This is a Days of our lives spoiler so don’t read it if you don’t want to know what happens! Okay Days of our lives viewers that just can’t wait to know what is going to happen before it happens.
We all know Theresa never got along with her mother but her mother is about to give her some unintentional help getting Brady back by announcing that Tate and Theresa are going to go back to California and live with them (Her Mom and Dad) so they can help her raise her son.  Since Theresa is technically a single Mom, this does not seem over the top. While Brady is still waiting for an answer to his marriage proposal from Melanie, he finds out about what Theresa’s parents are planning.  Theresa tells Brady that the baby belongs to his mother.
Adrienne and Lucas are tired of hiding how they feel about each other and start going out in public showing off PDA’S.
Kimberley wants Theresa and Tate back home in California with them and tells Brady that she does not want her grandchild raised Kiriakis.
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Many things have changed on this long running drama series since they air their first episode in November 8, 1969. A lot of characters, writers, directors and production crew were added and had been removed, but for the viewers nothing had changed and nothing will.
Based on reports, in the early years of the show, it captured a lot of high-profile fans, not to mention some are in Hollywood and Supreme Court. However, It is all over the news today that one of the main characters of 'Days of Our Lives' will be shot and will serve as a cue to the actor's exit from the show.
While Sami is walking alone, she heard a gunshot from nearby and all she can do is shout EJ's name.

The shooting led to his brother's arrival from Salem and he's mission is to execute EJ, because it was revealed to Chad that his girlfriend Abigail slept with his brother. If one of the main characters will die, there should be a replacement, and it was speculated that it will be Clyde who promise to "take care of EJ" and at the same time plans to take over EJ's business if the latter will really leave the show.
From the previous episodes, if you can recall, the reason why John is still in the hospital is because Theresa Donovan hit his head, resulting to him falling in coma, but now that John is awake and remembered everything that happened before he got into coma, what will happen to Theresa now? Samsung Galaxy Alpha Review, Specs, Features, Price: Dubbed as Samsung's Best Looking Overpriced Metal Smartphone? Any “Days Of Our Lives” fan can tell you that when Kate Roberts gets it in her head that she is against something – she literally can’t turn the other way and ignore it, regardless of whether it is any of her business or not. So, DOOL fans, what kind of crazy lengths do you think Kate Roberts will go to in order to ensure Lucas and Adrienne’s potential relationship is shut down? Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Daniel and Nicole Back Together, New Salem Couple Alert – What About Eric and Jennifer? NBC soap opera Days of our Lives will celebrate its 50th anniversary in November, and will kick off a new umbrella story later this month that will build momentum throughout the fall.
As previously reported, a number of fan favorites are returning including Stephen Nichols (Steve), Alison Sweeney (Sami), Peter Reckell (Bo), Thaoo Penghlis (Andre), Martha Madison (Belle), Jason Cook (Shawn), Tamara Braun (Ava) and Camila Banus (Gabi). On Wednesday, CBS unveiled its 2016-2017 primetime lineup, featuring three new comedies, five new dramas and 21 returning series. Will Melanie make the decision easy on Brady and set him free?  You can see previews for those scenes here. The actresses and actors who participated in this series had been awarded for playing their roles perfectly and professionally and because of their enticing performance, they touched many lives and change some viewer's perception in life. To get the best possible experience on our website we recommend that you upgrade your browser.

This month on the NBC soap tragedy struck and Sonny Kiriakis was brutally attacked and rushed to the hospital, Adrienne is currently standing by her son’s side and awaiting news from his doctors – and Lucas has tagged along for emotional and moral support.
Kate has a long sordid past of meddling and scheming – and now that she is aware of Lucas and Adrienne’s “connection,” she will not stop until she abolishes any chances of them actually getting together. Will Lucas and Adrienne be able to stick it out, or is their relationship as good as over now that Kate Roberts know about it? By getting your site on this service you have a chance to get your site more visitors than you can imagine. Tragedies tend to bring people closer, and Sonny’s near-death experience has definitely had that effect on his mother Adrienne and Lucas. Let us know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more “Days of Our Lives” spoilers and news. Are looking for exposure, to increase sales, and to quickly develop awareness for your website?
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