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As the economy globalizes, customers are becoming more and more diversea€”making your job harder than ever. The age-old customer-service maxim a€?the customer is always righta€? isna€™t enough anymore. Haven't you always wanted to be one of those amazing trainers and educators whose classes are fun and unforgettable and deliver impressive results? Now you can learn the secrets of energizing your delivery methods so that you can inspire, educate, and encourage your learners from master trainer Bob Lucas.
Schedule learning events that coincide with learner circadian rhythms and address work- and travel-related issues. A wealth of clever ideas for using visual aids, props, music, toys, crafts, games, and activities will enliven your presentations. You'll find yourself energized by the variety of ingenious methods you can use to improve your delivery and create an invigorating, memorable, results-focused training program. Lenn Millbower, the LearnertainmentA® Trainer teaches techniques that keep 'em awake so the learning can take.
This unique training resource offers trainers, educators, and facilitators a hands-on guide for designing and implementing training workshops and sessions that incorporate concepts learned from research on how the human brain best obtains, retains and recalls information. The author shows how to design, develop, and deliver training from a whole-brain perspective that addresses the three different learning modalities (auditory, visual, and kinesthetic). Training Workshop Essentials covers all the basics including selecting a topic specifically to address audience needs and much more. Training Workshop Essentials offers brain-based strategies and techniques that go beyond typical training methods.
From the author of the popular Big Book of Flip Charts comes a definitive reference of creative ideas, strategies and techniques guaranteed to enhance any adult learning environment. Based on the author's three decades of training experience, this invaluable resource gives trainers the tools to adopt a fun, energetic approach that will make for a stimulating learning environment. Filled with checklists, forms, resources, and dozens of "Bright Idea" blurbs, The Creative Training Idea Book will help trainers and trainees achieve maximum learning results.
In this course, users will learn what technology-based customer service is all about --- a brief history, terminology, CSR competencies required, and interpersonal skills necessary to be successful in dealing with a variety of customer service situations. Because of the diverse ways in which technology is being used to serve customer in various industry call centers, the material covered in this course is fairly generic so that it can be adapted to most call center and customer care environments. Included in the price is an examination that can be taken and forwarded to The American Management Association for grading and issuance of a certificate. The fifth edition of this best-selling customer service text has revised content and added features to help identify common customer service issues and provide proven strategies to address them.
For educators who adopt the book as a textbook, there is a dedicated website with instructor notes, PowerPointA® slides for each chapter, video vignettes to support classroom discussion, and a test bank of questions. Despite all the razzle-dazzle technology around, there's still no more lively, informative, and audience-friendly way to make an impact than with flip charts.
In addition to tips on drawing and displaying great-looking flip charts, Lucas explains how flip charts can help make you a better facilitator.
New employees face many challenges when joining an organization or moving into a new position, department, or team.
Organizations also have much to gain by helping ensure that new employees fit into the workplace culture. By providing a copy of Job Strategies for New Employees to each new hire along with a "Welcome" letter, organizations send a message of concern and commitment that can often make the difference during that tenuous transition period in the first few months on the job. More than ever, today's supervisors are assuming the key roles of trainer and coach to their staff. People Strategies for Trainers: 176 Tip and Techniques for Dealing with Difficult Classroom Situations by Robert W. Whether you've taught one class or thousands, you already know that all learners are not created equal.
People Strategies for Trainers is packed with practical techniques to help you reconcile a variety of issues, such as dealing with participants from different generations, those with disabilities, and those who speak English as a second language.

Of course, there are also show offs, clowns, and "experts" agitators and revolutionaries, poor listeners and distracted participants, latecomers and unprepared students.
Written by master trainer Bob Lucas, this book provides a wealth of new activities and games that can be used by trainers, presenters and educators in virtually any type of indoor learning environment. The book includes "getting started" activities to build and continue momentum and useful ways to create a bridge from learning to application. Filled with icebreakers and introductions motivators, brainteaser and energizers transition and reinforcement activities, stories that teach and powerful session closers.
To remain competitive and to position yourself as an asset to your organization and customers, you must develop and strengthen your interpersonal skills.
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Import charges previously quoted are subject to change if you increase you maximum bid amount. As the boss, you have fewer chances coming face to face with your customers than the people you employ. One thing customers have in common is the pleasure they receive when firms or establishments they patronize make it clear to them that they know who they all are.
No request should be too small to be considered, and no customer should be too insignificant to take care of. If you don’t have an FAQ page on your website (you do have one, right?), create one immediately. Regardless of differences in language, values, age, abilities and other factors the pressure is on to deliver exceptional customer service every step of the way to every customer.
Please Every Customer delivers key information about how people of different cultures and groups communicate, view relationships, approach business, and value timea€”so you can provide the best service for each of your customera€™s needs and expectations. Whether you're a novice trainer or seasoned training professional, you'll welcome this collection of 438 tools for designing, developing, and delivering programs that are dynamic, effective, interactive, and just plain fun! Energize Your Training connects the dots among learner motivation, communication, effective training methods, and how the human brain works. Plus every chapter includes "Putting It to Work" recommendations to guide you toward implementing major concepts in practical, real-world ways. By using this proven approach, trainers can create memorable workshops that are dynamic, innovative, fun, and effective events. Trainers can tap into accelerated learning strategies, address needs of different generational and diverse learners, and employ learner-tested techniques by applying key concepts from this book.
It provides a step-by-step process for creating an outline, designing, developing, and using brain-friendly support materials, choosing the appropriate location (with the right equipment and furnishings), selecting the best time and date for training delivery.
These approaches will reach out and pull learners into the session's content, and allow them to truly experience and retain the information long after the training ends. There is now an effective resource for organizations, trainers and individuals involved in call center service. The Successful Call Center Representative gives the tools needed to feel confident in handling customers, and the foundation for future growth and advancement. Additionally, there are numerous local, state, and federal guidelines to which call center employees must adhere. Also, users have a specially created AMA web-site for support and questions arising as they take the course. The focus of the ten-chapter book is to raise awareness, prompt thinking, give many step-by-step suggestions for service improvement, and provide readers with a valuable reference for information on how your organization can deliver service excellence. Over two dozen creative flip-chart-based group activities are included to help you lead a brainstorming, team building, or problem-solving session.
The Number 1 issue faced by someone in that position, in any organization, is how to communicate and effectively interact with others. With the amount of time, effort, and money spent recruiting, interviewing and orienting new staff members, it makes sense to try to give them all the available tools possible so that they can succeed. As today's employees are increasingly expected to learn new skills, take on additional responsibilities, and continue to help increase bottom-line profit, their managers are being asked to lead and train them.
Are you able to create a learning environment where every participant is getting maximum value, or are you letting different styles, attitudes, and circumstances affect your sessions?
People Strategies for Trainers will help you manage all of these and many others, ensuring an engaging and dynamic learning environment. Plus, you'll get a concise and applicable overview of Abraham Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Theory of Motivation, which will help you better understand what drives your participants to learn.
Lucas presents the theory and concepts behind using games and activities and discusses the research that supports the case for focusing on brain-based (active) learning, and the benefits of adding fun and novelty to the learning environment in order to enhance transfer of learning from the classroom to the workplace. Every day you come in contact with a variety of people in the workplace: employees, peers, your supervisor, customers and vendors.

