I decided to try Visual Website Optimizer on my freelance writing services website built on WordPress.
When you click next, you will be taken to the URL you are testing inside the Visual Website Optimizer editor. Once I was finished editing the variation page, I set up my two goals using URLs that visitors would land on after submitting my contact form or subscribing to my email list.
After the goals are entered, you will finalize your campaign details, integrate additional tools into the process (such as Google Analytics), and configure advanced settings such as campaign scheduling. Additional options include viewing your original page versus the variation and checking out heatmaps for both pages. I went on to test a few more different variations for my freelance writing services page to determine which one worked best at converting new client leads.
Visual Website Optimizer is an affordable testing tool, starting at $9 per month for basic testing features. It’s a highly scalable tool that works for everyone from bloggers to enterprise level companies.

Filed Under: Featured, ReviewsAbout Kristi HinesKristi Hines is a freelance writer, professional blogger, and ghostwriter who specializes in business and marketing topics. Thanks also for recommending Visual website optimizer tool and i can see its really affordable.
The Visual Website Optimizer looks great, the functionality sounds perfect and the design of it looks amazing. Subscribe to my email list to get the latest news on business and marketing plus related products and services! Kikolani covers blog marketing and blogging tips for personal, professional, and business bloggers to succeed in search and social media marketing.
This site contains affiliate links, sponsored advertisers, and web analytics tracking code. The orange bar represents the original version of my freelance writing services page with the topics list, and the blue bar represents the variation without the topics list.
I plan to use this tool to optimize future versions or changes to my business and other landing pages.

Best of all, it will help you make changes that will help you convert visitors into leads, sales, and subscribers.
Even I am really scared and worried about this test, i used to think its really difficult test. Email addresses collected on this site will not be sold or given to third parties without your permission. For my test, I wanted to see how well my freelance writing services page converted with and without the large block of topics. While all attempts to provide accurate and valuable information are always made, the owners and authors of this site are not responsible for the content provided here or linked to on external websites. But then I got the opportunity to review Visual Website Optimizer and found out that it wasn’t difficult to do at all.

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