This page is deprecated and may contain some information that is no longer relevant or accurate. Apache Directory Studio is a complete directory tooling platform intended to be used with any LDAP server however it is particularly designed for use with the Apache Directory Server.
Azureus has more than a million active users and is one of the most popular BitTorrent clients. The Bioclipse project is aimed at creating a Java-based, open source, visual platform for chemo- and bioinformatics based on the Eclipse RCP. Eclipse Trader is a set of plug-ins for the Eclipse RCP dedicated to the building of an online stock trading system.
Main planned features are Component Management DataBase, helpdesk management, system monitoring, etc. GumTree is an open source multi-platform scientific workbench for performing scientific experiment under a server-client environment.
An extensible, real-time, WYSIWYG, 3D visualization, simulation, and game-design authoring tool. JCrypTool is the upcoming cryptography e-learning platform based on the Eclipse Rich Client Platform. Kalypso-Simulation-Platform (Kalypso) is an open source application for geospatial modelling and simulation. Kalypso consists of a Rich Client application which lets the user visualize and edit GML data in a generic way (both GML 2 and 3 versions are supported) and is also a client for several OGC Webservices (WMS, WFS, SOS).
Kalypso parses GML application schemas including depending ones such as the GML base schemas itself into a strong feature- and property-typed system by building on top of standard XML techniques such as SAX and Java API for XML-Binding. Kalypso is LGPL open source and among others it is based on the Eclipse Platform and degree. Komo (Hawaiian for "enter") is a standalone RCP application that is intended to be the foundation for developing database client user interfaces, thus serving as a rapid application development tool. MyTourbook can visualize and analyze tours which are recorded by a GPS device, ergometer, bike- or exercise computer. With the NOA Office Integration Editor Plugin you can extend your Eclipse IDE or Rich Client Application with the functionality of the free Office Suite PaperDog is a J2EE-based client-server-system for versioning, managing and archiving of documents and other files. Applications that collect data from RSS-compliant sites are called RSS readers or "aggregators." RSSOwl is such an application.
Skyway Builder CE is an open source, Eclipse-based solution for developing and deploying JEE Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) and Web Services. WiredReach is a universal content sharing platform built on a set of open standards and technologies (Eclipse, JXTA, RDF, RSS, and XMPP) that allows users to selectively share content with others in a completely decentralized and secure manner.
The ZDT (Zhongwen Development Tool) is an open source, multi-platform application aimed at helping people learn Chinese.
Today, most network engineers use a combination of proprietary, vendor-supplied network management systems and a "bag o' tools" comprising scripts and home grown applications written and maintained internally, but there is no standardization. The ZipTie project was created to provide a better alternative to proprietary, vendor-supplied element management systems.

Thul Specialty Contracting specializes in the repair of separated joints in reinforced concrete pipe (RCP) culverts.
Contact us today for more information on material specification and our successful completed projects for the Minnesota Department of Transportation. RCP can design any type of race body for your vehicle by illustration and creating models that are scaled down to size. Illustrations are all hand drawn to tailor to the needs of the customer and can be used to secure sponsorships as well, prior to production. Your custom body project can be done in-house or you can have RCP handle the design and sculpting in the privacy of your own shop so you can be an important part of the project. Hopefully it will provide you a better understanding of the benefits from using Eclipse RCP for your application platform. Core features include multiple simultaneous torrent downloads, detailed speed limits and statistics, faster download startups with PeerExchange, the use of magnet-URIs and integration with routers and firewalls.
It provides easy-to-use graphical user interface for instrument data acquisition, online or offline data visualisation and analysis. Being multi-platform and distributed under an open-source license it is freely usable on virtually any platform and operating system.
The platform independent e-learning application supports users in experimenting with various cryptographic mechanisms like classic, symmetric and asymmetric encryption, digital signatures, hash values and XML security. It manages all common tasks an ERP system aims, like the distribution of products, customer relationship management and accounting. It is primarily developed to be a user friendly tool for GIS-based modelling and simulation of hydrological and hydraulic numerical models.
On the other hand, Kalypso brings a set of artifacts for a service oriented architecture in order to support gml processing. This plug-in will provide an editor in order to modify all document types of in a real integrated environment. Currently, there are modules for notes, diary, contacts and money management, in addition to a basic workarea where a text can be written.
Its use is the visualization of terms and concepts and the relations governing these items.
RSSOwl lets you gather, organize, update, and store information from any compliant source in a convenient, easy to use interface, save selected information in various formats for offline viewing and sharing, and much more. Talend's fundamental technology breaks with the market's leading proprietary solutions, associated with the open source model, significantly modifying the rules of the game in the data integration market. It provides a graphical interface to OGC standard internet mapping servers (WMS, WFS), local data files, and spatial databases. Our vision, instead, is to enable an open collaboration network (the User-Centric Web) - one that blurs the boundaries between the desktop and the web and that can be extended by anyone. As networks become more complex and include more unique and specialized hardware to perform specific duties within the network infrastructure, being able to manage them becomes increasingly difficult. Race Car Prototypes only employs the top auto body finishers & fiberglass professionals in San Diego to get the job done right the first time.
BrainBox is Web Services compatible, providing asynchronous simulations by using a J2EE based server.

It can now create a Dynamic Tapestry Web Project and edit the html template and finally deploy it to a server(ex tomcat).The plan is to make it an application builder like PowerBuilder and Visual Web Developer for Tapestry.
Its modular architecture, based on Eclipse RCP and EJB3 components, makes it suitable for any sized organization.
The aim of GumTree is to provide a highly Integrated Scientific Experiment Environment (ISEE), allowing interaction between different components within the workbench.
Besides learning and experimenting with cryptography and cryptanalysis, JCrypTool supports users in writing their own cryptography plug-ins and using them in JCrypTool.
The framework is designed to be highly customizable and provides the common base for developers in need of an ERP system specialized for their business. Currently the web is in Spanish, but the program is internationalized to support English and Spanish. Even the formulas for point calculation are configurable (following the IAAF and SLV standards). Thanks to a generic approach one can use the platform to handle models of arbitrary nature.
It serves as a technical demonstration for implementing best-practice approaches to combine an RCP-application with a J2EE container (JBoss) backend.
It's easy to configure, available in many many languages and the best of all: It's platform-independent. The proprietary network management systems?also known as element management systems?sadly only serve the purpose of that specific hardware vendor and not the greater network as a whole. This provides IT service providers with a highly scalable system that supports small companies as well as global IT services who have large user base requirements. GumTree is being adapted to several instrument control server systems including TANGO, EPICS and SICS, with simple-to-extend model for software developers. The JCrypTool team therefore invites developers to join the team and extend JCrypTool with their cryptography based plug-ins.
Outstanding features of the JFire RCP client are a classsharing plugin allowing remote classloading from the JFire server, integration with many Eclipse projects like GEF and BIRT or a Workbench-wide extendable exception handler. Current developments include acquisition, control and analysis on neutron and synchrotron beamlines.
GUI and clientside objects for most basic features are already included in the core system, this comprises organisation and user management, basic product definition, trading and many more. In the future it will be extended telescope control and other scientific instruments with distributed hardware. They can can be reused or customized via extension-points in order to build new applications tailored to many kinds of businesses. The bulletins of the participants and the rank list can be configured and are generated as PDF.

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