Beginning in March, players will battle secret cults harnessing the elements of fire, water, air and earth.
2.Level 65 coming with Zaahir accessory set, which give 24% bonus damage to fire skill and an overall 30% attack again flame target. The rest of the stat point can go to crit to further boost your crit rate or damage to boost your overall damage as well as dot damage (not confirm, any one can test please). You can either go for full set of aria or like me, use the elemental upper gear (lv55 green gear).
This rotation will dish out maximize damage for your flame impact while save your *** again some sneaking melee try to approach you. 3.Don’t try to play 1v1 with those range class with stun, you’ll be nice meat for them, bully those melee is your safeplay. I'm not said that i'm not respect those who made the guide about skill amplifier, but how can you so sure about this, this is just an assumption base on low level weap and level.
Meteor shot is overated, this skill is what that make a wiz shine, but this is in term of aoe and group mobing, in term of single target dps there still so many skill can outshine this.
So far, the 5th edition releases have been stellar, especially the Dungeon Master’s Guide. Personaly, I pump my speed a little high to play as the role of main healer in my party (equip with Zaahir harp can pump my speed to 41%, the rest 9% from gunslinger buff).

Argus for the trigger of 20% crit damage while mob clearing, and fia is for 25% damage to boss. In 60’s pvp, every class can get one shot by other dps class except guardian and bard, even those with eva build if their opponent’s Acc is high enough.
Try this, find a Wizard who got same gears as you and see how much difference your Flame Impact can do against Meteor Shot. The only one who know exact the mechanic and amplifier of the skill is the developer, that's what i mean.
I'm not saying purely doing DPS, the lasting time of blood seal and demon seal is 12 sec, corrosive arrow is 10s; you can put those skill first before continuously spaming flame impact. And the fact is only in pvp people move arround alot, my build is focus on how to make a sorc be more effective in contribute dps in IA, and in IA i don't think zaahir move alot, even without a tank with all the debuff stack in him. If you guys want to play real thrilling pvp, back to aion, l2 or play dota2 and LOL, thrilling pvp is not for this game. If you guys want to play real thrilling pvp, back to aion, l2 or play dota2 and LOL, thrilling pvp is not for this game.   If the one who did the tests got exact results, what is there to doubt? At 40% speed, Flame impact has the same cooldown as the overated-skill meteor shot at 50% spd (1,8sec), movable casting animation (not need to jump-cast), helpful in stacking big game hunter and pretty good damage (135% amplifier, I don’t really believe how people do the math of this, but let it be, none of us can understand the developer minds). But remind that we sorcerer have flame impact, also a fire base skill, so we can say that this set also share a little love to us sorcerer, grenadier and ravager.

I don’t want to argue with the eva build in pvp but let me say that in pve wise, eva is only good if you know what you have to do since boss’s skill is hardly miss and eva build is really squishy (those who with 95% eva and still stay in red circle is out of question). No, it's just that I can actually cover up for the role of a Tank, which is to compress targets and disable them with the help of another Bard's Ambient Drone so the AOE DPS classes can nuke them easily to death. The only minus is flame impact is a line not aoe skill, so you need to snare the target first before casting it using binding arrow. And with high damage from 24% boost, you can do decent damage to contribute to your team damage beside your DOT and debuff which is the main selling point of a sorcerer.
A skill's impact is made up of an amplifier and added fixed damage based from level, added DoT is a different case and calculating DoT is a no-brainer anyways.
It's 140% Amplifier and with the help of Wizard's high base damage it can reach ridiculous amount of damage, only bad side is the cooldown but in terms of burst, it's still way better than Sorc's Flame Impact and even AOE. You also need to consider the casting time of Flame Impact as well as moving too much means it will actually miss your target so it's not a 100% reliable when moving ALOT.

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