Follow me by email, social media, or RSSTabletop RoleplayingI have played role­play­ing games since 1978, and I now write and pub­lish hobby games for fun. I enjoys gamemas­ter­ing, game design, and cre­at­ing new RPG ‘hacks’ and do-it-yourself tips to share with the gam­ing com­mu­nity. Why Fantasy?The value of myth is that it takes all the things you know and restores to them the rich significance which has been hidden by the veil of familiarity.
In fact, the Google Maps theme has become so ubiquitous (see Figure 1) that it is easily one of the most recognizable brands on the planet, no small feat given the service was launched only about five years ago. As Figure 1 indicates, Google Maps is capable of denoting the location of landmarks, restaurants, and other points of interest using the familiar red marker.
Thankfully, the API offers a great deal of flexibility in terms of marker management, allowing you to swap out the default version with one of your own.
The recently released Google Maps API V3 streamlines map creation and manipulation in a number of ways, including marker placement.
Incorporated into a complete example, the above JavaScript snippet will produce the map presented in Figure 2. The marker presented in Figure 2 has been placed atop Columbus, Ohio's university district, which contains The Ohio State University and surrounding student-related neighborhoods. Whereas the Google Maps API V2 offered a fairly awkward way to substitute the default marker with your own, adding a custom marker couldn't be easier using V3.
Given these new capabilities, let's create a map that represents several of Columbus' neighborhoods presented in Figure 4.
Readers with a keen eye might have noticed that the custom markers are lacking the subtle shadow of the default marker. Because of the need to offset the shadow from the companion image in such a way that it appears to be cast upon the map, a bit more work is required than what was necessary to place a custom marker.
Try experimenting with different settings to better understand how the shadow's position and offset work.
The Google Maps API provides unparalleled abilities to create location-based services, which are limited only by your imagination.
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We'll begin by learning what isometric projection is and how it differs from traditional linear perspective.
A DDI subscription will get you even more as the monthly content includes lots of fantasy maps which can be adapted to any ruleset. Here is my GM’ing style (at least, when run­ning Sav­age Worlds, my sys­tem de jour) as defined by GM Merit Badges. Google Maps is the overwhelming market leader not only in terms of providing search services through its namesake website, but also due to the powerful Google Maps API, which has been integrated into tens of thousands of third-party websites around the globe. When using Google's hosted mapping service, these icons are lettered in order to associate the location with an identifying title listed in a sidebar. By following the simple guidelines I provide in this article, you can create custom Google Maps markers, dramatically improving your map's usability and overall eye appeal. But the default marker does little to reflect the context, so I'll clarify the location by substituting the default marker with the university marker found in the open source Map Icons Collection download. While not a serious oversight, the shadow does offer a nice dimensional touch, so let's go ahead and add one. Thanks to V3's incredibly easy customization features, such as the ability to substitute the default markers with custom versions representing museums, schools, stadiums, and more, it's easier than ever to seamlessly integrate custom mapping features into your websites.
He is also the author of several popular books, including "Easy PHP Websites with the Zend Framework", "Easy PayPal with PHP", and "Beginning PHP and MySQL, Fourth Edition". There is often  much to keep track of that it’s easy for the author to lose track of certain details of their characters. From there we'll learn two different methods for creating isometric objects, one using a grid, and a second using the scale, shear and rotate tools in Illustrator. Shinn on Essential Traveller RulesOn DragonsFairy tales are more than true: not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten. Further, the API does not come with support for using lettered markers, instead offering a plain red version, which offers little guidance regarding the marker's underlying location, particularly when a map is simultaneously displaying multiple positions. The Map Icons Collection mysteriously does not include a default shadow marker, however I found a great online service for creating companion marker shadows, aptly called the Google Maps Icon Shadowmaker. To counter this problem, many authors use graphic organizers – more commonly known as mind maps – to help them keep track of their characters, plot points, and other important story details.

I worked as a journalist early in my career, and as an associate minister of a church before finally settling on technology and marketing as my career of choice. I've applied the shadow to the script used to create Figure 4, producing the revised map found in Figure 5.
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From there, we'll learn what an orthographic drawing is and how it can help us to construct buildings on our map.
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Concept development organizers include content such as story webs, circle charts, and flow charts. Once that information is down on paper, it becomes much easier for the author to visualize connections between things like plot points or major events. Many times, seeing the information down on paper actually provides a much better picture of the story. Sometimes, authors lose track of plot points, story ideas, or other important facts because they are trying to keep track of an entire story within their head. Using a mind map clears the mind, allowing the information to be memorized without any extra clutter.

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