Originally Posted by jalan94 Personally, I would not spend much time on custom watch faces right now. This week the folks behind Face for Wear have released their Android Wear smartwatch face-maker to the public.
This app comes with a number of pre-set watch faces, several of which we’re pumped to make use of on both shapes of watch. If you have any tips, tricks or videos that you made,  you can leave a comment and we can add it to this guide. You have to have this app installed on your phone if you want to pair the Moto 360 with your phone, so you should download it before you even get your watch.
Once installed and you pair your watch with your phone, be prepared to charge the Moto 360 for 30 to 45 minutes. If want to save battery life on your MOTO 360 you are going to need to make sure to TURN OFF ambient mode.
The WearFaces app will let you download custom Android Wear watch faces and even create your own. With the new in-app watchface store and multiple watchface support, you can create multiple watchfaces for every outfit you have, so that you will always have the perfect companion to that stunning outfit! Facer offers an easy to use WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor, allowing you to create the watchface just the way you want. With Version 0.85 Facer is fully compatible with the Moto 360 watch, get a head start on creating your watchfaces today!
Android wear doesn’t offer an easy way view android wear apps that you have installed. Talk Android created a really great tutorial on how to use Motorola Connect to customize watch faces.

Not really a forum or group, but the watch face website FaceRepo is the best spot to download a free watch face for your Moto 360.
To quickly dim your screen, just put your palm completely over the screen until it vibrates.
To turn off all Moto 360 vibrations, mute your watch by swiping down all the way from the top of the watch’s screen. If you get notifications on your phone that you don’t want to see on your watch, you can stop specific apps from showing up on your watch. You can see a menu of simple tasks on your watch, and anything in this list can also be said aloud.
For example, once you’re on the menu you can touch “Start stopwatch.” To do the same thing with your voice, just say “Ok Google, start stopwatch” from most screens. Android Wear allows you to use several of your current apps, like Google Now, Google Hangouts, and Gmail, on your Moto 360.
Moto 360 Specifications Leak, Price and Release Date We finally have a reason to thank Best Buy. I have one more request but I totally understand if you can't as you are getting quite a few.
Supposedly Google is releasing an API shortly that will support an official way to do custom watch faces and at that time it would seem that that would render all the current methods obsolete.
This app allows you to create your own unique face for Android Wear devices, opening the doors for creators everywhere. Submissions for this watch face maker go through the Google Play app store so you know they’re legit - some even cost additional cash to download. It’s ready to roll for all Android Wear devices on the market today, both square and circular.

From choosing the font, to placing a wallpaper and even showing your battery percentage, it’s all easy with the built in editor. Just select your WearFace image, set the alignment point to center, and use the rotation tags to make your WearFaces work with Facer! For example, if you downloaded an agenda app, go to Android Wear, touch Agenda and select the new app. If you have recently installed a new application and you notice a decline in battery life, it is recommended you remove the application from your phone.
This will likely be a situation that’s less-than-necessary in the future whenever Google opens their official API to developers and the public, but for now you can go ahead and go with Face. For those of you without Android Wear devices, you’ll have to wait - Face for Wear doesn’t work with Pebble at the moment. The app costs a fee and some of the watch faces inside the app cost a fee as well - but at what cost fashion? There will still be a place in the future for apps like wearfaces and wear picture watch, the devs of those apps will simply need to update them to use the new api. If you don’t feel like designing your own watchface you can download a watchface in-app using our unique, custom watchface store. Once you make your selection, you’ll be able to customize your background image and color, tick, icon, text color, date information, weather information, and even missed call info.
I’ve searched and searched the Play Store for interactive analog watch faces for my Huawei watch but have found nothing like I have on my 360.

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