As such, you”ll have to mostly rely on their performance when it comes to customer service.
Your competition may just as efficient as your team is in resolving customer support issues, but can they be as courteous or as cheerful as your team is?
Sure, there are certain privileges that VIP clients are entitled to and other customers are quick to understand, but there are also certain privileges that everyone have the right to enjoy like common courtesy and dedication. Train your employees to perform follow-up calls to ensure that all complaints had been resolved.
These classroom-tested techniques and strategies are proven to stimulate learners' thought processes, enhance retention and recall, and ensure that the learning experience is applied in the workplace.
The book also offers tips for presenting the content to learners in a creative and professional manner. The program can be used by individuals to learn how to be an effective service representative, or by organizations needing a training sourcebook, or to supplement organizational learning materials and programs.
By following information provided by supervisors or team leaders and using what is learned in How to be a Great Call Center Representative to supplement and enhance knowledge and skills, users can begin immediately providing quality customer service. The information contained in the book will benefit you whether you are new to dealing with others in a in a service environment or are more experienced with internal (e.g. In this comprehensive handbook, professional trainer and communications expert Bob Lucas explains the basic design principles and techniques that professionals use to make impressive flip charts-the simple "tricks of the trade" that make an impact all the way to the back of the room.
Each activity uses flip charts to draw out the best ideas and creative thinking from your group. The goal of Job Strategies for New Employees is to help avoid some of the mistakes that could be made when taking on a new task or position. Many supervisors shy away from training because they feel unprepared or uncomfortable making group presentations and providing one-on-one coaching. A powerful combination of the latest thinking and real-world solutions, People Strategies for Trainers will help you build a learning environment in which all of your participants can realize their full potential. He also offers guidance on the possible scenarios when these brain-based games might be appropriate.
Now, with this practical guide, you'll discover the essentials of coaching, including how to do it, when to do it, and why it is necessary in today's business environment. And in each of these contacts, both you and the other person walk away with an opinion about the encounter.
If you want them to treat your customers well, make sure you give them similar treatment at work. Common problems may be discussed here to negate the need for calls regarding the same issues. For complicated issues, make sure that you give clients progress reports to let them know that you”re still working on their case. For presenters who want to jazz up their "text only" flip charts, but don't know how to draw, dozens of ready-to-copy flip chart graphics, icons, and templates make it easy to create something special with minimal effort. Training Skills for Supervisors shows supervisors new to training-or ones who want to expand their knowledge of adult learning and training - techniques to better transfer knowledge and skills to their employees. The remainder of the book offers a creative collection of activities for use throughout any training event.
This book also addresses ways to coach employees with special needs, including underachievers, overachievers, and those with disabilities.
Whether your encounter will be a success or failure depends on the strength of your interpersonal skills. Sometimes, people pretend to seek for solutions when all along, they simply desired to have someone listen to them. Do your best to give them a specific time period for which they can expect the issue to be fully resolved. You'll learn how to use lettering in an attractive and impactful way; understand spacing, use color and creative fonts. Whether making group presentations or coaching one-on-one, this book provides the information and insights your need to make your job as a trainer easier and more effective. With Coaching Skills, you'll understand how to develop an effective action plan for improving communication, trust, and cooperation between you and those you manage or supervise. Effective Interpersonal Relationships provides tools for developing, refining, and building your interpersonal skills, and guides you through the key points to effective communication. The Big Book of Flip Charts is the ultimate reference guide for flipcharts, covering not just writing and displaying techniques but layout and graphics, as well as flip chart facilitation activities.
Filled with valuable tips, examples, and scenarios, this handy book offers practical advice on how to build rapport, trust, and respect on the job through better communication, improved listening skills and conflict management.

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