Nicole meets with Debra to make sure nothing was found in Liam's safe deposit box that could incriminate her. JJ confides in Rory about his romantic woes, while Bev gloats to Paige about her date with JJ. Jordan thinks Kate is telling Rafe the truth about her false identity, but then realizes they were just talking about Nick and Gabi.
Kate meets up with Clyde and is disappointed when he relays he had a "happy" reunion with his kids.
Earlier, Hope and Aiden are skittish around each other after the feelings they experienced at the gala.
Jordan tells Chad she is over Rafe, and it's clear where her heart now lies as they share a kiss. Caroline meets up with Roman and admits she is both encouraged and discouraged about her memory issues.
NEXT ON: At Arianna's party, Kate blurts out that Lucas and Adrienne are sleeping together. Will and Sonny get into a heated argument when Will learns his husband has emptied out their shared bank account for more work on the club expansion.
Rafe meets with Roman, who's received an anonymous letter detailing how Rafe covered up for Gabi after learning what she did to Melanie.
Kate meets with Clyde, intrigued to learn he's made an anonymous donation to a hospital charity.
While EJ is almost caught by Rafe, Sami gets cold feet when she has a heart-to-heart with Allie.

They run into Rafe, and EJ expects him to throw his affair with Abigail in his face - but to his surprise, Rafe refrains. He then warns if she doesn't help him break up Rafe and Jordan, he will expose her part in bringing him to town. Meanwhile, Ben finally confesses to Abigail that Clyde is his father and Jordan is his sister. Ben rushes to put his clothes back on when Abigail returns, and the two women have a happy reunion.
She then goes to Clyde's hotel room to give him a piece of her mind - and is stunned to find he and Kate have just made love.
Meanwhile, Paul learns from Daniel his shoulder is far too damaged, and he'll never pitch again. When Rafe doesn't deny protecting his sister, Roman is forced to ask for his gun and badge. Clyde's larger agenda becomes clear when he reveals it's the charity Jordan recently started, and he's counting on Kate letting his stepdaughter know just where the money came from - accidentally, of course. Caroline advises her granddaughter not to focus on anger and revenge but to deal with her emotions so she can heal. Later, JJ asks Aiden about the lawsuit, and Aiden makes a cryptic remark about bad marriages. Flustered, Hope rushes out and tells Ciara they are going on a summer vacation - immediately. He goes back to work only to be harassed by Lucas, who has been pressured by Adrienne to call and find out what is going on between him and Sonny.

Melanie warns that Chad may have gotten Abigail her job back, but he is still not to be trusted. Marlena advises Will to stop trying to manipulate his husband, or he will lose him for sure.
He then pressures Kate to explain why she participated in Sami's revenge, and she finally blurts she did it to avenge what Stefano tried to do to Rafe. Meanwhile, Ben reassures Clyde that everything's great with Abigail, even if Chad is still interested in her.
Sonny seeks out Paul, telling him he and Will talked about their marriage, and he was honest with Will about his feelings. Later, Sonny arrives with Arianna, and Melanie's moved to see how much Gabi misses her daughter. Later, Ben runs into Chad, who is thrown when Ben says he knows Chad and Abigail were together. Meanwhile, Will arrives at Club TBD for the small birthday party he and Sonny are hosting for Arianna.

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