Bo and Hope break into the fertility clinic and steal all of the information they need about Maggie’s eggs. Please be sure to read “Days of Our Lives” daily summaries, news, actor bios, appearances, video clips, polls, comings and goings! After reading the above spoiler, all I can say is “only on a soap opera”, right people?! I am not sure if they would be considered cousins or not only because Maggie married into the Horton clan.
Chad and Abby being broken up—please do not have at least 1 healthy couple on the show.
Lastly Sammie suddenly being a professional is not only disrespectful too all who are educated and lost their jobs—but who is going to be taing care of the kids. Elvis & Priscilla was the best looking couple ever in history…they looked like royalty…so I find it fitting that EJ & Nicole will dress up as them on Halloween! Idk if Victor is really involved or not I am hoping he is not I really like Victor and Maggie together.Victor seemed just as surprised as Maggie when Bo and Hope brought in the letter and Maggie read it. Just look what he covered up for Sami, and he allowed Will to help, great character, NO, NO.
Wondeer what Quinn did with Taylor, unless she found another scarf dropped by somebody and is in Love again…. Wonder if the dog gets upset when Galen and Jenna call him that, out of love of course…. I totally agree with you Patsy,I am so sick of that EJole stroyline same ol’s crap and yes I do mean crap. Dan will be with Chloe and his son Parker, by beginning of next year, at least we will find out that Parker is his Son, named after his mother Lillian Parker….
Maggie was a Horton by marriage so that would not make Dan and Jennifer kin to each other since these are just Maggie’s eggs.
I just knew this ole dog had something to do with Maggie’s eggs and the fertility clinic. Victor cannot be Daniel’s father it would be too disgusting considering he dated Chelsea and Melanie was married to Philip. So the question might Still remain, Who is the Daddy???, and does Victor know who it is.????
The relationship between Will and Gaby, something is missing, and something is just a little bit strange about Will, wonder when they will start to address that situation. Sandygram, the scenario you outlined having Victor being the donor for the Jonas baby (Daniel) sounds like a real soap scene possibility, but now sure I like it if that is the way it turns out.
Look, for all you people who think that Maggie and Jen are blood relatives, give yours heads a shake!! Rafe was so careful not to let John or Marlena know why he was there, and then Carrie let John and Marlena know she needed to talk with Rafe privately, so I hope Carrie didn’t let on too much to John and Marlena after Rafe left.
If Chad hooks-up with Melanie, I agree with Kat that she could really give Stefano a run for his money.
After seeing in Days Cafe Days Ahead (show for today) that after Maggie left the KMansion, Victor made a phone call and said “we have a situation.
Why can’t Mel find her own guy…why does she always have to come between an existing couple?? Clear – Sami will always be one of my favorite characters, but the writers have ruined her, and ruined her for me too at this point.
I don’t like Sonny, and it has nothing to do with him being gay (although I don’t care for that part of him either). I didn’t see where Rafe was so careful yesterday to not let John & Marlena know why he was there. For someone who is so quick to accuse others of stirring up trouble you are the worst instigator of anyone I have seen on here. We’ve already read a while back in a spoiler that Chad will return to the DMansion, but when is the question?
O My…I hope Taylor is not pregnant with EJ’s child, or O My if she is pregnant could it be leading to her giving the child to EJ and Nicole? When is comes down to a situation like Chad being shot, EJ always shows that vulnerable side, just proof that there is a soft side to him no matter who wants to admit to it. Daniel as Maggie’s son is rather interesting, but why would Maggie forget about her eggs? As a lover of the paranormal, I’d like to see some of the paranormal elements come back.
To me, if it has Lumps, it is Lumpy, what is the big deal, maybe you should give yourself a better name in the first place.

