Customer service is not a department, it’s everyone’s job. With so many businesses to choose from and so little to differentiate them, good customer service skills can help you win new business over competitors. Stats like these emphasize the significance of delivering a wonderful experience to your customers.
How many times have you chased down a customer service representative for help, only to receive a vacant stare and a garbled ‘don’t know’ for your trouble?
Where possible, rather than throwing staff into the wilderness with half-baked knowledge of your products and services, equip them with the customer service skills required to deliver an outstanding customer experience. Customer service expert, Micah Solomon once said, ‘arguing with a customer is obviously ridiculous.
Anyone who’s owned a business knows broken promises due to service failures are unavoidable. Everyone dreads calling customer service, because you often find yourself being transferred back and forth across multiple departments, until finally, someone hangs up the line. Limit the amount of ushering to ensure customers don’t get frustrated and turn to your competitor for customer service.
Losing a customer through something as trivial as a shoddy phone call is a bitter pill to swallow. Some organizations argue they don’t give special treatment to any customers because it’s unfair on others. At Client Heartbeat, we strive to empower all employees with strong customer service skills so they know when it’s okay to bend the rules.
However, you’re safe to tweak policy when the positive consequences of doing so outweigh the negatives.
To reiterate, customers expect a minimum of basic customer service, but will be doubly thrilled if your employees have outstanding customer service skills.
Whatever industry you belong to, the real product you’re selling is the ‘customer experience’.
Ross Beard is on the marketing team at Client Heartbeat, the simple customer feedback tool. A simple customer feedback tool that surveys customers, measures satisfaction and identifies unhappy customers.
Client Heartbeat sends personalized email surveys to your customers on a periodic basis to measure customer satisfaction. By using past scores and industry data, Client Heartbeat identifies unhappy customers are 'at risk' of defecting to competitors. Customer Service Resume Skills we provide as reference to make correct and good quality Resume.
In this piece Simon Stead, Head of HR, Granby Marketing Services, tells us what customer service skills go towards building a great customer service team.
The ability to instantly build rapport with a client or customer is one of the key customer service skills, especially when you are dealing with customers over the phone, because you can’t rely on using body language and personal interactions to enhance the conversation. Establishing a positive dialogue with customers, even if they are calling with a complaint, enables customer service advisors to deal with problems faster and reassures the customer that their issue has been understood and will be dealt with effectively and in a timely fashion.
In order to achieve this, you need to provide regular training for all of your team members. I believe that whilst advisors operate on an individual basis they can learn a great deal from each other. Establishing a regular programme will allow you to recreate scenarios which may test these skills, and generate new perspectives and insights into how individuals and the team can continue to improve the level of service they are providing. Building strong dialogue between you and your employees is essential and the best way to empower your staff.
In essence focussing on positive behaviours and giving feedback in a variety of ways in addition to sharpening on customer communication and service is crucial to training and developing an exceptional customer service team.

