Business experts say such contrasts may extend to the broader corporate cultures of Apple and AT&T, straining the tight collaboration needed to launch such a significant product.
Good summary Garr, I watched the keynote and as soon as I saw Stan pull out those cards a big "uh-oh" went off in my head and I was sure that I'd read about it here a few days later.
Are CEOs unapproachable and people who work for them are too afraid to tell them how bad they are at presenting?
I doubt that any presentation Sigman has ever made was going to generate the sort of column inches the iPhone launch was going to. What Stan could have done, instead of blathering on about his company, is to have said, "Here's why this matters to YOU." And he wouldn't have needed cards for that discussion.
Also, I found it rather amusing that the CEO of a (tele)communications company is the one worst at communicating. I even can say that if stock markets will be even more sensitive than now - good presentation will follow by the stock price grow and vice versa.
What is the responsibility of Apple or Steve Jobs in this case since It's their big presentation.* Didn't they have any clue about how that guy would perform on stage? What is stunning about this, is less Apple's failure to censor this guy, but AT&T's failure to read their audience. There are times when such skills are desperately needed, such as in the case of instilling investors with confidence in a strategic alliance or when announcing a new product to an audience. Obviously, Sigman was the worst of the bunch -- but aside from his stiffness and reliance on cards, he was bad because he didn't talk about anything tangible. The contrast between Jobs and Sigman is very big, but may be just to make a bigger impact Apple has decided to invite Sigman to talk. Karim KRID : Annaba 2005 2 DEFINITION Imiter de trop pres un modele (selon Larousse) Imiter de trop pres un modele (selon Larousse) Action de reproduire par copie ou imitation une ?uvre litteraire, artistique ou industrielle au prejudice de son auteur, de son inventeur, cest-a-dire fabriquer des contrefacons ou copies qui pretent a confusion aupres des consommateurs. Karim KRID : Annaba 2005 3 Les Formes de la contrefacon La reproduction servile de la marque, ou contrefacon (proprement dite). Karim KRID : Annaba 2005 6 Objectifs de lenquete Identification de la contrefacon en vue de definir une strategie de lutte contre ce phenomene.
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But Stan Sigman did not do anything on stage at Macworld that made me feel more confident about the deal, in fact, if anything I feel less confident. The CEO of my workplace gives a talk once a month to about 2000 people, and it's a regular snooze fest, filled with boring stats (complete with unreadable small-font spreadsheets) and bad jokes that fail to get even a polite chuckle.
I've worked with many like that, and it's a challenge to get the proverbial light bulb to go on. Rather than having a lengthy awkward silence, he was honest about there being a problem, tried the backup controller, and then filled the time by telling a story.
But to claim that presentation skills are the be-all-end-all of individual success in business is delusional, at best. He used it as an ad opportunity to talk about the AT&T deal, which didn't have much relevance to the topic -- iPhone -- at hand. Just kidding, actually when announcing a product like iPhone, Apple has virtually no other options but to invite all major CEOs of the cooperating companies and denying one CEO out of 3, his "right" to talk on the stage, would be very wrong and contra productive. Concerne principalement les produits d importation sans negliger la contrefacon des produits fabriques localement.
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I will not comment on the content of the presentation except to say that Steve was smart to limit his keynote to essentially one topic, the new Apple iPhone. One way to determine his effectiveness is to see what reporters covering the event live in San Francisco typed on their keyboards as they attempted to quickly summarize the key points as they occurred. I mean they even color-coded the different chapters (the yellow, green and blue page-turners).
The conversation stayed between him and the audience rather than becoming between him and the technical wranglers. If AT&T is comfortable with Sigman as front man at a major product roll out, then so be it.
If you read Stan Sigman's biography, you'll find that the answer to both questions is a resounding "no".

All he had to do was say "We saw Steve's vision, we understood it, and you're going to love it." Period. Also even if Sigman would understand that he is a bad speaker, in such situation, he could not refuse such proposal, as it would be more then strange, 2 major CEO's talking (Google and Yahoo), but Cingular's CEO, the main partner would be absent. On apprend a ecrire des discours comme a jouer du piano : en pratiquant beaucoup et en secoutant souvent.
Many presenters fail before they even start because they include too much information or cover too many topics. Yet Jobs could just as well have been talking about their two different communication styles as well. This is true whether the presentation is a 90-minute Macworld keynote or a 5-minute status report.
Another "old timer," 20th century communication guru Dale Carnegie, preached against the very same mistakes made by the Cingular CEO. 4.Formation et initiation des agents de controle, a la procedure denquete et a la demarche a suivre. Choosing what to focus on and completely letting go of the rest (for that moment at least) is one of the hardest things to do.
A Singularly boring presentationAs Steve Jobs often does in his Macworld keynotes, he asked execs from a few key corporate partners to come up on stage and say a few encouraging words. In this way the slides on screen are visuals for the audience and the same image on the monitor are cues for the presenter.
In the case of a demo, it is a good idea to have notes to yourself (which the audience can not see) to keep you on track so you do not leave something out.
Both Schimdt and Yang were enthusiastic and energetic speakers who kept their comments upbeat, simple, and brief.
These are not notes about how to use the product (you surely know that or you would not be on stage) but rather on the what's next or "don't forget to show this," etc.
Steve referred to notes at various times while demoing, but you could hardly tell unless you were watching for it (most people are looking at the screen during a demo). Stan Sigman strolled slowly across the stage, hands in his pockets, in a manner you might expect from, say, a legendary football coach from the SEC about to face the press before the big game. Then the cue cards came out, the head went down, and it was all down hill after that.Watch the Macworld keynote in Quicktime on the Apple website. Sigman does not yearn to be in the public eye nor does he fancy himself a great communicator. I respect his no-nonsense approach to the job, but killer presentation skills is not a frivolous thing. It matters.My only point in highlighting his short speech was to show what the rest of us must never ever do. Like it or not, our customers, employees, and colleagues judge us in part on our ability to stand and deliver a successful talk. We must find our own voice and our own style, of course, but we must never make the same mistakes made by Mr.

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