the right place!

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