No matter where you are, you as the photography lover could take a lot of pictures to record your precious time.
Kvisoft flash slideshow templates are classified into 3 categories: General, Theme and Custom. To create your own slideshow, you can personalize your photo slides with animated transition effects.
Turn to Effect button, you will discover that the presentation maker has provided various creative transition and motion effects for you. With this photo slideshow creator, you can create an animated flash slideshow presentation without any technical requirements. PowerPoint 2010 now enables users to embed videos to a presentation.  To insert a video, please make sure that the slideshow is in ASF, AVI, MP4, MPG, MPEG, QT, SWF, and WMV format.
Before inserting a slideshow, you’d better create a new folder to put your PowerPoint and slideshow video. Click to choose the inserted video, under Playback menu, you can set the video height and width, tell the PowerPoint to play it in full screen, and do other settings.
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Click here to download and install Flash Photo Slideshow on your Windows XP or Vista computer. Select photos and click Add button or Add All button to import digital photos to the program. Double-click on the added photo or click Edit button on the tool bar to add Text or Artclip.

After successfully uploading slideshow to Go2Album, simply copy the HTML code for embedding to website, blogger, myspace, facebook, ebay website, Turbo Lister, etc. Last updated August 10, 2012 By Abhishek Prakash 3 Comments Ubuntu comes with a bunch of default wallpapers some really good and some just okay.
You should also configure the Start Up options from Preferences to enable auto-change of wallpapers at start time. Would you want to present them in an amazing way and share with your family and friends all over the world? Kvisoft Flash Slideshow Software, an easy-to-use flash presentation maker, is your best choice which can make original and stunning flash slideshows with your photos and fresh music.
If you need add Flickr photos online to slideshow, please choose Flickr in the drop-down menu.
In the Theme menu, there are some beautiful templates which can apply to different occasions such as wedding, Valentine’s Day, spring and so on. Then you can watch it on your computer with your family or publish it on website to share with your friends.
It enables you to create a slideshow from your images with music, transitions, pan&zoom effects, text and more effects. This can ensure PowerPoint will find the video when you copy or move the presentation to another computer or place. Although the application is pretty easy to use, we have created a step-by-step tutorial, to make sure that everybody can create photo slide shows or photo albums for their website with Flash Photo Slideshow. You may choose to display just one background picture all the time or you can opt for a slideshow of all the wallpapers that ships with Ubuntu.

You can create a directory in some place (Pictures is more suited for this purpose) to keep the wallpapers of your choice. Then you can export a slideshow video of AVI, MPG, MP4 or SWF format compatible with PowerPoint. PowerPoint does not save the video, it  only creates a link to the video’s current location. Once your slideshow is uploaded to Go2Album, you can invite your friends and family to watch your stunning slideshow by providing them the Album ID.
While you can download any wallpaper from internet or use an existing picture on your hard drive as the desktop background, you may not be able to create a slideshow of your selected wallpapers in the same manner as of default wallpapers slideshow. If you want to take the pain, you can edit this xml file to add your new pictures or wallpapers to the slideshow. If you are looking for some stunning wallpapers, check Elementary Os Luna’s wallpapers. The result will like this picture Click create button and once clicked the button your slideshow photo album has created. But why take the difficult path if we can use an application for easily creating the wallpaper slide show.

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