FOLD the fabric over the ribon, closing it in but ensuring no glue gets on the ribbon - you don't want the ribbon stuck down just yet.
MAKE SURE there is an even amount of ribbon sticking out of both sides of the cape - this will tie the cape around your neck.
GLUE the ribbon to the fabric just inside the opening on either side of the collar - this will keep the ribbon from sliding out. TRACE images onto your sticky felt sheets to make more decorations - lightning bolts, stars, etc.
Don’t forget you can layer your shapes- make a tri-colored star or a two-toned lightning bolt! WRITE your superhero name in bubble writing on your sticky felt and CUT the letters out to STICK onto your cape. TIP: Print the cover separate on a colored piece of paper, and the remaining four pages front to back to create an actual booklet. 8x8 Hard Cover book, 300gsm UV coated cover, 150gsm paper sewn together Images back and front. For use with your Cuttlebug Die-Cutting and Embossing Machine, folders and dies (sold separately). Acclaimed designer Anna Griffin offers a collection of high-quality crafting products, accessories and home lifestyle pieces, all in her sophisticated signature style.
Despite the fact that there are a lot of already existing issues of comic books with such super heroes, this is the time when they are getting their stories rebooted. Superman or Wonder Woman can rock this outfit, styled and decorated just the way they like it. With a little help from Anna Griffin, your Cuttlebug and this inspirational book, you can create similar sophisticated designs yourself. Inspired by antique textiles, prints and vintage botanicals, Anna's intricate patterns grace everything from papercrafting supplies to bed linens and wallpaper.

If you are a comic book fan, or a fan of a TV show or a movie with a superhero as a main character, then this is your time to shine. Your child will be delighted and amazed as they turn each page and see themselves in their own unique Disney storybook.
Brimming with detailed photos, step-by-step intructions and designer tips, it'll inspire you with every turn of the page.
Elegant finishes and fashionable color palettes combine for an effortlessly coordinated look in the "go-big" patterns for which Anna is known. A You can put your imagination and creativity to good use and write a new issue for your favorite hero, like Batman, Superman, Green Arrow, Flash etc.
I also let friends use my embossing machine and show them how to transform plain paper into a fabulous embossing. If you are going to create A a superhero of your own, here are a couple of things that you should bear in mind.Creating your main character(s)One of the crucial things that you need to remember is that your main character is supposed to receive special attention, and that details are very important.
The embossed rosettes look difficult, but by using a border plate for embossing, they can be folded up fairly well.
Try to come up with some interesting inner demons that follow your character, something that he battles on an everyday basis and what makes him vulnerable, some sort of skeleton in his her closet that he refuses to face.
This is very important because heroes in comics do what they do as part of a coping mechanism, or because it is their way of redeeming themselves – their quest for atonement. Without this kind of motivation, or something similar, you are only creating a narcissistic child with superpowers who simply bullies everyone around (of course, even this can be an interesting idea, if you are able to write extremely witty and humorous lines a€“ a€?Deadpoola€? is the best example of that).Creating villains, arch nemesis and anti-heroesOnce you have finished with your main character, everything that he symbolizes and stands for, you need to create an appropriate villain or anti-hero. A good anti-hero is the one who is able to challenge the main charactera€™s point of view, in a way that makes sense, not just because he is evil.
The pictures of the examples are beautiful and the composition of the pictures with other props are very clever.
You need to create a charismatic villain that readers will like almost as much as they like your hero.

You can even make your villains fight for a good cause but with a wrong, or extreme approach. Just like your hero, your villains also need to have interesting origin stories that account for why they are the way they are.
If you do not possess the required skills to draw what you have imagined, no need to worry. All you need to do is find people who specialize in this area and together, you can bring to life the figments of your imagination and print it out. Even if you are good at drawing, you will still need someone who is specialized in graphic design, so that your drawings can be properly digitized before they are printed.
Creating a unique design is really important, and that is why you must focus on this particular issue, as comics are considered to be a form of art.So think about what your heroes and villains will look like, think of their origin story, their powers and limitations.
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