In the remaining cells, type the numbers for the days of the week and set the font properties. Our powerful tools and intuitive interface enables you to create Gantt charts 3 times faster compared to other traditional Gantt chart software. Our smart objects adjust according to the context so you don't have to manually do the adjusting.
Planning a project involved many parties with sometimes people outside your organization also getting involved in the process.
Any change made by anyone is recorded in the revision history so you have a detailed information about any changes made to the project timeline. If drawing from scratch is not your thing then there are hundreds of Gantt chart templates and project timeline templates to start your projects right away. With so many powerful features available to you there is simply no reason not to give us a try. In the past few years the importance of social media in global digital strategies has increased exponentially.
For a global brand this brings great opportunities, since these three International social media platforms are already familiar and localization can expand their reach to new audiences. The adoption rate of each social media platform and the way people use social media varies greatly in different countries and regions. Therefore it is very important to do a proper market research across regions to find the right platform to invest in.
Once you have found your audience, listen what the general discussion is about and what the users are saying about your brand and competitors. Developing a cohesive, global strategy is important, but it needs to be customized based on your knowledge of the local behaviour and customs.
Understandably a brand might be tempted to have a general Facebook, Youtube or Twitter page to save in costs, or have different pages per region with the same, translated content. But if you opt-in for plain translations, your reaction speed is slower, your message might not be understood and lack of local relevancy might make the amount of the “fans” or “followers” drop.
For a global company with a network of market units across the globe, it is very important to involve local markets from the early stages of the process.
By getting local markets aboard and supporting them with their local social media pages, the results will be much better than doing it alone or focusing on one global page. Instead, offer basic social media training and allow markets to pull content from your global channel.

Having worked in a global company, I know that the main issues while developing a global social media strategy are the cost and the novelty of the channel. However, an investment in these basic global channels and training for the local markets can really pay off.
I am Pauliina Jamsa, a 32-year-old multi-lingual Finnish Digital & Mobile marketing expert with International business background - I have lived in many countries and speak 7 languages. Ability to create tasks and add dependencies in one single click alone will save you plenty of minutes when doing a project plan. With our real-time collaboration features you can plan together in real-time with all parties able to see the changes instantly. This features also enables you to go back and revert any change made to the project timeline.
Around 70% of Facebook’s 750 million active users are not from the U.S and the platform has been translated in more than 70 languages. However, as with any type of marketing, the brand having social media success in their own country does not mean that same approach and tactics work abroad.
Even if Twitter, Facebook and Youtube are used across the globe, these platforms may not have reached yet the same level of popularity than the local networks. See how your target is engaging with companies, how they use the platform and what the best practises in the particular country are.
Identify what are the global goals and objectives and what are the goals and objectives per region. They have the best knowledge of the local customs, user behaviour and trends as well as their local competitors’ activity. Market units will then translate and localize the content themselves according to their country’s requirements. If the local markets are motivated and have freedom to act, they will be investing their time and effort to update the pages and engage with the audience.
Based in London, I am currently working as Digital Marketing Manager for Microsoft Dynamics. Plus we've made it dead simple to change time units, background colors and supporting grid in a Gantt chart. This saves hours spent on back and forth emails and brings a sense of ownership to all parties involved. In addition to these tools we constantly publish blog posts and articles related to Gantt charts and project planning so you can be even better at project planning.

Youtube is localized in 23 countries in 24 different languages, and 70% of the Youtube traffic comes outside the U.S. This is why it is important to take in account the following best practices and tips, before launching an international social media strategy. While Facebook is not very popular in Asia and Russia, Twitter has encountered big success in Japan, because of its anonymity and mobile friendliness. By understanding the cultural variations you will more easily be able to avoid pitfalls and identify the trends before entering the market.
Your brand might be highly popular in one country, which means one of your goal might be increasing brand loyalty, however in another country people do not recognize your brand and you might need to focus more on augmentation of brand awareness. I wrote an example of Red Bull a year ago: The brand sent in Facebook a link straight to a Japanese Google translated page without checking what the translation was. By respecting cultural references and taking in account local trends, events and holidays, you can give users more personalized experience and help your brand to connect the audience on a deeper level.
Social Media is highly reactive and by putting barriers for local markets, the strategy is likely to fail. Keeping the social media page alive does not cost much money, but it can reach a larger audience than the old media or banner campaigns. In China, Twitter-like Weibo and social network Qzone with 150 million active users are the platforms of choice while in Russia V-kontakte is the local version of Facebook. Once you know what you want to achieve, you are able to set up tactics to best achieve those goals. If you strictly control what gets published, by the time translation agency has sent you translations, the “news” is already old. Publish links to local channels in your global page to promote local pages and direct fans to more relevant content.
It is a way to really engage with your audience as well as to encourage WOM and consumer generated media.
What all continents have in common is the high usage rate of Youtube – used via mobile, tablets, PC or netbooks.

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