As for mentioning that I blog to much on here and therefore don’t have a life, you just insulted A Whole Lot of other Bloggers on Here, like SandyGram and so on. Nicole & EJ are the front runner couple because they are popular characters, as already mentioned. Finally, our sweet Maggie, how could you not love her little whimpers for her eggs (the eggs she forgot about). Not sure why you continue to resurrect this horse which has been beaten to death repeatedly. Now being Maggie’s son and grand-daughter they get an Ornament on the Horton Christmas Tree. Ist name would be Stefano,but since he and Vic were enemies at the time,doubtful IT’s him. Do you guys remember when Daniel made the comment that Melanie looked a lot like his mother (Lillian, not Maggie)?
EJ was his pompous self yesterday, and Victor had that crafty old familiar look on his face when he made that phone call. Sorry Rafe will lose his job for helping Carrie help John but I believe Rafe genuinely thinks John is innocent. Just because someone has watched the show for 30 years doesn’t make you an expert on the show. It was obvious from Victor’s guilty look on his face that he had something to do with this clinic. I didn’t mind Rafe sharing the info with Carrie if it will help John, but I don’t think he’s doing it just because he thinks John’s innocent. I am not sure who the father of Maggie’s baby is but it definitely not Mickey only cause they found out he was sterile. Kate Mansi Leaving ‘Days Of Our Lives’: Abigail Actress - Kate Mansi, who plays Abigail Deveraux on “Days of Our Lives,” is leaving the soap.
Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Is Kate Mansi Exiting Role Of - “Days of Our Lives” spoilers tease that DOOL viewers will have to brace themselves for another exit.
Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Who - Celeb Dirty Laundry - The cast of NBC’s daytime drama Days of Our Lives is dropping like flies, and according to the August 4th edition of Soap Opera Digest, DOOL fans might .
100 Greatest Days Of Our Lives Characters 50 Greatest Days - 100 Greatest Days of our Lives Characters 50 Greatest Days of our Lives Couples. Days Of Our Lives Comings And Goings Casting News - Who's coming and who's going from Days of our Lives?
Casey Deidrick On Leaving The Role Of Chad In DAYS OF OUR - Casey Deidrick has been one of my favorite actors on NBC’s Days of Our Lives ever since I started watching the show a few years ago. Chad decides to avoid his siblings, especially since he thinks his brother may be exploiting his website for gambling.
He claims his father has yet to earn his support considering that he’s rarely shown him any unless it was in his own interest. And please do not rewrite storylines— ie Sami and Austin as they do get boring and was rather boring back then.
That could be a little icky with Mel, as well, even if there wasn’t Micky DNA involved.
Dan is soooo much to old to be Maggie’s son, born after her and Micky have been together for quite some time.
Not that I don’t like him with Abby but must admit she has kind of ruined my mojo over him being a Dimera.
Vic offers her the services of his driver, as she is too emotional to get behind the wheel and he has matters to attend to. I also enjoyed Chad with Stefano, maybe Chad can make him into a better man, can you see Melanie as Stefano’s daughter in law, she would give old Stefano a run for his money. But I thought the back and forth yesterday about the Gay bashing going on on the website, and then others calling out the bashers, was handled very well. If it’s ANY couple who is constantly shoved down our throats it’s Sami & Rafe for sure!
Just because some people don’t post 5 times a day like you do, some of us have a life. Jen comes across as a weak woman by believing what he tells her and actually dating him again.
I doubt if it’s something I would forget about, or any woman as loving and kind as Maggie.
Chill, a bit, get a sense of humor, and don’t get into my personal life, you have called me Rat before, and now I am drinker.
Go visit your little forgotten boy in England, think, think, and when you come back, bring that poor little forgotten child home, where he can have some Family love, hugs and kisses etc.

The only conclusions I can come to is that you have some sort of mental disorder, or you are a big time alchy. If you have been watching this show as long as I have, you know that Maggie is only related to the Horton’s by marriage.
I agree with MAB and SandyGram that it sure doesn’t sound like he will exactly be wearing a halo!
Look here for an overview of Days of Our Lives, including a show synopsis, the latest cast list, birthdays of your favorite stars, contact . Many viewers believed after news that Daniel Jonas was leaving the show that his fiance, Nicole Walker, would .
When Bo and Hope show up with the papers and show Maggie that Lillian Parker had her eggs, Mel is shocked. What do you all think about the question whether or not that makes him related to Jennifer?
Now the question is does it go as far as Vic being the sperm donor like I mention in Post #39. Fine, he’s the father of her children, but after his many disappearance acts, who would want him back or even consider it? Yep, like when she was suppose to be a surrogate mother and decided she would keep the baby.
Dan is sureley about 44,45, so since the eggs had been sitting in the Bank for a while, Maggie could not have left them there before DOOL even began.
Daniel wouldn’t be related to Jennifer but does anyone remember that Daniel once dated Chelsie, which was Abigale best friend.
Sami assures him everything is coming up roses but the intimate living arrangements get more awkward when she and Austin end up wet and on top of each other.
For such a big fuss about what could Alice’s secret possibly be, it turned out to be a great big nothing in terms of how it will effect any of the characters. Now if it turns out that Mickey is Daniel’s biological dad, then Jenn and Daniel would be first cousins. When he was shot EJ was right there & they have good chemistry to be brothers on the show. She loses Rafe over it, but then finds out that EJ set up John and she and EJ are at war again. Things continue to get closer between them when he has to work as her beauty product guinea pig after the model calls in sick.
If this is the quality of storytelling we’re going to get from the new writers, I’m disappointed! Chad will become a scapegoat for him if he should ever get caught or if he chooses to use the Website in his run for Mayor by show the Salemites how tough on crime he could be by shutting down the site. If Stefano made a John duplicate, as per the photo in the cafe, the duplicates have been done too many times. Rafe might try and salvage their marriage, but he falls for another because Sami won’t budge. All the young adult stuff going on is boring, and from what I understand Mel and Chad date in real life. Stefano wants Nicole canned but Elvis passionately defends her, leading his father to accuse him of being smitten with his wife again. Maybe Rafe and Madison had an affair years ago and she gave birth to a baby who was put up for adoption.
I have been watching this show for over 30 years and the only man that Maggie has ever been with was Mickie who she was married to.
He has hurt Jen for years on the show, it’s time for Jen to have a good relationship and have a good storyline for her and Dr Daniel. Besides those characters are young so they are bound to not settle down anytime soon being on a soap.
With Sami and Mattie partnered up, they need to partner up Kate and Nicole-WHAT A BATTLE THAT WOULD BE!!!!!!!!
However, when Abby and Mel get dressed up for Halloween in the same costume, he winds up accidentally kissing Mel. Come on days get some good stuff going you have alot of good actors that could make for a GREAT soap. Jonas (who according to history as never been named)an able body provider of the sperm or was there another donor?

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