List of personalized books, personalized music CDs, personalized DVDs and gifts sold by My Create-A-Book Publishing. Books allow your child to become the star of the story!  From the moment the child realizes the story is about him or her, the magic begins!  Each hard cover book has a wipe-clean cover and is sure to be a keepsake! Note: Clicking the links below will take you to a different website as these are not Create-A-Books but they are still personalized with your child's name and other information. This book was created especially for Makenzie Marie McClanahan and Makayla Ann McClanahan With Love From, Travis, Heather, Megan, & Morgan October 25, 2001 Page 4 On October 28, 1999, the lives of Stacey and Tom of Greenville, Indiana were changed forever. Baby's Create-A-Book personalized book is a treasured keepsake that records all the important details of your child's birth. Each book in our Create-A-Book Collection is fully personalized with important information about your child including child's name and age, friends' names, hometown and more! Wrapped snugly in a soft, warm blanket, (Child) was handed to (Mom), who held her little miracle for the first time. All of the nurses thought that (Child) was the cutest little (boy) they had ever seen and they enjoyed taking care of (him). This unique personalized Sibling book, makes a terrific gift for an older child at a time when the baby seems to be receiving all the attention. Special Delivery, this beautifully illustrated personalized baby book, is a unique way of treasuring your child's birth. My Book of Prayers is a non-denominational personalized kids book that teaches young children how to pray. This Mother Goose personalized children's book blends your child's name right into classic Mother Goose nursery rhymes.
Little One, Little One is full of playful animals and amusing rhymes - so engaging as you teach your child to count. This creative, hand-crafted Mother Goose cloth playset brings familiar nursery rhymes to life. My Quiet Book is a wonderful cloth activity book in which play meets learning with creative activities on every page.
The Itsy Bitsy Spider is a classic sing-along that has been incorporating into this keepsake quality cloth activity book that brings the song to life. This adorable Hunny Bunny Snuggle Pod baby includes a fun, satin-lined "bunny" pod, complete with bunny ears and fluffy tail. This soft and cuddly Lil' Peanut Snuggle Pod baby includes a fun, satin-lined "peanut shell" pod for nighty-night time.
Watch the magic in your child's eyes as they help wake Prince Cornelius from a frozen sleep and rescue Thumbelina from Mr. We created these banners for you to use in your Back-To-School marketing.  Place them into your your emails, website, or print material. Children LOVE being the star in our personalized, full color, hard covered books that include their name, friends' names, hometown, age, and a dedication page.

We offer personalized children's books from Create-A-Book® the world's oldest and most respected publisher of personalized books for kids.
Your child will not believe their eyes and ears when they see their very own picture on TV or hear their name in these entertaining and fun personalized DVDs. Our personalized prints look beautiful framed and make wonderful and unique gifts for all ages! Popular titles with trademarked characters are part of our Best Personalized Books© collection. Complete with baby's height, weight, length, and time of birth, this personalized baby book also has such details as the hospital, doctor, and hometown, along with some of the hospital visitors that came to see your new bundle of joy. Our durable construction features hard covers, laser-print pages and full-color illustrations (except where noted) which serve to create lifetime keepsakes.
My Create-A-Book Publishing has put together a wonderful selection of personalized books, personalized music CDs, personalized DVDs and prints that are sure to please anyone on your gift giving list.
With so many personalized book titles to choose from you are sure to find just the right one. We also offer Best Personalized Books, the leading company authorized to produce and distribute books featuring many of your favorite popular characters. Our music video DVDs have the same fun music as our music CDs,a positive message and most importantly YOUR CHILD'S NAME!! Check out the beautiful background designs we have available for our First Name Origin prints and First Name Poems.
In addition, our patented Safety Bind System eliminates the staples and makes our books the safest and strongest personalized books on the market.
We have personalized books for babies, birthday books, adventure stories, Christian books, personalized books about sports, educational books, holiday books and more.
Included in the story are the child's name, time of birth, weight, length, visitors doctor's name and even the hospital name.
Our new Photo Personalized DVDs are fun adventures movies featuring your child's face in the starring roles. Having their own copy of the book makes the child feel more special and there are no fights over the book when they are older and have to decide who gets to keep it. Our Welcome Baby Keepsake print is the perfect gift for the new baby or the proud new parents. Each book will contain the same information about the birth of both babies but the dedication page is made individually for each child.
At My Create-A-Book Publishing we have a huge collection of 45 personalized kids music CDs from the Kids Juke Box, Mediak and Just Me Music collections. She thought Makenzie and Makayla were the most beautiful babies she had ever seen and they were so small and cuddly. We even have an Anniversary Chronicle full of facts about your wedding and anniversary days.

Page 11 Makenzie's and Makayla's births were a brand new beginning for their mommy and daddy. Makenzie and Makayla will get all the love and care they need from their new family, and they will bring lots of joy and happiness to Mommy's and Daddy's lives. Some were clothes, some were blankets to keep them nice and warm, some were bottles, and oh, some were diapers, of course. Page 16 All the nurses thought Makenzie and Makayla were the cutest little babies, and they really enjoyed taking care of them. Page 19 After Makenzie and Makayla came home from the hospital, they soon settled into daily routines.Stacey was very excited to give Makenzie and Makayla their first bath. Afterwards, she gently covered them with powder and dressed them in tiny, warm baby clothes.
When they saw them, they thought Makenzie and Makayla were the most precious little babies and that their skin was so soft and smooth. Page 24 Every day, Stacey and Tom think of how blessed they are that Makenzie and Makayla have become a part of their lives and how full their lives will be in the years ahead. There will be laughter and joy, boo-boos and tears, and really big hugs to chase away the fears. Page 27 Mommy and Daddy are looking forward to Makenzie's and Makayla's first smile, the first time they crawl, their first steps, the first time they feed themselves, and even that all important potty training time.
Page 28 Often, on bright sunny days, Mommy sits outside and just holds and cuddles Makenzie and Makayla.
As she looks at Makenzie and Makayla, her heart is full of love for these special little gifts she has received. Sometimes he reads to them, sometimes he feeds them, and sometimes he even helps give Makenzie and Makayla their baths. Page 32 While Stacey and Tom were waiting for Makenzie and Makayla to be born, they prepared a room especially for them. They placed two cozy, warm beds for Makenzie and Makayla to sleep in and a big rocking chair so that they can hold and rock them, or just sit and look at them. Page 35 Sometimes, Mommy and Daddy take Makenzie and Makayla for long walks, and Makenzie and Makayla just smile and coo and make cute little faces all along the way.
As they walk, Mommy and Daddy talk about all the plans they have for Makenzie's and Makayla's futures and all the exciting things they will do together as a family.

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