As I sat with my head leaning against the refrigerator door, I surveyed the mess of my home and realized I was attempting to fit far too many tasks into my allotted 24-hour day! My time management skills were definitely lacking and the schedule and routine I was living out was no longer working. That evening after I finally got both babies wrangled into their assigned bed and the kitchen clean, I sat down and created a time budget for my days. I started with allotting time for sleep because sleep is the first to go when I get busy and overwhelmed.
Next I determined how much time I wanted to devote to reading my Bible and in prayer each day. This is another area that falls off the radar if I’m not intentional to schedule it into my day. I did a lot of erasing as I worked on my time budget to allow for at least two hours of margin in my day!
Why not join more than 8,500 other people who are seeking to live more intentionally every day?! Plus when you join our Intentional By Grace Community Newsletter, you’ll get even more tips on living intentionally everyday, exclusive email list offers, and more! Having the right time management will make you more relaxed and will have more time for yourself and to your family.
Previously we looked at four key areas in our life in which we can have goals - Live, Love, Learn and Leave a Legacy. Here are some helpful tips to get your started.  As you experience success in small steps, you will be encouraged to stick with your plan.
This is especially important for both tasks you dislike and tasks you like.  You always have a risk of procrastination when it comes to tasks you hate by spending too much time on tasks you like. You can use an online calendar or a phone app to plan your time and tasks.  You can even set some of these tools to send you reminders.
Try to plan your time and chores so that you avoid last-minute chaos.  This will help avoid a lot of stress. There should always be at least four or five things that you can do each day toward any future goal that you have to help you feel accomplished.  Plus, having a variety of things to do each day will eliminate boredom and procrastination. I was trying to accomplish all the tasks within the realm of my responsibilities, but instead, I  was merely spinning wheels. During one particular reading, I was reminded of a basic time management concept – create a time budget. Creating a time budget helped me to see where I needed to spend my time and also what I needed to let go during this season of life. Then, I created main categories of necessary tasks that needed to be included in my time budget.

I’m still waking in the night to feed a baby and cuddle a toddler, so I never really get the seven hours of sleep. In this season of life, thirty minutes is reasonable and certainly doable even if I have to get creative.
She takes joy in spending her days creating memorable moments with her husband, conducting kitchen experiments, researching every natural alternative known to man, and making her little boys laugh. I am very organized and great with time management and priorities, but I am struggling with chronic illness and its very hard for me to get things done because there is always that unpredictable factor.
I feel that God wants me to reach out to others through social media, and its how he wants my life to be a ministry right now. Its what I always had in my heart, and I love that you put it in an organized way on paper!
I work for 10hours in a day, 6-7 days a week, sometimes I only have 1 day in a week to rest, the worst part is most times am too tired to read my bible not to talk of the kids.
Goals give us a focus, and that focus gives us the motivation and energy we need to be effective and save time. It’s easy to put your project proposals aside and simply conclude that you’ll get to them later.
In addition to any meetings you have done with the potential client, do a quick Google search for them. Recognizing the personality, goals and standards of the potential client’s company is important. It’s okay to ask potential clients if they are getting quotes from other companies within your industry.
But I feel like it can so easily take up more time than it should as there are always more emails to answer etc.
You have me agreed on the key part of living intentionally is being willing to change what isn’t working.
The goals that we considered help to give us a foundation in which we can begin to structure and add balance to our lives. However, when later finally does come around, you realize that you didn’t budget enough time to spend on the project proposal as you may have liked. It’s also a good idea to understand each individual that will be working with you on this project. If your proposal includes several sections, it can be a time-consuming process to read through all of it. We get the late nights, fast paced work schedules, way too many fast food buffets and the demands of business today.
To some this is a lot, but to me, it is absolutely necessary (or I drink too much coffee!).

Therefore, I allotted 3.5 hours of my day to preparing, eating, and cleaning up from meals. This time is spent in family devotions, homeschooling, taking nature walks, reading together, etc. It wasn’t until I created a time budget that I realized how little margin I was allowing for in my day. It also makes it so my life always feels like work because any energy I do have has to go to basic life tasks.
The use of our time is affected by not just how we schedule the next five hours, but by what we plan to do in the next five or fifty years. It’s easy to assume that since you have created countless sales documents that you can create one incredibly quick, but it’s important to consider each client as you create a project proposal for them. Are there any key aspects of the company that you should know and talk about within your project proposal? If they don’t, it’s still important to understand that you’re likely not the only person giving them a quote. Additionally, if you employ a second person to look over the project proposal – that extends the time needed to proofread. Just like many of you we work in the real world that requires real world results and beyond real world time. One of the best ways to make sense and give structure to our spectrum of goals is to use a mind map. Maybe in the travel section you would like to go mountain climbing in Switzerland or Bungee jumping in Australia. Taking a little extra time to adapt the project proposal to those individuals could make a huge difference.
Take a little time to research potential competition and briefly explain in your project proposal why your services are more valuable. A mind map is basically a plan or diagram which makes use of pictures or words to help us create links between information.
If your potential client finds a simple grammar or spelling error, it could cost you the job.

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