Once you have your templates and Images upload the entire folder in your MasterPage Gallery.Easiest way to do this is to Map your Master Page gallery as a Network drive and then Copy the folder in it. So now we have our Template in Master Page gallery.Lets Convert it to a SharePoint Master Page. For now lets just publish the new Master Page and then in next post we will learn how to edit it to embed various SharePoint Controls in it. Even though we have Published this HTML Template Page and its not available as one the SharePoint Master Pages, it is not yet ready to be used as a site Master Page.

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If you want to add more OOB snippets to your master page, click on Snippets on the top bar.

Navigate back to the Edit Master Page in Design Manager and Select the call-up menu of the new Master Page. Now we can use HTML5 to create our attractive branding without the need to understand the typical concepts of SharePoint 2013.

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