Run ConceptDraw PRO and activate Solution Browser by choosing the command "Open Solutions" in the Solution Park menu. Doubleclick the preview of Directional Map template to open the template in ConceptDraw PRO. Set the measurement units and scale for your drawing using the Unit tab (Mac), or Settings tab (PC) of the Document Properties dialog.
Add the map elements to the drawing by dragging them from the library to the document page. Result: Simple and clear map, published on the website can be very useful to show the location of the office for your customers and partners. Application Builder includes built-in wizards for generating map charts on pages with a Desktop user interface.
Map chart support in Oracle Application Express is based on the AnyChart AnyMap Interactive Maps Component.
AnyChart stores map data in files with a *.amap extension, and supports 300 map files for the United States of America, Europe, Asia, Europe, Africa, Oceania, North America, and South America.
For Navigation Preference, specify the type of navigation to include on this page and click Next.
Scroll down and expand and review the May Query Example and Map Reference Information regions. Scroll down and expand and review the Map Reference Information region at the bottom of the page. When you create your query, you must incorporate the region name information as described in the Map Reference Information region. If you are referencing geographical information stored in a database table, the information must correspond with the Region information associated with the map source. Navigation List - New pages can be added to an existing navigation list, either as top level entries, or as links in the navigation list hierarchy. Breadcrumb - Select whether you want to use a breadcrumb navigation control on your page, and which breadcrumb navigation control you want to use. To associate data with geographical locations, you must incorporate information from the Region Name or Region ID columns into the Map query.
From the Gallery select the Map Chart region and drag it to the appropriate location in Grid Layout.

You can also right-click Map Chart region, select Add To, and select the appropriate location. To learn more about an attribute, select the attribute in the Property Editor and click the Help tab in the center pane. Item Display Position - Specify where page items display in relation to the main region content.
Once you create a map chart, you can alter its display by editing attributes in the Property Editor. There are additional map settings that cannot be controlled using the standard attributes on the Map Attributes page.
You can create map charts that monitor information by enabling the Asynchronous Update attribute on the Map Attributes page.
Oracle discourages very small updates intervals, such as 2 seconds, since they may cause serious database performance issues.
Display Point - Identify a display point for this region.To learn more, see field-level Help.
Condition Type - Select a condition type from the list that must be met in order for this component to be rendered processed. Authorization Scheme - Optionally select an authorization scheme which must evaluate to TRUE in order for this component to be rendered or otherwise processed. Once you create a map, you can alter its display by editing map attributes on the Map Attributes page.
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Starting Point-Teaching Entry Level Geoscience > Teaching with GIS > How do I use GIS in Introductory Geoscience?
We can help students understand spatial relationships through the inclusion of specific maps that relate to the lecture, discussion, lab or exercise topics (see for example, Gutierrez et al. Online GIS data sources - Download data sets that are relevant to the course to create maps for lecture, lab, or exercises. Using GPS in geoscience classes - Don't forget that you and your class can generate your own data for maps by using GPS! These are a few examples of maps that can be created from online sources for use in the classroom.

You can easily visualize city maps or destinations with driving directions and traveler information using special vector stencils libraries.
How you create a map chart depends upon whether you are adding the map to an existing page, or adding a map on a new page. AnyMap is a flexible Macromedia Flash-based solution that enables developers to visualize geographical related data. The navigation options (for example, navigation menu or tabs) depends upon the current application theme. To view map reference information associated with your selected Map Source, expand the Map Reference Information region at the bottom of the page. Selecting an error message displays the associated attribute in red in the Property Editor.
Selecting a warning message displays the associated attribute in yellow in the Property Editor. Required attributes display a red triangle in the upper left corner next above attribute label. Enabling this attribute updates the map to reflect changes in the underlying data within a specified time interval.
To view map reference information associated with your selected Map Source, expand the Map Region Information region at the bottom of the page. Ability to create directional maps in ConceptDraw PRO is contained in the Directional Maps solution.
While the use of state- or national-level geologic or topographic maps in geoscience coursework is quite common, available GIS tools and data provide opportunities to develop site- or topic-specific maps to enhance the experience. This solution extends ConceptDraw PRO with 10 libraries that contains 337 vector shapes that can be used when drawing directional maps.

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