Learn how to build a blueprint for the ultimate experience you want to deliver for your customer by downloading our latest report. Using a digital maturity model, the report assesses how marketers and customer service professionals are responding to challenges and pressures in providing seamless customer service. The report summarises the findings of our latest survey and highlights some recommended actions for organisations seeking to reinvent their customer experience - and reinvent themselves in order to deliver it. We would be really grateful if you could mark voice of the customer as a VIRTUATel trade mark. In fact, the White House Office of Consumer Affairs reported that 70% of people buy based on how they’re being treated, rather than the alleged value of the product. To keep you customers happy, avoid making these six mistakes when it comes to your customer service skills.
A lack of support combined with constant underperformance is demotivating, and unmotivated staff members provide poor service and taint your business’s reputation.
Employees with good customer service skills speak calmly and reasonably to resolve the issue, and work towards a positive outcome.
So long as you remember your good customer service skills by taking responsibility, apologizing and fixing the situation as soon as possible, you’ll be able to walk away knowing even though the customer ‘won’ the argument, you won them over.
Breaking promises is the fastest way to churning customers and decreasing customer satisfaction.
It’s critical to be completely honest about what happened, and to offer a realistic, deliverable solution. Be there at a moment’s notice, and you won’t lose customers to your equally fallible competitor. A study by Global Customer Service Barometer found 26% of consumers have experienced just this. So avoid that nasty feeling by educating your employees to remember their customer service skills, and you’ll outshine your competitors and keep loyal customers on your side.
I’d argue, what’s unfair is not giving your wonderful customers the special treatment they deserve. Obviously, policies and guidelines are in place to protect you, but you should encourage employees to use their judgement when it comes to offering special treatment.
Use reciprocity to enhance your customer relationships even when it means circumventing stringent policies, and your loyal customers will appreciate your company beyond what you can physically provide. What this means is, everyone has access to information about how to implement good customer service skills. In today’s customer-centric economy, it’s imperative your customer service is up to scratch, so greet customers with a smile and a firm handshake, to keep prospective and loyal customers happier than ever.
This means you get more actionable customer feedback that you can use to improve satisfaction. The moment you pick up the phone and begin communicating with a customer or client, you are being judged. A strong telephone manner therefore is a vital skill which if executed effectively, can help to build positive relationships and brand loyalty.
At Granby we encourage our team leaders to make sure there are team meetings on a regular basis.
By discussing and implementing appropriate steps staff will continually feel they are working in a progressive environment. Not only does it help them develop their communication skills and ability to establish a strong rapport with customers, it also helps to create a positive, well-structured working environment, which naturally influences customer communications. If you measure your staff against these behavioural competencies and use them to recruit and develop you team, you too could end up with staff like City and Guilds Apprentice of the Year Joshua Smith. Since 89% of consumers are willing to switch vendors because of a poor customer experience, it’s imperative your customer service is up to scratch.

Some businesses don’t train their staff properly because they think customers won’t notice the difference. You may have to resign yourself to being some manchild’s verbal punching bag for a couple of minutes, but remember the customer wants a reaction out of you, which justifies their rudeness.
Customers don’t expect you to be perfect, but they do expect you to make up for your mistakes. You should be transparent about the process of resolution and provide an expected time frame. In an age where 55% of customers abandon business transactions based on poor service experiences, it’s essential to make this channel an efficient method of communication. Outline the significance of their role and its relevance to the company, so they recognise how their actions can influence the course of events. This is a great example of going above and beyond, one of nine customer retention strategies use can use to retain more customers and grow your business.
They must always ask if the customer requires assistance and say please, thank you, and apologize when something is inconvenient. It means streamlining communication, bending the rules and practising the basics of customer service. Do you need a strategic resume to get your next leadership role or even a more challenging position? There are so many kinds of Free Resume Templates. Depending on the nature of their call, whether it’s a customer complaint, inquiry or transaction request, the way you immediately address, respond and converse with them will not only inform how the conversation develops, but their overall impression of you and the company you represent. Make sure you carry out one-to-one reviews with your team on a regular basis and provide specific training for team leaders on how to engage and lead their staff.
This provides an opportunity for staff to share their experiences with each other for the benefit of the business, in addition to establishing a forum for great performance to be recognised and rewarded.
As part of this make sure you employ a variety of questioning techniques when training your staff to ensure they fully understand issues from the customers perspective. However, 67% of consumers notice when a staff member lacks product knowledge, and according to Blue Wolf, engaged, knowledgeable employees deliver a better customer experience and close 33% more deals than their untrained counterparts. Explain the reasons behind your policies, so they’ll do more than shrug and parrot policy to unhappy customers.
Disabuse them by being the bigger person, and once the customer is done lashing out, they’ll be more amenable to a solution. A study by Accenture found 55% of consumers would give a business two chances before leaving. Once the problem is solved, follow up to see how that customer is doing to reinforce your continued relationship.
Once they comprehend the importance of their position, they’ll feel responsible for what happens each time they pick up the phone. They should be polite, helpful and avoid ‘any behavior that conveys a lack of care or consideration for the customer’.
Align your compass with the customer experience by avoiding these customer service turnoffs, and give customers a reason to come back, again and again. Advisors often forget what it’s like to be a customer when they are interacting with them, which can mean the level of service they pass on is not to the level they themselves would expect. This approach provide you with an understanding of the issues they are facing and allow you to build an effective personalised training programme to ensure each member of staff is developing and progressing according to both their desired development plan and your requirements for the business and your team. Staff who are not fully engaged with the nature of each call they are on are likely to make mistakes, so make sure there are no distractions surrounding your advisors which might prevent them from concentrating purely on the customer.

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