The sample application we are going to create is a small guestbook app which will allow your site visitors to enter some information. Updating Service Definition The first step to do is to update the service definition and service configuration files to include the storage account. Creating our Tables We saw how to insert, delete and get all our entities from the table using a simple data source, but where are we actually creating the table? We are going to create the table on the first request to the website which can be done by adding the appropriate code into the global application class.

The idea here is to create a class, where the class name corresponds to the table name and the properties correspond to the table properties. Would like to know, how to create Azure Tables from a class that has a property of user defined type. Please download the latest version of the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Windows Internet Explorer browser.
Using Lego blocks and photography we wanted to show that.a good infographic is simple and requires very little text.

Hit F5 and Visual Studio 2008 will take care of everything – from starting the local development storage, creating the tables and debugging the application.

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