Creating your own virtual planet can be purely an exercise in letting your imagination run wild. Like most model-making endeavors, making a planet is something that you can take as far you want.
Virtual worlds allow us to create online avatars and enter lands of fantasy and imagination.
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Then, go to Layer menu again – Create Clipping mask, and also set this layer blend mode to Soft Light. Step 9 – You will probably need to use the clone tool to clean up the center of the planet as the image tends to pinch.
I’ve only recently started taking photos for the purpose of creating a mini planets, but I am already addicted.
There is a distance from stars of different magnitudes called the habitable zone, because temperatures reach levels where liquid water is possible, but if you have your planet closer or farther away, you will need to base your future decisions on having an ice world, a steam world, or a world farther away but with a heat source beneath the surface. More moons make more interesting skies and decrease the likelihood of meteors and comets hitting your planet, but a single moon makes tides, if you want any, a bit more consistent. You will need to decide how they get their energy, which usually means they will need to eat something and excrete something. Most planets that rotate will have four seasons, but those with really eccentric orbits could have more extreme winters and summers.
You may want to play around with their level of communication, their use of tools, their physical variations, and several other factors, but it is easiest if you try to develop an evolutionary track and a history for them first. Unfortunately it is not only not my native language, but at school I have not studied it, too.So.

In fact it was so easy (I got it right first try) and so interesting I am off to my own planet now. This includes to personalise ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic.
I decided to use Google maps, but if I simply make screenshot, I will not get large enough image (we really need 3000-4000 pixels size).
For best results, make sure that the spot where you are standing will be easy to clone later (ex: grass, sand, and concrete are good. In the pop up window that opens up, click on the Browse… button and find your photographs. Important: Make sure your the ends of the panorama line up properly, otherwise you will have difficulties later on. For our example, the panorama is 7609 pixels wide, therefore, we will be changing the height to 7609 pixels. However, if you find the subject of alien planets and life intriguing enough, you may want to make it into a learning exercise by obeying the known laws of the universe. Orbits around single stars are most likely to be elliptical and deliver more constant climates. If your planet is too small (like Mars), it won't have enough gravity to retain gases like oxygen and carbon.
You may get some interesting ideas of how to lay out your oceans and lakes and mountains from studying weather patterns on Earth. If they are sufficiently advanced, you can move on to various levels of government, classes, and perhaps some unique professions.
The best ones are those with very little detail both in the bottom area (asphalt, water, land) and in the upper area (ideally, blue sky). Uncheck the "Constrain proportions" option and apply to Height the same value shown in Width.

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Then set layer blend mode to Overlay, and finally, go to Layer menu – Create Clipping Mask (so that map is only visible within planet shape).
Patterns such as brick work are more difficult to fix later) We recommend shooting vertically. You can still get really creative with sentient subterranean ice slugs, respiration based on methane, or gravity so light that most creatures spend more time in the air than on the ground. For each life form, you need to make sure you have an ecosystem that allows its population to balance, so that it has enough food, some way of reducing its number when overpopulated (predators or disease perhaps), and that it reproduces at the optimal rate.
You may want to start out with the outline of continents (if any), ice caps at the poles (if any), and the most likely pattern for ocean currents, recognizing they would tend to flow away from the direction of the planet's rotation. Be sure that you rotate the full 360 degrees, and that your final picture overlaps with your first picture.
You will just have to see how your choices affect others you make, and after a certain amount of tweaking, you may have a viable ecosystem you can be proud of.
The really large planets are usually called gas giants, and they have no solid surface, so their topography is not going to be as interesting. Then move to the bodies of water (or ammonia or whatever liquid is most prominent on your world), remembering that liquids tend to flow from high ground (mountains) toward low ground (shorelines). Perhaps there is some sort of tutorial on this?I have two files (in the best resolution)This displacement of the planet and its image of the cosmos.

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