Days of Our Lives fans are freaking out this week after a new report claims one of the NBC soap’s most popular actors has decided not to renew their contract and leave the show. If Kate Mansi is the person who has decided to leave Days of Our Lives, fans will be deeply disappointed, especially since her character, Abigail Deveraux, has been such a huge part of the show over the past few years. If Kate Mansi leaves Days of Our Lives, would the role be recast or will Abby leave Salem for good?
Meanwhile, fans are still reeling from the most recent character departures of Serena Mason, Paige Larson, Will Horton, and Aiden Jennings, who have all died this fall on the soap.
There have been so many shake ups at Days of Our Lives lately that fans heads are spinning.
Whatever happens, it looks like viewers will be tuned in to watch it all go down as Days of Our Lives has been scoring big in the ratings. What are your thoughts on the possibility of someone such has Kate Mansi leaving Days of Our Lives?
Now Watch This: Highlights Of The 2016 Billboard Music Awards Now Read This: Chris Brown Hopes To Marry Rihanna, But She’s Hooked On Drake? According to Realty Today, when Belle Black returns to Salem, it will likely be to comfort her husband, Shawn Brady, as the entire family is finding out about his father Bo Brady’s terminal brain cancer. However, with so many of the Days of Our Lives characters returning home, it would be crazy not to bring Philip back to play alongside Shawn and Belle.
Meanwhile, Days of Our Lives fans will be sad to find out that Jason Cook, who is currently playing the role of Shawn-Douglas Brady, won’t be around for all the new storylines. It seems that the tragic car accident and sudden unexpected death of Daniel, which left Salem in complete darkness had a great impact on the viewers, as can be seen from the show's ratings.
Victora€™s brother, Deimos (Vincent Irizarry), arrives in town and the Kiriakis mansion sees its share of drama. John (Drake Hogestyn) has an equally interesting week when he visits with an old lady he believes is his mother. On another note, Belle (Martha Madison) has another adventure planned with Philip (John-Paul Lavoisier) when they take a trip to Vegas. In addition to the Salem drama, Steve (Stephen Nichols) continues to reel over Ava (Tamara Braun) and Joeya€™s (James Lastovic) connection, Eve (Kassie DePaiva) wants to move on with her life with Justin (Wally Kurth), but the latter might have other interests.
On the other hand, JJ (Casey Moss) and Gabi (Camila Banus) kiss, and Nicole (Arianne Zucker) learns about Bradya€™s (Eric Martsolf) dreams.

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Fans are worried and speculating that actress Kate Mansi, who plays the beloved character of Abigail Deveraux, could be the one who is on her way out at Days of Our Lives.
In the past, Abby has tried to seduced married man Austin Reed, and has had a scandalous affair with Sami Brady’s man, EJ DiMera.
Abigail is also going into labor with her first child and will hopefully be saved by the man she loves, Chad DiMera. Fans can’t imagine the show without Abigail as she has so much going on right now, including a romance with Chad DiMera that viewers really want to see play out. Spoilers also suggest that Daniel Jonas and Eve Donovan will be exiting as well and that Bo Brady could actually die so soon after being reunited with the love of his life, Hope.
The story lines have been much better, the drama much bigger, and the emotions are running high as beloved characters are leaving, fan favorites are returning, and no one really knows what lies ahead.
Days of Our Lives viewers will watch Belle return to town with her and Shawn’s daughter, Claire, now a teenager like Sierra, Theo, Chase, and Joey, but all will not be well with her marriage. What in the world happened to our Shawn and Belle while they were away from Salem living their lives with Claire? When Belle married Philip instead of the love of her life, Shawn, the drama really exploded. So, Philip Kiriakis will be making his way home for Christmas, and it should be interesting to see the dynamic between him, Shawn, and Belle as they have a very heated past.
Cook, who only agreed to return to the soap for a couple of months to celebrate the 50th anniversary, will leave.
As per the latest spoilers, the sudden death of Daniel Jonas and the drama surrounding it played a pretty good role in lifting the NBC Soap opera to its most watched episode within the last two years. This is the highest rating the drama series has achieved so far, as reported by Soap Opera Network. As was reported by Soap Shows, the next week from January 18-22 will be a week full of confessions and confrontations in 'DOOL'.
A not so happy Victor (John Aniston) greets him with a gun and his family is stunned the old man has a sibling they never heard of before.
Upon returning, shea€™s shocked to see Shawn (Brandon Beemer) back in town after Claire (Olivia Rose Keegan) beckoned him.

As we have seen in the past, Justin likes Adrienne (Judi Evans), which he may be planning to work on within the next few weeks. The pair could end up being one of DOOL‘s most beloved super couples, and Mani really has a shot at become soap opera royalty if she stays in the role.
It would be a terrible time for anyone to leave the show, especially such a valued and loved member such as Kate Mansi. It will also be worth watching to see if Philip has any sort of reaction to seeing Claire all grown up.
Thankfully, the character of Shawn will stick around, and Brandon Beemer will take over the role yet again, much like he did back in 2006 when Cook left the show.
Andre finds something hideous at the mansion and shares what he saw with Chad (Billy Flynn), who already made it clear he wants nothing to do with anything DiMera.
Seems like Victor has a whole lot of explaining to do, but knowing him, he doesna€™t reveal everything.
These are the questions that fans will hopefully get the answers to when Martha Madison reprises her role as Belle Black-Brady on Days of Our Lives this fall.
Philip loved Claire with all of his heart and it broke him when he found out that the little girl wasn’t his. On the other hand, Ciara (Vivian Jovanni) notices what Rafe feels for her mother and isna€™t sure if ita€™s good news or bad news.
Will Andrea€™s information lure him back in just as Abby (Kate Mansi) is happily planning a wedding? She may get into an argument with Justin on their relationship status and might ask for his commitment. Instead, he fakes it and then lets both Maude and Vadim know hea€™s onto them, leaving Maude in tears and the audience believing shea€™s really his mom and was forced to commit tea fraud.

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